The restoration of tooth enamel: treatment for abrasion and destruction

In the dentist’s office patients often ask about the rebuilding of tooth enamel. This procedure is nowadays quite popular and can be done in different ways. The most popular of these is the implantation of the enamel. However, to determine the indications for it it is necessary to understand why there is a loss of hard tissues?

Causes of attrition

Among them are the following processes:

  • pathologic dental abrasion;
  • erosion of enamel;
  • abrasion of the enamel.

Damage to hard tissues leads to increased sensitivity to the emergence of a sense of «mouth», color change and disruption of the aesthetics of a smile. Translucent through the thin enamel layer, the dentin has a yellowish, and in smokers even of a brownish hue, which does not produce the most favorable impression on the interlocutors.

Pathological wear of tooth enamel

Despite its strength in some conditions, the enamel can steralise fairly quickly, especially after removal. This occurs most often when the absence or early loss of posterior teeth, when the load falls on the Central incisors of the upper and lower jaw. As a result, suffer enamel on the front teeth. Gnashing at night when the patient is not able to control movement of the jaws. If a person enjoys handling Capa for overnight wear, zones of high stress are visible on the individual tires as parts of the fading, but if the tires are not, then the teeth are formed of facets of the attrition-abrasion areas of the tooth enamel. Some of malocclusion (a straight, when the front incisors are the butt joint, or cross, when there is an unnatural premature contact between the teeth).

Erosion of the enamel

Formed as a result of violations of calcium-phosphorus metabolism in enamel and are the result of insufficient supply of mineral substances in solid tissues of the tooth. The reasons can be different: heredity, lack of absorption of calcium by the body, hormonal disorders, diseases of the periodontium.

Just to put the seal on erosive enamel surface does not make sense, as the process of destruction comes from within, and this restoration will not last long. We need a comprehensive approach to treatment, both from the dentist, and therapist.


Occurs under the action of aggressive environmental factors. These include work in hazardous industries (miners, metallurgists, bakers), eating large amounts of acidic products, the use of a hard toothbrush and improper brushing techniques, the use of abrasive toothpastes, etc.

The weights of the problems with enamel can be caused by hereditary factors. The thickness of the surface layer of the tooth is different in every person and varies in the range of millimeters. In the area of the necks of the enamel thickness is minimal and, therefore, diminishes it in this place faster than in the region of hillocks or cutting surfaces of the teeth. There are also genetic anomalies, when, after the eruption after some time disappears the enamel from the teeth. Excessive consumption of acidic foods and beverages, lack of vitamin D and calcium will only exacerbate the condition of hard tissues. Quite often destroys the enamel due to improperly performed dental treatment. When fitting the crowns, the doctors quite often proshlifovat tooth-antagonist, excessive treatment cavity in the treatment of caries and polishing of the fillings, leaving a thin layer of enamel. Low set restoration removes the tooth from occlusion and thereby increases the load on adjacent teeth, grinds their enamel layer.

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Whether restored the tooth after whitening? Yes! Whitening does not damage the structure of hydroxyapatite crystals, and dissolves (discolor) the organic matrix. This process is reversible, which is why saving is so important to follow the doctor’s recommendations. In any case, to carry out this procedure at home is not recommended, as the use of strong abrasives cause more damage to your enamel. Many patients are trying to lighten your smile by using peroxide or soda powder. In the first case it is possible to burn mucous, and the second badly scratched enamel. Scratches can be closed by means of implantation of tooth enamel.

Quite often patients are trying to find out how to restore tooth enamel at home. To answer this question we need to understand what is this structure and what components contribute to its strengthening. The composition of tooth enamel resembles porcelain. 96% of it consists of crystals of hydroxyapatite, the structure of which the main role is played by the ratio of calcium and phosphorus, 2% water and 2% organic matter. In small quantities contains Fluorine, Magnesium. Treatment of affected dental structures implies a saturation of mineral substances both outside and inside.

Methods of restoring tooth enamel

There are several areas of influences that can restore the hard tissue of the tooth. These include:

  • fluoridation;
  • strengthening minerals;
  • the build-up of tooth enamel:
  1. implantation of tooth enamel;
  2. restoration with onlays, fillings or veneers.

Without pre-saturation of enamel minerals any restoration can carry destructive character.


