The smell between the teeth: the gums an unpleasant smell from the mouth

This human disease, as the smell between teeth causes a lot of inconveniences. This problems in their professional activities, if necessary to participate in the negotiations, communicate with clients, etc. Even during a simple Dating bad breath can put a person in an awkward position. Cause odor in the mouth is its poor hygienic condition, disease parts of the oral cavity, but also occurs for other reasons that are rooted in unhealthy condition of the organs. Halitosis — that’s what is called the problem of unpleasant breath in medical language, treatment which should be carried out, without ignoring the disease. To start treatment, it is necessary to identify the symptoms and determine the causes of the symptoms unpleasant smell. Therefore, knocking down the smell of candy, chewing gum and other pleasant on taste products, thereby resorting to self-correct is unacceptable. Diagnosis and treatment must be carried out exclusively by a doctor. To have at least some idea of what the person halitosis, you need to know the number of key symptoms, signs and manifestations, which as practice shows a lot.


For oral hygiene requires constant care, and conceding at least once brushing your teeth can be subjected to formation of germs in the area of the necks of the teeth. They form plaque on the teeth, which becomes a cause of bad breath between your teeth. Such deposition is possible with the naked eye. At the initial stage of occurrence of microbial plaque on the teeth will be sufficient to renew timely cleaning of the teeth. But if you neglect basic rules of hygiene, the plaque on the teeth will begin to mineralizatsiya at the expense of contained in the saliva of calcium salts, thereby transforming into stone. The problem also lies in the fact that in complicated plaque stages are formed in region supragingival space, and penetrates the fabric, which makes it extremely difficult diagnosis. In the second case, the identification of the causes of unpleasant odor can be determined only by the dentist. The very same person can not even pay attention but to others the smell is very nasty. Therefore, you should pay a doctor to provide treatment that addresses the cause of the disease, thus to eliminate the smell. Modern medicine often uses for this ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

Gingival inflammation

Gingivitis, periodontitis is the cause of the symptoms unpleasant odor from the mouth. These diseases are subordinated to the treatment professionals and the manifestation of independence does not make sense. If there are symptoms such as:

  1. bleeding gums;
  2. pain while brushing your teeth;
  3. redness and swelling in the mouth;
  4. felt tooth mobility;
  5. pus.

This is a direct signal for seeking medical attention and immediate treatment. The fact that the original causes of disease gingivitis, and in the complicated form of periodontitis is inadequate care, and violation of hygiene of the oral cavity. The result is a stone on the teeth and inflammation occurs, then the appearance of pus, that in the aggregate increases the degree of bad breath. Thus, before you can overcome the pernicious smell it should be treated by eliminating the underlying disease of the oral cavity.

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Food leftovers between teeth

The ideal option is to maintain a cleaner mouth after eating is the use of threads for the teeth, which very effectively removes food residues in the mouth. Chewing gum, toothbrush to clean teeth do not yield effective results and can’t clean the interdental spaces where food particles remain, which allows the microorganisms to work quickly, activating the process of decay. That is the state of Affairs of the oral cavity forms a nasty smell. Elementary you can feel when dealing with someone who just had a bite. The problem is that often the person is at work, goes to the sideboard, allowing you to eat something delicious, sweet, to make it to lunch. When this neglects the momentary hygiene and becomes a breeding ground for odor. To maintain fresh breath after a meal need within 10 minutes after eating to be cleaned with floss for your teeth, and then brush my teeth. If it is not possible to use paste and brush, then in the field they can replace the gum, but always after using the threads to the teeth.

Tooth decay is one of the main reasons patients teeth

The place of formation of dental caries is becoming an excellent platform for the sedimentation of food particles, which leads to the formation of the microflora to bacteria that cause odor.

If the interdental space can be cleaned with floss, then the food in carious formations may long to be invisible. So the first thing, seeing the presence of caries should contact the dentist who carried out the treatment of the tooth, thereby eliminating the smell. If you delay treatment to the dentist, the tooth decay will destroy the tooth and the treatment will not help, the tooth will simply have to remove.

Dentures, crowns, correction of installation

The rotten smell often occurs after improper operation of the dentist, which is irresponsible or violations establishes dentures, crowns. As a result of poor fit of the mounted parts formed hollow, accumulates food residues. Moreover, poor hygienic condition aggravates and accelerates the process of reproduction of microorganisms, which leads to odor. To eliminate the need to disassemble the prosthesis or crown. Next, set the extent of the disease, and are installing new crown or tooth is removed. So the sooner people contact your dentist, the more chances to save the tooth and remove the smell.

