The Klox teeth whitening: description, price, reviews

Modern technology gives us the opportunity to improve their health and appearance. Such achievements in dentistry opens the way to a shining smile without much effort – Klox teeth whitening. Make a detailed description of the system, and will cite as evidence of the effectiveness and convenience of the method.

More and more people pay attention to the appearance of the smile, because it symbolizes status, success and health. Fortunately, today there are many options for professional whitening, when for a short doctor visit can significantly change the shade of the enamel. Describe, how to achieve this.

Description of system for teeth whitening Klox

Teeth whitening system Klox was created for instant results. The procedure takes just half an hour, the patient does not even have time to feel anything. And after a short visit to the dentist’s office, smile transformed into a Hollywood calling card.

The bleaching process uses a special gel special chemical composition, which affect the reflective lamp. The lamp for this whitening may be any, the main essence lies in the gel and its special effect on tooth enamel.

Is cleaning the surface of the plaque, stone, removing stains and brightens the natural shade of dentine due to deep penetration chemical components. To carry out this procedure can only be experienced dentist under strict surveillance.

The composition and principle of operation

The whole effect whitening Klox is based on the composition of the gel. It includes hydrogen peroxide of high concentration is 39%, significantly higher than available in the drug. However, the manufacturer promises that this concentration of funds will not damage the enamel and does not lead to sensitive teeth.

This contributes to the second component of the gel – chromophore. He holds the peroxide against decomposition and destructive impact on enamel. When the rays photopolymer lamp fall on the gel, they convert the particles of the composition to the active oxygen, and brighten.

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To whiten your teeth on the Klox system correctly, you need to strictly follow the instructions. After it, it is also important to follow the recommendations given by the doctor, to follow the assigned diet, to consolidate the bleaching effect.


Whitening system Klox hits the market and it is not in vain. Because it has many advantages, which lack these or other methods:

  • The performance of such a clarification is not inferior to more expensive techniques. Enamel changing its color to 8 colors according to scale Vita.
  • Due to the special composition of the gel is eliminated the damage and thinning of enamel, which does not lead to a hypersensitivity reaction to hot and cold. The technique is absolutely safe for health of teeth.
  • The whole procedure lasts less than an hour and in such a short time obtained a stable result.
  • The patient during the procedure, and after it, there is no unpleasant or painful sensations.
  • The cost method is much lower than other innovative technologies, giving the same result.

Not surprisingly, this procedure takes the first place among the variety of currently available methods of bleaching enamel.

The before and after photos

The technique of teeth whitening Klox

To carry out this procedure at home is not possible. This Cabinet type of whitening, which is performed by an experienced doctor using a special lamp and gel. The whole process looks like the following:

  1. Initially, prepare the oral cavity of the patient. Clean it, if necessary, treated teeth.
  2. Install a cofferdam to protect the mucosa. The doctor can set the retractor to the patient was easier to keep my mouth open.
  3. Next, gel is applied to the entire surface of the teeth.
  4. Lamp is exposed to a certain amount of time, resulting in and brighten the enamel. Her tone changed right before our eyes.
  5. The doctor then removes the gel, removes all installed devices and allows the patient to evaluate the result.
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Some people the process can feel effect on the enamel of the gel. But with the cessation of contact of the chemical composition with the tooth surface feeling completely disappear.

Due to the fact that the procedure of short duration, and impact of chemistry the most gentle, and to refrain from using many products have a short time. Unlike other whitening treatments, in which the doctor restricts the patient’s special diet for two weeks or even a month.

Nevertheless, in order to maintain and consolidate the results should be listening carefully to the advice of a doctor and strictly adhere to them. The absence of the expected effect can occur only in some cases:

  • The inability of the patient to give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol will reduce the efforts of the physician to a minimum.
  • If you eat immediately after the procedure, an acidic fruit or colorful drinks, the enamel can be painted or damaged.
  • If yellow tinge or shade of the teeth changed was triggered by any chronic disease, then whitening is also not effective.
  • Reception of tetracycline strongly influences the color of enamel and makes it impossible to change it by any procedures.


Teeth whitening system Klox differs from others in that it is painless and safe. But even this should take into account a small list of contraindications:

  • Too high sensitivity of enamel from nature or as a result of previous destructive influences.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Children up to age 16, and better than 18 years, as during the formation of the tooth structure they are easy to damage.
  • The presence of a large number of foreign bodies – crowns, veneers, implants, fillings, etc. Because the gel only affects the living natural tissue.
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As already mentioned, there is no reason to carry out such procedures in the case of darkening of the enamel from taking tetracycline or illness. In this situation you need to eliminate the root cause.

The cost

The difference in prices is quite large. You can find promotions and discounts at which the whitening using the Klox system will cost 15 thousand rubles.

If you choose a clinic with a high rating, and prices can be much higher – 30 to 35 thousand rubles.

Video: teeth whitening Klox.



I chose the Klox system, as it was cheaper than laser, but the effect is not worse. The color changed to 8 colors and that’s enough for me. The smile became radiant and white.


My doctor recommended me to resort to the bleaching Klox, so as to change the tint need was strong enough, but tooth sensitivity was not given the opportunity to try other techniques. While there was some discomfort during the procedure, but then the teeth have calmed down.


I could not decide on professional whitening. And expensive it is feared that chemical gels will destroy the enamel. But a friend tried the Klox system, and found that it is painless and there are no unpleasant consequences. So I decided I am. The result is very happy, because now my smile looks like a movie.