Held in the office of a dentist, and at home. Whether restored the tooth enamel is completely fluorinating in the application of pastes, gels and varnishes? Hardly. Since the effect of fluorine is aimed rather at creating a protective film that prevents the fixation of bacteria on the tooth surface. The fluorine content in the enamel, too, slightly, so it probably will help to reduce the sensitivity of tooth, full restoration will not help. In the dental office often carry out the procedure of deep fluoridation of the enamel or dentin. This prevents further spread of caries in high-risk groups, and also removes sensitivity after treatment under crowns.

At home for these purposes is prescribed fluoride-containing toothpaste, mouthwashes with fluoride gels for application after brushing your teeth.

Strengthening minerals

The destruction of tooth enamel can also suspend the use of gels and pastes that contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus.

  1. The Italian toothpaste Bio Repair are present crystals of hydroxyapatite that allows you to restore the teeth with each brushing.
  2. Tooth gel R. O. C. S. medical minerals does not contain fluoride, which makes possible its use even in children.
  3. Toothpastes with calcium (Splat biocalcium) will not only relieve tooth sensitivity, but will lighten by at least one tone after a month of use.
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Is it possible to restore the enamel of the teeth, and not eating while foods containing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium? The answer is obvious. The solution to this problem should be approached comprehensively, because the power of hard tissues occurs primarily from the inside.

Building tooth enamel

To treat existing enamel loss best in the dental office. On the basis of the clinical picture of the disease and the patient, the doctor can determine whether it is feasible to implant the tooth enamel or correct to restore the tooth with a prosthetic. To carry out treatment with the help of veneers or fillings possible after the monthly course remineralization therapy. Themselves ceramic plates (veneers or Lumineers) have a small thickness, however, already thinned layer of enamel will be subjected to further processing, so to call it recovery only nominally.

When worn off the enamel on the chewing teeth, the doctor may suggest to restore it ceramic or metal plates. They are produced directly during the appointment(Cerec), and dental laboratory.

If you erased the enamel of the teeth evenly the dentist says that the process is General in nature, you can resort to the manufacture of tyres. This protective capsule is made in the laboratory using models of the dentition of the patient. It can also be used for the application of remineralizing gels. At night she will divide among themselves the jaws and teeth will fade less.
The destruction of the enamel-the process is destructive and if to speak about restoration, it is likely the best method may be to implant the enamel. A special selection of funds occurs in the office of a dentist. Typically, this procedure is used to improve the color and shape of the front incisors. The recovery process of hard tissue is painless and it can even change the shape of the tooth. The procedure is performed as follows: the enamel surface is applied a special composition, by which the connection of the enamel with implants on small-molecule level. The result of this action produced artificial enamel, which in its composition is indistinguishable from the real thing.

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How to restore tooth enamel folk remedies


What to do if damage to the enamel causing a disturbance, and the time or money to visit a dentist is sorely lacking? You can resort to traditional medicine:

  • solution of sea salt after brushing;
  • the white flesh of the rind of the lemon instead of chewing gum (contains large amounts of calcium);
  • brushing your teeth with a mixture of activated carbon and water;
  • massage the gums with sesame or coconut oil (they are excellent antiseptics, and massage will improve blood flow to mucosa);
  • the use of egg shell (the highest concentration of bioavailable calcium).

Implantation of enamel in the home of course is impossible, and proper nutrition, including eating foods such as fish, liver, cheese and eggs and strengthen teeth folk remedies will strengthen the structure of hard tissues.

Tips and advice

When worn off the enamel on the teeth, the patient may present complaints of increased sensitivity, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t ignore the loss of enamel and let the process take its course. Besides feelings of discomfort, can join violation of the integrity of the tooth, development of aesthetic deformities. In addition, a lack of solid tissues can lead to the development of diseases such as pulpitis and periodontitis. The dentist may refer the patient to the General practitioner in order to pass an additional examination. Multiple erosive lesions may be the result of diseases of the stomach associated with hyperacidity. In any case, loss of dental enamel pathology that requires attention on the part of the physician and active cooperation from the patient.

Of course, you can have implantation of tooth enamel and to forget once and forever about this issue, but do not forget about regular check-UPS and hygiene measures. Learning the proper technique of brushing your teeth will help to prevent the progression of the disease and selection of suitable products for home care will help.