The rotten egg smell from mouth reasons

If there is a specific smell of rotten eggs from his mouth — the cause may be not only lack of hygiene. In this article we will explain why there is a bad odor and how to eliminate it. Halitosis is not a disease but a medical concept involving unpleasant smell when you exhale. Interesting is the fact that the term was introduced in 1920, not doctors, and marketers to promote hair rinse. The cause of bad breath is considered an imbalance of microflora in the mouth. The ratio of useful and harmful bacteria is influenced by many factors.

The factors causing bad breath

Doctors divide the causes of a stale odor on physiological and pathological. To the physiological attribute of the individual characteristics of the organism, they are not triggered by disease. Pathological occur because of problems with the mucosa of the oral cavity or failure of the functions of internal organs. The stench can come out of the mouth, lung, larynx, upper gastrointestinal tract, nose or paranasal sinuses.

Pathological causes of halitosis can be local or General:

  1. Local caused by various diseases developing in the mouth. Plaque is favorable for pathogenic microorganisms, they produce acid and gas with an unpleasant odor. Periodontal disease, caries, formation of gingival pockets are the causes of the stench.
  2. Common reasons for the occurrence of a specific flavor are pathology:
  • respiratory tract;
  • kidneys;
  • digestive system;
  • endocrine system;
  • liver;
  • metabolism.

If this smell is felt even when you exhale through the nose.

As indicated by studies in 80% of cases, the stench associated with diseases of the oral cavity, 10% with the problems of the nasopharynx of 5-10% with abnormalities of the internal organs.

If the smell is felt only in the morning, before or after a meal or during long conversation, in this case we speak of temporary halitosis. As shown by research conducted in Europe, Japan and the United States, 90% of the population feel periodically bad breath. And 30% feel uncomfortable about it constantly.

Why sometimes bad breath

Periodic halitosis can be due to:

  1. hormonal changes in the body. For example, before menstruation or during pregnancy;
  2. prolonged intake of medicines that trigger dysbiosis or lower salivation;
  3. foods. And it’s not just onions and garlic, and cabbage, coffee, chicory, carbonated beverages;
  4. reduction of salivation, since saliva has a negative impact on the bacteria causing the stench. It may be associated with dysfunction of the salivary glands, occur when Smoking or starvation. Saliva almost never stands out in my sleep. In order to avoid the odor it is impossible to prevent dry mouth. Often people who have a lot to say, because of their profession, face halitosis.
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Why constantly bad breath

In diseases of the internal organs also synthesized odorants (substances that smell bad). Their molecules seep into the bloodstream, then the bloodstream are carried to the lungs and be exhaled air. But they are perceived only if their concentration is large enough.

The smell can be associated with rotten eggs or meat, decay, feces, garlic, mothballs, gasoline, sulphur, ammonia. It depends on which bacteria multiply rapidly and which connections are formed in their life.

Why is there a smell of rotten eggs

The vast majority of bad breath rotten food caused by insufficient hygiene.
Pathogenic microorganisms form sulfur compounds, amines, and organic acids. These compounds are called torentai. They are perceived as a stench. The smell of hydrogen sulfide has the most active aroma, it is associated with rotten eggs.

The reasons for the selection of hydrogen sulfide from the stomach may be several:

  • it is formed in the process of disintegration of food with lots of proteins. For example, when one observes a high protein diet;
  • insufficient production of gastric juice as a result of food rotting in the esophagus;
  • the man eats a lot. The food is not digested and begins to decompose in the stomach;
  • a person is forced to breathe through the mouth, for example, chronic or allergic rhinitis;
  • meager diet, which can not meet the body’s needs for nutrients.

Bad breath is not only an aesthetic problem, but a symptom of some diseases.

For example, the smell of rotten eggs may appear in chronic atrophic gastritis with low acidity. When the disease food is digested longer than 4-5 hours, which causes the formation of ammonia and sulphide in the stomach. And they are removed through exhaled air. The disease will include bloating, pain, nausea.

Rotten eggs breath smells, if not synthesized enough enzymes and hydrochloric acid involved in digestion of food.
The smell of rotten meat breath to note when allocating a putrescine. Often this odor is observed during viral infection, which affects the liver, or the abuse of alcohol. Sometimes this smell is a consequence of the use of drugs.

If a patient presents complaining of a putrid smell from the mouth, the doctor will check for the following pathology:

  1. atrophic gastritis;
  2. stenosis of the pylorus of the stomach
  3. atony of the stomach due to the reduced peristalsis;
  4. violation of the liver;
  5. diverticula of the esophageal wall;
  6. the gallbladder dysfunction;
  7. on the tumor.

How to understand what the cause of halitosis in the oral cavity

If there is a specific breath, to point to dental problem the following symptoms:

  • in the language there is a plaque of white, yellow or brown;
  • have teeth that are destroyed by caries;
  • appeared during the eruption of wisdom tooth gum hole;
  • there is dysfunction of the salivary glands, in which there are little saliva;
  • structures in the oral cavity: dental crowns, braces, inserts, orthopedic prostheses;
  • pain or occasional ulcers and sores in the mouth can be symptoms of stomatitis.

How to get rid of specific bad breath

To get rid of the foul smell, only by eliminating the root cause. First you need to consult a dentist. You will need to conduct a complete reorganization of the mouth and to spend more time with an implant.

If the cause is not related to dental problems, you need to consult an ENT specialist to exclude the diseases of ENT organs. If not found abnormalities, then you need to visit a gastroenterologist for examination of the gastrointestinal tract.

If any smell of rancid breath caused by low acidity of gastric juice, the diet should include apples, lemons, nuts, salted cucumber, chicken broth.
If breath smells bad after eating, to cope with the problem by stimulation of digestion. This will help Mezim, Smectite, Festal or activated carbon.

How to eliminate the smell

To temporarily reduce the intensity of unpleasant odors will help:

  1. triclosan and chlorhexidine will reduce the number of pathogenic micro-organisms by 80% and is valid for 3-12 hours.
  2. infusions of chamomile, oak bark, alfalfa, dill, Echinacea, propolis have antiseptic properties and when used daily give good results;
  3. to eliminate the smell for 1-2 hours will help essential oils for example sage, tea tree, clove;
  4. chewing gum will increase the production of saliva and freshens breath;
  5. coffee beans neutralize the smell.


If you have rotten breath, it is necessary to improve hygiene:

  • brush your teeth at least three minutes. It was during this time components of toothpaste transit into the active state, and is able to cleanse the teeth and mouth from plaque;
  • most pathogenic bacteria are deposited on the tongue, especially at its root. In order to remove them, use a special scraper or the back side of the toothbrush if it is rubberized;
  • remove food debris from spaces between your teeth helps dental floss;
  • removal of dietary fiber from under the crowns or braces, there are special brushes;
  • mouthwash will remove bacteria that remain on the mucosa.

Odor problem not only medical but also social. The rotten egg smell from a mouth — the reason of complexes and isolation. The person begins to be shy and keeps away from people may lead to negative changes in personal life. So when it occurs you must immediately contact your dentist and to follow all doctors ‘ orders.