The slit between the teeth: how to remove

The gap between the teeth there are many people that completely depends on the structure of the jaw bone, tooth structure and other things. Beautiful the gap between the front incisors for some is considered to be a distinctive feature, a peculiar twist. This gap has many stars of Russian and foreign music, from great historical personalities. But not all patients dental offices agree that the gap between neighboring front incisors or canines is aesthetic perfection, so trying to eliminate this natural «gift» with all means available. Before to clean the gap between the front teeth, you need to know about the methods of correction and the causes of disease. So what to do and what can be done against the diastema?

Diastema dental situation

A small interval or gap between the teeth almost brings patients physiological discomfort, but a wide distance may create not only an aesthetic defect. Diastema (translated from the Greek. — distance, interval) is today considered the clinical situation, which is subject to correction. Diastema is often diagnosed in early childhood in the period of formation of bite, milk or permanent teeth units. Some parents believe that over time this gap will close naturally, but such an outcome is quite rare. Diastema can be formed after the formation of the permanent dentition. The pathological process is often preceded by the following factors:

  • excessive activity of language (for example, as the habit of stretching);
  • seal of the sublingual frenulum;
  • periodontal disease;
  • the quality of the food and the nature diet.

Food only in some cases can trigger the formation of gaps between the teeth. For example, when a special diet when individual food preferences. The diastema in the dental pathology is the formation of the Central incisors with the formation of spacing from 0.5 mm to 1 cm in Most of the state registers on the Central incisors of the upper jaw, but in some cases may occur in the lower jaw, or spread throughout mizunuma space. The crack itself can be of two types:

  • tapered;
  • parallel.

Usually the shape of the diastema resembles a scalene triangle, the top of which starts from the gums or from dental cutting edge. Refuse treatment and correction of pathological Rosselini can lead to the development of chronic periodontitis, caries of the front incisors. This position can cause distortion of certain sounds (as of display), speech problems (lisping, whistling). The treatment is based on the closure of interdental spaces using different dental techniques. In rare cases need surgical correction.

The main causes of diastema

For effective treatment or removing of the interdental gap need to clarify the root cause of the diastema and the presence of factors that could trigger her appearance. The main reasons include:

  1. A mismatch of tooth and jaw bone parameters, the torsion of the teeth. This pathology is often hereditary or congenital. If the size is too small for the teeth jaw, the interdental spaces are much wider. If the size of the teeth exceed the inherent nature parameters of the jaw bone, then the teeth in the tooth row will be crowded.
  2. Anomalies of shape and size of teeth. Pathology is the lack of some teeth and short stature of others. Often this condition is detected at the upper lateral incisors, which causes the formation of a gap between the front incisors.
  3. Abnormal location of the dental germs. Sometimes the cause of the condition can become tumor masses.
  4. Major sublingual frenulum. Lores is located just above the front Central incisors is a certain jumper from the inner side of the upper lip and gums. The growth and densification of the bridle, the distance between the front teeth in a natural way is not closed.
  5. Bad habits in childhood. Long breast sucking, pacifiers or fingers can provoke the development of interval mizuna space.
  6. Incorrect swallowing reflex. For many people the act of swallowing is accompanied by the emphasis of languages in the palatal portion. Pathology noted, when swallowing, the tongue presses against the rear wall of the front incisors. This creates traction reflex, which causes involuntary extension of the front teeth anteriorly with the appearance of a diastema between them.
  7. Complications of periodontitis. Maisonny gap often becomes a complication had periodontitis. Due to the loss of bone tissue, the teeth may eventually become loose, which contributes to the development of significant interval between them.
  8. Peculiarities of the child’s bite. After the loss of primary teeth the space between permanent teeth varies significantly. Such a feature may affect a deliberate increase in permanent posterior teeth with a gap.
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When the first signs of the diastema it is important to visit the dentist. The growth of the human body and after some time the gap between the teeth do not go away by itself, but rather will start to increase. A large gap can cause sound distortion and seilebost.

Principal differences

Similar as in dentistry is three. Of Trema and diastema belong to the group of defects of the dentition. If the diastema — chip teeth to 10 mm, the three represents an increase in intermediate spacing between all the teeth. Such slits can appear only at the time of formation of the jaw and teeth. There are several types of diastema:

  • false;
  • true.

