The smell from under the crown of the tooth: what to do with this?

Not always when we used the services of the dentist, everything goes smoothly. It happens that after the prosthesis there is the smell from under the tooth crown. What to do in such a situation and why this happens will be described below.

Ignore the causes of these phenomena is not necessary. At the first sign that something went wrong after installation of the prosthesis, it is advisable to see a doctor as early as possible. He will be able to identify the problem, fix it and prevent serious complications.

Causes the unpleasant odor

The reasons are not so much:

  • If there is a small gap under the crown, the food will constantly crawl into it. In the process of rotting it stinks. The space gets and saliva, which dissolves the sugar and causes additional bacterial growth.
  • As a result of incorrect installation or bad materials too possible depressurization of the structure, the destruction of the cementing element. Therefore begins to stagger a bit, and open space get food debris and bacteria.
  • If set-metal construction, it is possible, because of the opened space of the steel to form oxides. And they destroy the tooth, which becomes the cause of odor from the crown.
  • Sometimes inexperienced doctors decided to install a prosthesis on a tooth which has to be removed. On a weak unit is not recommended to put the crown because she will rot under construction.

Why destroy the tooth under the crown?

It is obvious that bad breath occurs due to disease of the tooth. The reasons for this:

  • Weakened unit and then collapses under the crown, so the doctors mostly do not put prosthetic on them and completely removed and replaced with implants. If you set the crown on the tooth, then formed a secondary deep cavity.
  • Lack of hygiene contributes to the deterioration of the situation. Implants and dentures require good care. Doctors recommend special brushes, pastes and other devices that need to be applied daily. In running situations there is a formation of cavities, from which no crown not protect.
  • Important and step out of creating a permanent construction. During this period, the doctor installs a temporary prosthesis for protection. If this point be neglected, then the tooth will collapse much faster because enamel has been removed, and it is open to bacteria.
  • Poor quality and inept doctor contribute to poor fixation of the prosthesis, causing him to quickly fall out and the tooth unit is subjected to pathogenic effects.
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To remove the smell from under the crown, the doctor may need to remove design and find out the root cause. Only removing it to speak with confidence about the full treatment.

Signs phenomena

To ignore the problems under the crown not so difficult:

  1. Breath smells unpleasant, which is an indicator of decay.
  2. Feels like under the crown clogged food debris.
  3. On closer inspection it will be seen that under the bridge there is a dark shade of Foundation. It is a sign of tooth decay, when it completely blackens.

Better not delay with these symptoms and consult a doctor at first the discomfort. Because the dental unit under the crown remains without nerve endings, the destruction process is painless. But these symptoms provide clues as to what started the rot, and to leave him without attention is not necessary.

What to do?

The process of destruction is irreversible. And the longer you delay treatment, the worse will be the situation. In itself, the rot will not stop and will spread to surrounding tissues, leading to complications.

So be sure to visit a doctor who will remove the prosthesis, clean the surface and try to save the tooth. If you went to the doctor too late, you will have to remove the destroyed unit, and instead of crowns to implant.

The issue of contact is not even, just to get rid of the smell or to save the crown. Most important, what should be achieved timely treatment to save the tooth tissue from total destruction.

How to eliminate the smell?

Until the cause of its formation, with an unpleasant odor practically nothing can be done. Will only complete treatment and cleaning of the tooth surface. And while you wait for your appointment, you can do rinse. Than rinse – any herbs, for example chamomile or oak bark. It will help slightly to eliminate odor and to wash out mouth from unwanted bacteria or food residue.

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Total deliverance from bad is possible only by addressing the root cause which triggered it:

  1. In the case of driving the remnants of food under the crown will need to remove the design, clean the surface of the tooth and install a new properly matched in size. Only when the dense fit of the prosthesis to preserve the health of the remaining units.
  2. In the presence of weak fixing a crown may fall out, which promotes rapid destruction of the unprotected tooth. As soon as possible to go to the doctor and to install a new prosthesis. It was high-quality and durable, do not skimp on a good clinic, find a qualified professional.
  3. The fault of the doctor seen in the case when the set pin, but is too poorly recorded. Or the dentist could not stand the right time for cementing tabs, thereby destroying their integrity. In any of these scenarios, the replacement of crowns must occur under warranty due to poor quality of work.
  4. There are times when incorrectly matched the size of the crown injure the gums and it gives the patient some pain. The doctor needs to cut a soft cloth or replace the product more suitable.

To keep teeth and dentures in perfect condition, be sure to follow hygiene procedures on a daily basis. In the presence of crowns or bridges doctors recommend to use special devices:

  • Riproximin brush extra brush, to which is applied a paste, helps to reach the most inaccessible places in the mouth.
  • Beam brush – specifically created to care for braces, implants and crowns.
  • The use of dental floss and flosses for additional cleaning interdental spaces. However, they are not recommended for use in the presence of gingival inflammation.
  • Plastic – like floss, but with fixation, which facilitates the process of hygiene.
  • Irrigator – a special device for high-quality cleansing of the oral cavity with the help of air bubbles. It is a safe system is able to maintain the dentition in a perfect cleanliness.
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If the doctor’s work was conducted qualitatively, and oral hygiene is observed at the proper level, the problem with the smell from under the crown or other prosthetics will not be disturbed for a long time.

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Possible complications

Access to a doctor and addressing the root causes of the smell from under the crown should prevent the following complications:

  1. The formation of cysts, leading to suppuration of the soft tissues.
  2. Depressurization of the structure occurs inflammation, which will lead to flux and treatment with antibiotics.
  3. The re-emergence of caries and further tooth destruction can lead to a pulpitis or other serious diseases.

Further questions

► What to do if you have the flavor from the crown, but there is no smell?

Perhaps the doctor decided to cleanse the base from the cement, and it dissolves in saliva, leaving a distinct flavor. The reaction can occur in the presence of different incompatible materials in the oral cavity. Problem solved by replacing the prostheses and seals of the same composition. As a variant – it is possible and allergic reaction to metals or other components of the crown. In this case, it is better to use safe ceramics.