The sores on cheek treatment

One of the manifestations of the inflammatory process in the mouth is thrush on the cheek. As a result of disease the person experiences significant discomfort, mouth formed ulcers, the mucous membrane covers the white coating. In these forms it is necessary to think about further developments, not forgetting the fact that any running condition can be transformed into a more complex disease whose elimination is expensive and may not lead to the result. Thus, it is necessary, namely the appearance of the primary symptoms, go to a medical facility for examination, diagnosis and purpose of the course of medication. To begin to identify some of the major reasons of symptoms of thrush on the cheek below it is possible to eliminate the risk of education.

Situation, leading to the formation of stomatitis

  1. Injury of the oral cavity.
  2. The occurrence of Allergy.
  3. Effects on the nervous system, depression, stress.
  4. Improper installation of seals, crowns, correcting dental structures.
  5. The lack of a proper set of vitamins necessary for the body, especially zinc and iron.
  6. Wrong digestive system and disease of the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. The use of toothpaste which has sodium lauryl sulfate.

Types of stomatitis

The disease has different causes symptoms, and different course of the disease, symptoms. Depending on the characteristics of stomatitis is divided into the following types.


Today there are many irritants that can have an impact on the human body. It happens fast enough. It is about different chemistry that is used in everyday life, plants, animals and even dust particles surrounding you everywhere. One of the main carriers is the food, which contains in most cases a set of elements, additives and components can cause allergic reactions, including cause the formation of sores on the cheek. Usually allergic stomatitis begins to appear not at first influence of negative factors on the body, and has accused the education in case the natural course of chronic stomatitis.

The signs of allergic stomatitis

The disease is accompanied by certain symptoms by which a diagnosis can be made. Knowing the signs of illness need not only medical professionals, but ordinary man in the street that will allow to timely identify the presence of the disease. Sick stomatitis cheeks feel dry mouth, chewing is accompanied by unpleasant burning and pain. A distinctive feature is the emergence of a metallic taste in the mouth. The surface is covered with white bubbles that are bursting, turn into ulcers. The process is accompanied by pain, then is covered with a mucous film. Visual inspection of the mucosa for signs of bleeding, marked redness and swelling in the mouth. Well as allergic stomatitis can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes and severe salivation.

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The name speaks for itself, the disease attacks due to the fungal attack of herpes. Stomatitis is perfectly justified on the cheeks, the mouth. Appears initially as small white bubbles, which are often grouped. Then the blisters with clear fluid are revealed and turn into painful erosions, ulcers. If you touch the affected mucosa of the patient experiencing discomfort and pain, which in different stages of its flow has its own force sensations.

Stomatitis occurs in mild form, the oral mucosa for several days painful. In the treatment of peptic ulcer education will be delayed, and after completely disappear, not even leaving traces in the form of scars. Herpetic stomatitis can give complications during the flow of newborns and children under one year. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the mucous membrane of the mouth and immediately consult a doctor did not come to more serious complications.

Signs of herpes stomatitis

The disease is expressed in addition to the foreign formations of the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, next to other characteristic features. The patient with herpes form, is experiencing weakness of the body disappears or reduces the need for food, or rather the desire to use it. Comes increased salivation may occasionally disturb nausea. Palpation is pronounced inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck and under the jaw.


One of the varieties of stomatitis, which are not inherent to the defeat of the cheeks. Most of aphthous stomatitis is formed in the form of ulcers on the mucosa of the lips and surface of the tongue at the sides. Causes of are SARS, influenza, other viral diseases and tooth decay. The patient suffers from a slight fever, and if neglected may develop the infection and spread of thrush to other areas of the mucosa in the mouth, the lip. The disease from 2 weeks to a month, during which there is healing ulcer formations.


Characteristic appearance of sores, which appears on the cheeks in the mouth. The disease affects people with weak immunity, patients with chronic diseases, so often the elderly and children up to 3 years. Elderly people have many diseases because of past years, as a rule, are taking antibiotics, resulting in the body is much weaker. Children because of their young age have not yet acquired a strong immunity and body, which can fight bacteria, infection, etc.

