The gag reflex during dental treatment — what to do?

Some patients suffer from gag reflex during dental treatment – a phenomenon unpleasant, so the person begins to think in advance what to do in a dental office to reduce the intensity of nausea.

Many days thinking about an upcoming treatment makes you experience the excitement, and sometimes causes severe stress that can further increase the manifestation of nausea. Hike to a competent specialist who knows how to relieve the symptoms, will create the necessary mood and help you withstand the treatment.

What is gag reflex?

An attack of vomiting is expressed in the uncontrolled ejection of gastric contents. The process involved the smooth muscles of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. The management of this phenomenon is carried out via the vomiting center, which is located in the fourth ventricle of the medulla oblongata. Activation of this center is through:

  • visual;
  • olfactory;
  • taste buds.

The occurrence of gag reflex scientists see as a defensive function of the body. It is present in adults and in young children.

  1. Vomiting in a child can occur often because of nesformirovannost structure of the digestive tract. Not always a regurgitation of the baby is evidence of the development of the disease. If the process happens once the baby is not bothered by other symptoms particular cause for concern does not exist.
  2. When regurgitation of gastric contents occurs in adults, it often indicates the development of the disease. When in the vomit, in addition to food residues, traces of blood, mucus or other pathological inclusions, it is considered a major reason for going to a therapist or doctor-infectious disease.
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The reasons of the raised emetic reflex on reception at the dentist

Strong gag reflex during dental treatment may occur due to mechanical irritation of the walls of the pharynx and root of the tongue, which is not a symptom of any serious disease.

Be an incentive to the occurrence of nausea can ordinary procedure or manipulations performed by a dentist:

  • examination of wisdom teeth – when examining the bottom of the «eights» there is a high probability of contact doctor starting zones, after which the patient may say that he is sick;
  • treatment without water cooling – preparation of the teeth produces a lot of sawdust if the nozzle has a supply of the liquid. A large amount of dust prevents the patient to breathe fully and is able to stimulate vomiting;
  • work without the saliva ejector – if the patient has a tendency to vomiting in the treatment of the teeth, the accumulation in the mouth of a large volume of saliva and water can cause;
  • removal of impressions – the most common cause, causing a gag reflex. Before carrying out of orthopedic treatment, the doctor needs to obtain a negative reflection of the teeth, which is done with a special spoon and impression mass.

How to remove a gag reflex during dental treatment?

There are some effective methods how to treat teeth with increased gag reflex. Vomiting often occurs due to extreme stress and fear of medical procedures. If self-hypnosis does not help, try the following:

  • sedative herbal tea doctors recommend drinking ahead of the upcoming intervention of a decoction of herbs that have a calming effect (St. John’s wort, chamomile, Valerian, mint);
  • sedatives – use of medication in the evening and on the day of treatment will help to reduce anxiety (Afobazol, Novopassit, Valerian).
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Taming the gag reflex will help the medication:

  1. Reglan – a means of eliminating nausea. Should be consumed 3-4 times per day before the planned treatment.
  2. Dramina — drugs to help with symptoms of motion sickness, is also suitable for fighting with a heightened vomiting.
  3. Motilium Metoclopramide plus – the combined use of two drugs for 4-6 days at a low dosage.

To eliminate the nausea, the dentist will help in the treatment process. Sanation of oral cavity in these patients is carried out in a sitting position, to prevent excessive ingress of saliva and liquids into the throat.

In addition, often apply an anesthetic spray to reduce the sensitivity of the oropharynx, and to reduce the severity of the reflex. Many are advised to chew a mint gum that will change the susceptibility to irritants and will help to postpone the treatment.

Gag reflex is not a reason to refuse dental treatment. Before the procedure, should I tell my doctor about the problem and discuss options for addressing the attack.

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