Chronic inflammation of the tonsils

In other words, the tonsillitis is chronic, which results in the appearance of numerous infections. The reason becomes poor immunity, colds, or sore throat. Chronic inflammation of the tonsils occurs in a slow form with periodic exacerbations. Also causes bad odors are pus formations on the tonsils. To determine the degree of infection and the complexity of the disease can dentist, which will further prescribe a course of treatment. The first thing you need to eliminate infectious education which may be in the carious teeth, inflamed gums, deposits in the teeth. With a weak immune system effective recovery procedure is immunostimulatory therapy, which is assigned, if a person often suffers from colds.

After defeating chronic tonsillitis odor formed between the teeth eliminated, but the need to maintain hygienic condition of the oral cavity will consequently need exercise.

Violation of the microflora of the oral cavity

These are the natural consequences of the emergence of dysbiosis, caused by the use of pastes for teeth and mouthwashes containing triclosan or chlorhexidine. These components are very much destabilisateur and disrupt the natural microflora in the mouth. Often people buying in the store the paste for the teeth, not paying attention to composition, because it is guided by the advertising, price, availability, etc. Simply does not give it value.

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After using the under hand comes across another paste in a component which does not contain any antibiotics and antiseptics. Ultimately, after some time formed bad breath. Under these symptomatic manifestations should consult with the dentist who must determine the presence or absence of other symptoms unpleasant smell. If we exclude the indicators described above and the cavity of the mouth corresponds to hygienic norm, the problem of formation of goiter. Accordingly in need of treatment, which consists in the stabilization of the microflora of the mouth, then the smell disappears.

It is recommended to avoid toothpastes and mouthwashes, the compositions of which are not suitable for teeth unless they are assigned a dentist for a certain period.

Diet and bad habits

The main factors of many diseases and discomfort in the human body. Used food is not always useful, contains a lot of additives, chemical substances, which disrupt the hygiene of the oral cavity and lead to unpleasant odor. It is worth noting regular foods, excessive consumption of which will also damage the body, the mouth that cause bad breath. Is that coffee, onions, garlic, in some cases even citrus. All known violators of the normal microflora are nicotine, tobacco, alcohol. Their real content, regardless of the number and frequency destabilizie immunity, violates the hygienic condition of the mouth, which ultimately, along with other diseases leads to unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Problems of the gastrointestinal tract

Many diseases relating to oral cavity and stomatology occur because of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Breath is no exception, so when certain symptoms the dentist will provide a referral to a gastroenterologist. Major diseases in this case are gastritis and ulcers present in many people. Trouble becomes a permanent problem, although the person may not feel anything or get used to, but others will immediately feel ‘ cause your breath to stink. It is caused by a violation of the acidity in the digestive tract, suppression of which by yourself is impossible. The only treatment of disease will be examined and the purpose of therapy physician gastroenterology.

Other reasons for the formation of unpleasant odors

In addition to the main factors influencing odor between your teeth, there are other reasons that in medical practice are rare.

  1. For example, drying of the mucosa of the oral cavity that occurs because of constant breathing through the mouth. Not everyone can be that, even if constantly breathing, but, nevertheless, the problem occurs. In violation of the respiratory system associated with the wrong location of the nasal septum, the person usually begins to breathe through the nose. And the dryness in turn leads to the formation of deposits on the teeth, causing the formation of dysbiosis. And as a consequence bad smell from gums and teeth.
  2. Can occur dysfunction glands saliva, which starts due to long-term medication. Also the violation of the salivary glands can be people whose professional activity is connected with constant communication — teachers, teachers, speakers, lawyers, etc.
  3. Another cause of bad breath can cause the lung disease that also occurs in medicine rarely. Treatment of such problems dentists not do, you must contact the experts of certain areas.
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A simple way to check your breath

Is not medical advice, but will help to learn whether the smell of the mouth. You need to tongue your wrist, wait for the saliva to dry and smell. To carve the wrist will be exactly the same as the mouth. Next, you must scrape off the coating on the tongue at the root and also to smell. Thus, it will be clear how pleasant and unpleasant human breath.

What to do if the smell exist? You must contact your doctor to determine the symptoms and the cause of education, and further proceed to prescribed treatment.


An integral part of any treatment that allows to eliminate the recurrence of the disease. Bad breath after its elimination will not be a pleasant expression again. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain hygienic condition of the oral cavity:

  • Brush your teeth, use floss for your teeth, especially after a meal.
  • You should avoid eating foods between meals that will not settle the remains of food and violate the microflora of the oral cavity.
  • It is important to rinse the mouth after eating and Smoking and use of chewing tobacco.
  • You also need to stimulate the flow of saliva, which is achieved by drinking plain water the norm in the day.

Saliva plays a huge role in combating the formation of bacteria in the oral cavity. If at observance of the elementary rules of hygiene, unpleasant smell starts to annoy, you should immediately contact your doctor who will tell you how to get rid of the smell, do not wait until the cause of education will result in disease and bring serious problems to health.