The silvering of the teeth in children: silvering milk teeth

What is the plating of the teeth of children and how often carry out this procedure? Someone thinks that it is outdated method. But it’s still used. Silver plated children’s teeth is necessary in order to stop the carious process, which has just begun. Also make par as remineralization therapy. The principle is almost the same, just use different drugs.

Why caries develops in such a young age

It would seem that the only teeth cut through, new and should not hurt or be infected by anything. But, unfortunately, that the temporary teeth are more susceptible to the carious process. And there are my reasons:

  1. Weak mineralization of hard tissues;
  2. Poor hygiene;
  3. Violated diet;
  4. Entering the cariogenic infection.

Regarding the first point, the tooth enamel of milk teeth contains fewer minerals than regular. They are necessary in order to protect the dental nerve from external influences. As you know, a very hard enamel shell on the tooth. If it is permeable then bacteria get into the dentin, which is not as durable. Accordingly, due to the insufficient amount of minerals in the enamel of deciduous teeth is more permeable and can protect the inner layers. But the most common cause is poor hygiene. Children are more difficult to explain how to properly brush your teeth to completely remove plaque. Moreover, it is difficult to make them brush their teeth every day, and even twice. In this case, a lot depends on mom. They should follow this process.

Another note to those moms who are at the every whim of your child can give sweet, just to calm him down. All sorts of candy and chocolates are carbohydrates that break down enamel. And when the child receives them between meals, while remnants remain on the teeth, that creates a good atmosphere for the development of bacteria. Also, these microbes can bring a child when you blow on food or lick the nipple. Even if mom has no cavities in her mouth a lot of bacteria that are not intended for small mouth. So these habits too, need to get rid of.

At what age and in what circumstances carry out plating

This method can be carried out from the age of two. Yes, even at that age, you may experience problems with their teeth. The carious process begins in the form of stains on the enamel. Most parents take it for the RAID, which won’t come off. Someone might not even notice. The stain may be brown or light yellow. Sometimes even has a white tint. To determine what is tooth decay began can be on the surface of the spots. If it is rough, frosted, then clearly there is a process of demineralization of the enamel. But if on the contrary, is smooth, then it is something else.

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Silvering milk teeth in children is carried out at this stage. When the process went deeper this method will not help, moreover can even aggravate. Also, it is unwise to hold on molars, where deep fissures. Silvering the child preferably only milk teeth. Yes and nobody will agree to silver permanent dental units. Because after his teeth at the treatment sites acquire a grayish-black shade. It stays forever, it can’t be removed. Is that a restoration or root whitening. And that can be a little effective. This is only temporary teeth.

Why not treat silver tooth decay beyond the enamel

Silver plating is a method which creates an impervious surface. When the caries has just begun it protects the dental tissues from further exposure to external stimuli. When the carious process goes to deeper layers, the cavity can be saped. That is, from the outside it would seem that it is very small and there is a big process of demineralization. If such cavity silver, inner layers may not be affected and the bacteria will continue to multiply. Since, roughly speaking the top is all sealed, the process will deepen and can reach the tooth nerve faster. Therefore, silvering teeth in deeper lesions is not recommended.

How is the silvering of the teeth in children

Many parents to save their child from the visit to the dentist buy the special preparation and try to carry out this procedure at home. This is a very grave error that can lead to unpleasant consequences. First, the parent will not be able to determine the degree of damage of the tooth. In this situation, silver may be contraindicated. Therefore, without any independent actions should lead the child to the doctor. Moreover, it is absolutely painless procedure and nothing to fear. Just, if the child has not been to the dentist before he needs to explain what will be done and to convince them that it won’t hurt.

A child put in a chair and say that the teeth are simply cleaned, do not be afraid. If visiting and came to the conclusion that you need to do silver plating can begin. First you need to clean the tooth surface from plaque. Then it is dried and a sterile cotton pad apply the medication with nitrate of silver. It is impossible to prevent contact with mucous membranes. This can cause a burn. That’s the whole procedure. Takes only a few minutes. So any kid will be able to withstand this process. The procedure must be repeated two or three times. Usually do again in a few days. Definitely need to be seen by a dentist every six months.

