The smell of feces mouth causes and treatment: why it stinks

Why do I get the smell of feces out of the mouth, causes and treatment of such manifestations — these issues are within the competence of the attending physician. The presence of unpleasant odor can cause a lot of complexes in a person suffering from this problem, and to repel him from any person, means the type of chewing gum or mints can’t get rid of the smell for a long time.

Why do I get the smell of feces mouth

Where there is smell, if people have good hygiene and care about their health? The reasons for this problem there are several, and each of them are quite hazardous to health, and sometimes human life. Very often, with the breath diagnose the body, which often helps to identify a much more dangerous problem than the stench in the mouth.

One of the main possible causes of bad body odour is a disease of the intestine. Such sign is considered very serious and requires immediate treatment for medical help as it may mean that the toxins are not excreted and accumulate in the body. As a result, may develop intestinal obstruction and poisoning of the whole body harmful substances.

In addition, bad breath can be due to the development of dysbiosis. In this case, the problem lies in the intestinal microflora. Gradually disappeared all beneficial bacteria, but instead appears E. coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Such bacteria are of a detrimental nature to the human body and lead to complications. As a result, any cold begins to give complications, and the body’s defenses is not enough to win. And this is only a small part of the problem that can begin in humans in cases of dysbiosis.

Due to the emergence of harmful bacteria decreases the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. The immune system gradually weakens and can no longer perform its protective function. If the smell of feces from the mouth and there are pain in the abdomen is the first sign of trouble with intestinal tract.

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The third possible cause, and quite serious — it’s ruined teeth. In other words, bad breath may appear, if in the mouth are rotten and dilapidated items. In such a situation, a person need to visit the dentist and to put in order the bad teeth. It will free from the problem of unpleasant odors.

Do not forget that the inability to chew your food affects the stomach. In this case, a high probability of developing gastritis.

But there are not such dangerous causes of odor. For example, the use of onions and garlic. When food is digested, can cause unpleasant aroma. Usually when food is ingested, the smell disappears. This is a natural process and should not cause concern. Do not forget about the alcohol, after drinking it, too, may receive a fragrance. But once ppm comes out of the blood, will gradually erode and fume.

How can you get rid of unpleasant smell from the oral cavity

When this problem occurs, people in any case have to ask for help. Self conduct is unsafe, unless the true cause of the smell. Don’t forget that this may be the first signal of disease of the stomach.

Turning to a specialist, a person suffering from the smell of faeces, pass the screening. Based on his results, the doctor will prescribe treatment and diet, thanks to which the patient will forget about the unpleasant phenomenon. During treatment you will need to follow a certain diet and to exclude alcohol. As a rule, consumed food should only be boiled. Any seasonings should be avoided.

In addition, will be assigned to medical treatment aimed at the deliverance of man from the true reason that causes bad breath.

There are several methods of treatment, if breath like shit. The first method is cleaning the tongue. Thanks to this manipulation, you can easily get rid of the odor. You need to take an ordinary teaspoon and massage gently clean coating on the tongue. When it begins to stink from the mouth, will help with the floss. After every meal you must brush her teeth, and then rinse the mouth with plain water. With regard to the use of chewing gum when flossing, it is contraindicated.

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Good helps rinse the teeth, prepared with his own hands at home. This requires the following ingredients:

  • chamomile;
  • sage;
  • mint;
  • oak bark;
  • series.

All the herbs are taken in equal parts brewed in boiling water. Optimal proportion: 1 teaspoon of dried herbs in 1 litre of water. All the herbs are cooked on a slow heat for 5 minutes. Then the means necessary to stand for a couple of hours under covered lid. When the grass will give all its useful properties, the broth is filtered through cheesecloth and diluted with boiled water in proportion 1:1. If this infusion be used regularly, it is possible to protect the oral cavity from inflammation and to get rid of unpleasant mouth odor. This medicine can be stored in the refrigerator in glass containers of not more than three days. But before use the infusion to heat up a bit.

We should also mention the fresh Apple and carrot. These herbal products are not only good for the body, but also serve as a good cleaner and whitener effectively removes unpleasant smell.

The ability to eliminate unpleasant odor is parsley root and greens. The root is brewed and used for rinsing the oral cavity. This method not only helps to get rid of the problem, but also strengthens tooth enamel. And the leaves are used fresh. If you urgently need to eliminate the smell, you can chew some herbs and after a few minutes of it and trace. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it solves the problem only temporarily.

Do not forget about the psychological side of this problem, since the smell of feces produces a huge number of complexes in humans. In some cases, such an individual is closed in himself and practically ceases to communicate with others. Why person smells like his mouth was a piece of shit? This question was answered above. And to completely get rid of this problem, each person should perform the simple advice of experts.

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Compliance with oral hygiene and proper nutrition

You need to watch your diet, avoid snacking products of dubious quality. If the disease is detected, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of alcohol, diet, and treatment.


Required to monitor the cavity of your mouth and teeth as necessary. They should not be run, this will help prevent not only bad breath, but also large financial costs of treatment. Prevention needs to visit the dentist every six months.

You need to follow the oral hygiene, in other words brush your teeth morning and night, use conditioner. If you can not brush your teeth, you can eat a fresh Apple. It will replace the cleaning of teeth and at the same time will act as bleaching agent.

Breath is a signal that the body is not right. But what problem is it weakens the protective functions of the person needs to find out the patient himself.

Timely appeal to the specialist will help to maintain health and in some cases to prevent stomach ulcers. Modern medicine has made a great leap forward, and establish the cause of the odor is not difficult. Thus, if desired, the patient can get rid of this problem forever.