The flux on the cheek: what to do how to treat to remove

The flux on the cheek is an inflammatory disease of the periosteum (periostitis). Occurs on the background of diseases of the tooth or gums. Manifested by severe pain and swelling of the cheeks. Develops in 2 stages of development. Stage 1: formation of a focus of inflammation with the transition to an abscess (stage 2).


To provoke abscess can treated carious teeth, diseases of throat and mouth (sore throat, stomatitis), mechanical trauma of the mucosa with subsequent infection. A provocateur to speak may also not completed the already started stomatologicheskoe treatment, especially when a significant hypothermia.

Any disease of the mouth, should be addressed during the first days, delaying the start of therapy contribute to the development of complications such as inflammation of the periosteum, and this can lead to more complex complications.


The disease develops acutely, there is increased pain of the affected area, especially when pressure is applied on the aching tooth. There is swelling of the gums with subsequent formation of an abscess. If the lesion is located in the upper jaw, swelling face eyes. With the defeat of the mandible swelling extends to the lower part of the face, neck, increasing the regional lymph nodes. If any form the patient has facial asymmetry. Is accompanied by General symptoms: increased body temperature, feeling of weakness and brokenness, a sense of thirst and headaches. The temperature reduction is valid until the appointment.

If you ignore the inflammation affects a large area, melts the tissues surrounding the bone, can develop into an abscess represents a serious danger to human life.

The types of the disease

The classification takes into account the degree of damage and depth of the development process. Treatment of the individual flux depends on the shape.

  • Conventional refers to an acute infectious lesions, manifested by redness of the gums and tissue infiltration of the periosteum;
  • Fibro is chronic and leads to thickening of the periosteum. Develops slowly but inevitably spreads to large areas, while ignoring a real threat to the life of the patient;
  • Odontogenic periostitis develops when you get an infection in the injured part of the gums or tooth can be a common manifestation of osteomyelitis;
  • Albumeasy is serous inflammatory nature and is characterized by the formation of fluid;
  • Ossificans form is caused by a long chronic course.

Any form of this process is urgent and if you ignore becomes a threat to human life. It is naive to believe that it will resolve on their own.


The diagnosis of abscess is based on the data of anamnesis, examination and laboratory methods. Great importance is x-ray to determine the prevalence.

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What to do in case of defeat. The first thing you need to see a specialist, which will determine the full scope of the intervention. In the initial development of the chosen drug exposure (General and local). In advanced cases, the use of surgical opening and cleansing of the abscess contents. In any case, only a specialist should treat the flux on the cheek.


From the first hours of the emergence of toothache rinse allows you to ease the pain and prevent the spread to the surrounding tissues. After opening the abscess, promotes the leaching of contents from the wound cavity.
Rinsing to every 2 hours, eating use before and after than rinse the mouth? To do this, dissolve 1 teaspoon of tablespoon of soda in half a glass of water, for increasing the anti-inflammatory effectiveness, you can add a few drops of iodine.

Good use of decoctions of herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula. To prepare the broth recommended at least 2-3 times a day.

From pharmacy drugs good reviews from «Rotokan» and «Malavita». Both tools prevent the spread of infection and help slow and reverse the development of already developed process.

Treatment at home

How to treat an abscess yourself prior to visiting a specialist.
the use of folk remedies is not able to remove the flux completely and was merely a measure to examinations and the appointment of a full treatment. But to cope with the disease in its early stages.

  • Propolis is quite simple to use and effective. You can simply chew a small piece of propolis (about the size of a pea) throughout the day (you can just apply the propolis to the ulcer):
  • Infusion of calamus can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. To do this, 1 tablespoon chopped calamus root, pour hot boiled water and allow to infuse for at least 3 hours. To rinse your mouth after each meal;
  • Green tea with added sage to cool down a bit, add salt and rinse throughout the day, relieves the pain and lowers the inflammation.

All these herbs can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription. Store in the refrigerator on the door and not use more than a day. The greatest efficiency have freshly brewed decoction and systematic rinse.


How to remove asymmetry of the face at home. First aid in the detection of the asymmetry of the face will be the application of cold to the tumor site. Helping to reduce swelling and to slow the spread.

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Additionally you can use the following packs:

  • The cooled solution after rinsing applied to the swollen cheek, to enhance the effect in a broth soaked bandage to wrap a lot of salt and put between the teeth and cheek. This will reduce the inflammation;
  • Cabbage leaves, scalded with boiling water, applied to the affected gums, it will speed healing of the affected mucosa;
  • Onion and garlic have antiseptic properties, you can lay the ground raw material to the affected gums. Helps a more rapid opening of the abscess.

Compresses only help to reduce pain and are only used as a secondary therapy.

You cannot use heat! It contributes to a more rapid development of complications and severe disease.

Local treatment

Local action have various creams and gels. To heal can ointment Vishnevsky (proven method from the times of our grandparents). Of modern, proven tools should pay attention to Metrogyl Denta, has a strong antiseptic effect.

Antibiotic therapy

Without antibiotics to do on the stage of the lesion the periosteum is not possible. But the choice of drug and the purpose of the scheme should be carried out only by a physician. Taking into account the form of the disease, the degree of development and the sensitivity of bacteria to certain drugs.
When antibiotics should take the full course to the end, and not to the disappearance of visible signs of disease. Otherwise, it goes untreated, the abscess may acquire a chronic and long time to spread inside the body without clinical manifestations.


Performed in a dentist’s office or Department in the clinic. Under local anesthesia incision is made near the sick tooth is cleaned and the cavity contents. Ensure the smooth outflow of pus by imposing special drainage, it is necessary for the complete cleansing of the cavity. On the background of antibiotic therapy is the healing and restoration of the gums. With a large amount of destruction possible suturing of the gums. Normally it heals after removal of the drainage.

The complication of flux

When the accumulation of significant amounts of pus is formed the abscess has been opened by surgeon and is shock antibiotic therapy. It may be fatal. The most dangerous condition is inflammation, a process characterized by the melting of the tissues with pus and penetration of inflammation throughout the body. When placed in the upper jaw save the patient has virtually no chance because of the rapid destruction of the brain.

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The most common mistakes in the self flux


Heat inflamed her cheeks with a variety of dressings, boiled eggs, hot sack of salt. All of these actions are not acceptable! When heated, the inflammation takes the form of lightning currents and captures a large area. The main task is to prevent the spread and localization.

Antibiotics without prescription can considerably worsen the General condition of the body and change the pattern of diseases that will not allow the doctor to properly determine the treatment.

Preventive measures

Simple rules of conduct, guaranteed to prevent unpleasant process.

  • The oral hygiene. Should be to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste, brush the teeth at least 2 times a day, preferably after each meal;
  • Annual preventive examination at the dentist and timely removal of all diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Immunity strengthening and fortification of the body;
  • Avoiding excessive coffee drinking and no Smoking;
  • Eating sufficient amounts of vegetables, fruits and greens (preferably uncooked).

These simple actions along with activity, sports, and avoiding stressful situations will help you to prevent not only the occurrence of periodontitis, but also other unpleasant inflammatory processes in the body.
In conclusion, I want to remind you that this is a very serious disease is able to go into lightning form and lead to death. When the first symptoms should begin therapy available means at hand, and on the same day to seek qualified help. Special danger to life occurs in early childhood and the background of a sharp decline in immunity.