The hole in my tooth appeared: what to do

The hole in the tooth is an unfavorable symptom, indicating the presence of caries. In the initial stages of development, the disease not manifest unpleasant symptoms. The appearance of chalky white spots, indicates primary lesion of the enamel. In most cases, this stage goes unnoticed. And only when there are holes and pain, the man realizes that it’s time to turn to dentist.

Causes of dental caries

The appearance of dark cavities is not instantaneous. The process of destruction of enamel and dentin in most cases is between 6 — 12 months. If deep caries is inflammation of the pulp, acute pulpitis develops.

Why the teeth appear holes?

Causes of disease are:

  • Compliance with poor oral hygiene. Morning and evening routines are necessary for the preservation of health. Cleaning teeth 2 times a day, not later than 30 minutes after a meal. If one forgets about hygiene procedures or frequently misses them, the risk of developing diseases of the oral cavity increases. In children, cavities often affects the tissue between teeth due to the fact that hygienic procedures are conducted defective. Trapped food particles are a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. Their waste products — lactic acids adversely affect the enamel;
  • Malocclusion leads to difficulty cleaning the teeth, as a result, the risk of tissue damage increases;
  • Wearing orthopedic and orthodontic structures (braces, crowns, bridges);
  • Vitamin deficiency — inadequate intake of fluoride and calcium;
  • Pathologically low production of saliva, its neutral pH;
  • Frequent colds, pathology of the upper respiratory tract;
  • Improper diet — craze sweets, sodas, fast food products;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Pathology develops in places of the greatest accumulations of plaque and hard deposits. Depending on the location of the lesion is isolated: cervical, interdental, visory caries.

As the involvement of the tissue in the pathological process, klassificeret 4 forms of the disease:

  1. Stage spots.
  2. The initial lesions of the enamel.
  3. Lesions of dentin.
  4. The destruction of enamel, dentine, pulp development.

In addition to carious nature, a hole in the tooth can occur due to injury, to indicate the presence of wedge-shaped defect.

Complications of dental caries

Many people believe that if they are not disturbed by pain in the oral cavity, they are completely healthy, however, this belief is incorrect. Despite the absence of unpleasant symptoms need to undergo an annual examination by a dentist. Prevention reduces the risk of developing diseases of the oral cavity.

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In the initial stages of development of caries is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations. There are many people who are absolutely not concerned about the holes in the teeth, but it is wrong. Remember, dark cavity — are not the norm, their appearance indicates the presence of foci of chronic infection in the body. As tissue damage, there are unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Impeding the process of eating. People trying to limit the affected area to chewing food only on one side of the jaw. Excessive load on the healthy teeth leads to increased abrasion of enamel, the development of the pain is neurological in nature.
  2. Enamel become loose, lose its smoothness and Shine. During biting, chewing products, can drop a piece of bone.
  3. There is a sharp pain when hit by particles of food in a cavity. The greatest sensitivity is seen when contact with the cool, sour, sweet, salty food.

Even the small hole in front tooth, is the reason that a person tries less likely to smile and engage in conversation with others.

A distinctive feature of dental caries is the lack of spontaneous pain. Unpleasant sensations arise due to the impact of adverse environmental factors.

If not promptly treated caries, the more likely to develop one of the diseases:

Pulpitis . Inflammation of the pulp (neurovascular fiber). Pathology is accompanied by severe pain, which is amplified in the evening and at night. In addition to the main symptom of pulpitis is characterized by the presence of a dark cavity. In some cases, large holes may not be, the enamel retains integrity, but on closer inspection reveals its darkness. It should be noted that pulpitis may occur spontaneously, after trauma of the jaw.
Periodontitis. Inflammation of the periodontal tissues. The disease develops as a result of lack of timely treatment of pulpitis. There are cases when the formation of periodontitis causes of poor dental treatment, injury to the jaw. Symptoms: pain when biting and chewing, headache, disturbance of General health.
Periostitis. Inflammation in the periosteum. Is a complication of periodontitis or gum disease.
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If there is a hole in the tooth, in addition to discomfort, the person might be bothered by external changes in his appearance. Ugly smile contributes to the emergence of social problems makes it difficult to communicate. In the end, the person becomes withdrawn, hesitant, reduced self-esteem.

What to do with their new teeth, dark cavity, and how to get rid of her, decide dentist.

A doctor

To get rid of the disease, it is necessary to visit the dentist. After the oral examination, the dentist will establish the exact diagnosis. In addition to visual examination using a mirror and probe, widely used additional diagnostic methods: caries — test, radiography, cold test.

X-ray equipment is required to set the correct diagnosis, treatment of root canals evaluation of the doctor.

Deep caries and pulpitis have similar treatment. The stages of work of the doctor:

  • Analgesia with local anesthetic. Modern anesthetics — Ultrakain, Septanest, Mepivacain, Ubistesin, Scandonest have high therapeutic effect, are not absorbed into the bloodstream, have a small number of contraindications, is well tolerated by patients. If a person has a chronic disease, allergic predisposition, you must report this information to the doctor. Pregnant and nursing women must also notify the dentist about your special condition.

What to do if a patient is afraid of pain, and his mouth had many decayed teeth?

In this case, the dentist proposes to carry out the treatment under General anesthesia. Before you proceed with the therapy, the patient should undergo a medical examination by a neurologist, a cardiologist, to take the General analyses of urine and blood.

  • Removing the affected tissue of enamel and dentin by using a dental drill and burs;
  • Mortification of the pulp with arsenic is performed if a tooth has 2 or more roots.
  • The cleansing of the root canal by hand by means of special reamers. Hardware cleaning is achieved through a special handpiece with nozzles.
  • Conduct antiseptic treatment of the cavities.
  • Sealing canals with gutta-percha and filling pastes.
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After the doctor will seal the root canal, the opening is covered with a temporary filling, is the x — ray. The patient goes home and watches the state of his health.

What to do if a sore tooth after treatment

When a strong pain, swelling, redness of the gums, increased body temperature, it is necessary to visit the doctor. The reason for the development of secondary inflammation are poorly sealed over the cavity channels, the preservation of pathological microorganisms. After conducting an x-ray picture, the dentist will assess the need for re-treatment.

In the absence of complaints from the patient, the crown is reduced by chemical or light composite.

If the lesions of the enamel is detected at the initial stage of spot, then carry out the mineralization of tissues. To restore the protective properties of the tissues, the person should visit the dentist several times. During your appointment, the doctor performs a specialized application with fluoride and calcium. To consolidate the effect, at home and need to use medical toothpaste and mouth rinses.


After the treatment, the smile of the patient again becomes healthy and attractive. Unfortunately, a large number of people visiting the dentist very late. You need to remember, the formation of large holes in the teeth — an unfavorable sign, indicating the presence of chronic infection in the oral cavity. At the first signs of tooth decay, do not delay your visit to the clinic. Visit the doctor long before a dark cavity and in pain, protect yourself from complications.