The pros and cons of holding silver

To summarize about how useful the silvering of the teeth children. Of course, as each method has its advantages and also disadvantages. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Painless way;
  • Takes a little time;
  • The child does not experience psychological trauma during the procedure;
  • Stopping initial caries.
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But unfortunately, disadvantages are also present and very powerful:

  • The silver teeth are painted in greyish black color that may cause the ridicule of their peers if the child already attends a pre-school institution;
  • Treatment of caries in the stage spots and only on the front teeth, experience has shown that chewing situation often worsens;
  • The resulting silver film over time, subject to destruction under the influence of acidic and sugary foods. Therefore, there is a need to repeat the procedure.

Alternative methods of silvering

Silvering milk teeth due to the black coloring is not to everyone’s taste. And the few who agree to the procedure. To date, there are other ways to stop the incipient caries. When using this black plaque is formed. Let us examine separately these opportunities to keep a smile no black spots.

Remineralizing therapy or fluoridation

This method is in principle known for a long time. But, unfortunately, due to the fact that you need to procedure is often to achieve the desired effect, not all bother. The method consists in saturation of enamel with calcium and fluorine. Usually therapy lasts for ten procedures. First we need to saturate the calcium of the enamel, so the first days of the fluorine is not applied. The fact that it forms an impermeable layer that does not pass is not only harmful bacteria but also beneficial minerals. Calcium is used either in the form of applications or electrophoresis. First, as with the previous method, you need to clean the tooth surface from plaque. Then for a few minutes put a cotton ball soaked in the drug with calcium. Fluoride in dentistry is used in the form of varnish, it is called fluorinating varnish. On the dried tooth surface to apply the varnish with a brush or applicator. Wait until dry. Forms an impermeable layer. In this day and the next morning teeth not brushing is roughage, so as not to damage the formed film. Nebhodimo that it lasted twelve hours. This time is sufficient to saturate the enamel.

Ozone therapy


This method creates absolute sterility because there is no need to use the tools in contact with the oral cavity. Affected by caries, the surface is treated with ozone. The manipulation lasts only a few seconds. During this period, perish harmful germs and caries is suspended. To fix the result is applied to a special drug. But this method cannot be used when the presence of deep carious cavities, particularly if there are overhanging edges of the enamel. The ozone may not reach to all corners.

Sealing of deep fissures

This method is more preventive than curative. But still at initial, even at a superficial caries used. Differently it is called a sealing. The point is to close a deep fissure. They are very common in children with baby teeth, or teenagers who have only erupted permanent molars. Sometimes you have a little to prepare them. After that, the fissures are treated with antiseptic, etched with a special acid for the formation of pores. They contribute to a better attachment of the filling material. After etching the enamel surface becomes dull. On the dried surface is applied a special bond glue, then filling material. It helps to prevent tooth decay or its progression, if available.

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Preventive measures

We can say that each of these methods are preventative. But it is better not to bring this up. And if nevertheless it so happened, that the process is not progressed it is also necessary to monitor the baby’s teeth. None of these methods gives absolute guarantee that the decay does not resume. Therefore, prevention will always be in the first place. Be sure to help your child to brush teeth correctly, to show how it’s done. If he does not love not mean you have to force violently, just need to generate interest. To invent a game or something like that. If the child already understands something, you need to explain to him that there is on the teeth accumulate germs or worms that, if you do not clean will eat the tooth. The teeth should be cleaned since the eruption, even if the child is only 4 months. It seems that in this age, the child can cause tooth decay. But it is not only prevention, but also develops good and useful habit. The baby is already growing with the idea that it is necessary to brush your teeth. Also should be performed together. The child, seeing how it makes someone of the parents are interested and want to do.

In addition to this, you must observe a diet. It is impossible to give sweets to demanding toddler. Best replacement for fruits and vegetables. Of course you can’t completely protect the baby from eating chocolates, toffees and sweets. But it’s worth a try at least until all teeth fully grow. Vegetables and fruits, especially hard help cleanse the teeth from plaque.