At about the diastema, the gap between the front teeth occurs in the backdrop of eruption of deciduous dental units. After the change in primary dentition to permanent, this interval closes naturally. If any closing does not occur, then we can talk about the emergence of a true diastema.

Gaps between teeth can be classified on other grounds:

  1. offset additional;
  2. deviation of lateral crowns;
  3. curves the roots of canines or incisors;
  4. deviation of lateral roots.

Usually a hole between the front incisors, regardless of the type or types of formation, refers to inherited and passed from parents to children. Almost 80% of all cases the reason for the development of Rosselini is a mismatch between the size of the dentition and jaw bone.

Corrective therapy

How to get rid of gaps between teeth? The gap between the teeth as pathology occurs in many patients, but some are ready to finally get rid of her. Modern dentistry today is ready to offer his patients many ways to get rid of excessive interdental Shcherbinka. After visual inspection, of treatment of carious cavities in the front teeth, determine the cause of the diastema, the dentist selects the actual method of solving the clinical situation. There are several effective ways of correction of the interdental spaces.

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Art restoration

Art restoration allows you to fix the gap between the front teeth quickly and effectively. The gaps between the teeth can be removed with the help of art restoration. Art restoration is to improve the interdental tissue. The specialist picks up the composite material in strict accordance with the color of the enamel. Next, the dentist will be holding a dental filling, which hides the gap. To eliminate abnormal of Shcherbinka uses tabs and veneers. The procedure is completed all in one visit, does not require regional anesthesia and lasts about an hour. The procedure can be performed for all categories of patients, regardless of gender, age, dental and clinical history. Contraindications to restoration is not pregnancy, lactation and early childhood. The crevice between the teeth takes place in a single session.

Surgical plastic

How to fix gaps between teeth? The method applies to one of the expensive, which is to install crowns or veneers. The results of such treatment admire, because traces of restoration, no choice at all.

Surgical plastic 100% eliminates the risk of re-formation of diastema.


Sometimes the correction of a diastema is not possible without surgical exposure.

The main indications for surgical manipulations are:

  • the anomaly shape;
  • the structural features of the dental unit;
  • low rise frenum;
  • a tight frenulum with a massive basis.

During the operation, the doctor excised excess soft tissue, creating, thus, a favorable environment for unhindered growth of the teeth and forming correct dentition.


The safest way to fill the gap between the front incisors of the artificial tooth fabric is the orthodontic method. The main disadvantage is its duration. the procedure begins with the formation of the cast jaw. This allows you to make the best bracket system that will attach to the teeth.

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Braces correct the bite and restore the natural position of the dental units at the gingival line. Modern dentistry for many years does not use heavy braces of iron alloys. Today it is possible to install the invisible braces, the line which goes through the inner wall. The elimination of the edentulous space, diastema, Trema and other problems with the occlusion is carried out for six months. In some cases wear braces, you need 2.5 years.

Transparent plastic Capa


Shcherbinka between the front teeth may pass when using the special cap. the Installation of the tray is another alternative method of correction diassembling space. A mouth guard is a plastic camera, repeating a line of dental growth. In the formation of the individual Kappa takes into account the anatomical features of jaw structure, dental tissue, options. As wearing a mouth guard, the dentition begins to shift in a predetermined direction, after which the chip disappear completely. Aligners are virtually invisible on the teeth, they are easy to put on and take off when needed. Often a mouth guard enough to wear only at night. Another function of the mouth guard is teeth whitening, which is a nice detail in creating the perfect smile. The capacitor can be set for adults and children, and the procedure does not cause discomfort and pain.

Before to clean the gap between teeth, it is important to consult with a specialist. Correction of the diastema has other similar methods. There are not the popular recipes, therapies and treatments. Professional can solve the problem only a dentist or orthodontist. Getting rid of the diastema can save you from many problems such as caries, periodontitis, periodontitis and others. Some clinicians indirectly link the gap between the teeth and the tendency to the formation of cancer. Even if the patient has no intention to correct pathological interdental gap, the advice and regular examination by specialists is required.