Most often exposed to the candidal stomatitis people who have diabetes mellitus, HIV-infected, TB patients and persons with hormonal disruptions.

Signs of thrush

Pathogens in this situation are the bacteria Candida that reside in the oral mucosa. In the quiescent state they do not harm, but provocations reinforce the process of reproduction. The mucous membrane appears white, thick plaque, similar to cottage cheese. White spots, mucosa is red, the inherent swelling. The affected cavity is covered with a film, which will continue to flake off, leaving a painful ulcer on the mucous of education. The disease greatly affects the nutrition, it becomes difficult to eat. For the child’s body is unacceptable, so should immediately contact the doctor. The mucosal surface will need to handle ointments, solutions, use mouthwash, take medicines as quickly as possible to resolve this type of stomatitis.

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Form of stomatitis, characterized by complexity of disease and treatment. The disease has a long period of passage, during which the patient may develop a necrotic process. This could have serious consequences, manifested in the loss of teeth, the occurrence of inflammation of the middle ear or gastrointestinal tract and cause endocarditis, and pleurisy. Thus, inattention and delayed treatment to the doctor will bring health problems of the oral cavity, will cause a long recovery, to Finance investments to restore order in the mouth and teeth restoration.

Signs of ulcerative stomatitis

The disease has its own form of flow, so the symptoms should be different from other types of stomatitis. The disease is accompanied by pain, there’s inflammation and there is bad breath. In addition to the cheeks, the gums appear ulcerative education, that are dirty whitish bloom. Unpleasant formation in the mouth are delivered inconvenience, because it prevents to eat and even speak. Significantly increases the secretion of saliva, mucous in the mouth is the color of the inflammatory oedematous surface. Ulcerative stomatitis may occur, accompanied by fever, swelling of the face, inflammation of the lymph nodes.

General recommendations with stomatitis


To treat stomatitis have, in any case, because disease of the mouth will cause discomfort, violating the ordinary state of a person. In addition, the disease is characterized by pain. In addition to the treatment prescribed by the specialist, you should know some rules that will help to avoid complications of the disease, to eliminate irritant effects on the mucosa and to protect against further spread of disease to other areas.

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to the food that should be cold, hot or hard. Is to use only warm and liquid or semi-liquid food.
  2. You should give preference to yogurt products, which normalize the microflora of the stomach, and will become a stabilizer in strengthening the immune system of the body.
  3. Completely eliminate the need to foods that cause pain. It is spicy and acidic foods, citrus juices and fruits, carbonated drinks.
  4. In addition to food you need to give up alcohol and Smoking, at least for the period until recovery.
  5. To completely eliminate physical exertion, prolonged exposure to cold, fatigue.
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Traditional medicine

Dr. depending on the type of stomata, shape of its flow prescribed different drugs. Necessarily prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins, gels, ointments. Mouthwash plays a huge role in the fight against stomatitis. Use a solution of chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and the infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

To infections are appointed immunomodulators, when is herpes stomatitis — antiseptic, antiviral drug, with oral — rinse soda solution and medication antifungal focus. Other forms of stomatitis will be assigned to different antiseptics, which will help to overcome the disease.

Traditional medicine

No matter how commendable and effective home treatment using ancient recipes, magical concoctions, etc., but should initially contact the medical institution. Especially before taking medicines you must determine the type of disease and the extent of it, that alone is often problematic to do. Therefore, home treatment can go wrong. Folk medicine is successful in conjunction with the core course prescribed by your doctor. Here is perfectly good infusions for gargle of oak bark and such common herbs as:

  • chamomile;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • sage;
  • calendula.

Regenerative power recovery, accelerating healing are ointment propolis, cartolin, as well as a therapeutic effect on the affected areas will have a rosehip oil or sea buckthorn.

In addition to the elimination of stomatitis it is necessary to remember about prevention, which will help to prevent diseases and increase immunity after a course of medication. It should be remembered that most types of stomatitis are recurrent in form, that at any moment will lead to the emergence of the disease again, and the self-maintenance of oral cavity hygiene and a healthy lifestyle will help to prevent this disease. In addition, you must heed the doctor’s recommendations after elimination of stomatitis.