The tab in the tooth, what it is: for front teeth

Human teeth sooner or later begin to be destroyed. Modern approaches dental care allow you to solve any problem in the mouth. To restore the defect can be formed not only with a filling material, but also orthopedic construction. The indications for replacement are limited IOPS (index destruction occlusal surface of the tooth). Let us consider the intervention of a dentist-orthopedist, based on the closure of significant defects of the surface of the orthopedic structure.

What is tab

Tabs on the teeth are applied when IOPS more than 55%. Using this orthopedic design, it is possible to recreate badly damaged the surface and restore functional accessory. What is a dental onlay? Orthopedic design looks like undivided microdenture made in a dental laboratory. This microdenture is filled with a large defect cavity, its absence eliminates or aesthetic dissatisfaction, mounting on the front teeth of the affected process. Set design on the teeth or on the rod of the implant using special keys.

In case of considerable destruction of the tissues it is impossible to install the seal, because it will not adequately transfer the chewing pressure, which subsequently will lead to cracks and Otomo of the crown. All this may complicate further treatment from a orthopedist and the only way out of this situation to produce extraction (extraction from wells), with the further correction stages of prosthetics. Accordingly, the choice of tactics in favor of crowns, inlays or fillings will be based on the readings.

The tab in the tooth is a replica of the lost of integrity of the crown. It has the appropriate anatomical structure of the shape of the recess. After production on the stage of pripravki (pre-fitting in the cavity of a tooth) she needs to lie down across the line with edges evenly. And this design in no way inferior in color characteristics of physiological color of the tooth. The main indication for the setting will be severely damaged from decay, when re-filling activities do not give the desired results. Make recommendations on installation in the presence of a cavity on aproximatley face or when bruxism (night grinding of teeth).

Installation steps

Take a closer look at the installation tab in the tooth, and what is it? At the first appointment, selecting tactics prosthetics and hearing of this design, the patient thinks about the moments of the prosthesis. The setting process takes place in several stages. Initially, make the inspection of the mouth, dentition and mucous membrane and directly affected structures. The doctor then sends the patient for x-ray diagnosis. After this the therapist runs deponirovanie or re-endodontic treatment of channels, in case of presence of periapical changes around the apex of the tooth is necessary to make correction of therapy.

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After conducting the above procedures, the result of which is backed up by radiological study is necessary to come on reception to the orthopedist. Produce the removal of the cast (reverse image of the dentition containing the teeth). The molds are sent to dental laboratory. Further development and simulation of construction going on there. This kind of design is in creating within 1-2 weeks. For the period of making the doctor makes temporary microdenture to tooth function carried out their work in full.

Dental technician (specialist in orthopedic operations, with secondary education) performs:

  • recreating the lost parts of the tooth wax;
  • replaces wax for the selected alloy or material;
  • models design, given the anatomical form;
  • go to fit (fitting) to see a doctor of podiatrist.

The doctor performs the fitting of the finished design in the mouth of a patient, said inaccuracies, if any. If you are satisfied and the doctor and the patient, produce a seizure temporarily inserted and fixed permanent structure to the tools. Mikroprotez in color, shape and occlusion should not concede, neither the seals nor the teeth of the intact (undamaged).

Unlike fillings

What tab is set in the tooth? It is better to install and what is the difference from the fillings? This prosthetic design is undoubtedly a number of advantages:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Fortress;
  • No change in color;
  • Adequate transfer of masticatory stresses in compliance with accurate marginal integrity;
  • The reconstruction of a large part of the affected tooth structures.

An important caveat is that this design cannot be installed on the milk teeth of children because the period of suitability of microdenture much higher life time of this kind of teeth. The average lifespan of microdenture about 10 years.

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There are two options to establish designs:

  1. When EROPS 0,55_0,6 perform application design without additional setting crowns. Because the tooth structure is saved almost by half and will be able to continue to participate in the performance of their functions;
  2. If the destruction of the tooth surface, more than 80%, you must use the pin tumbler design (KSHV). After establishing and fixing the design to produce donning the crown, which must meet all the necessary requirements:
  • The fit;
  • Color;
  • Execution of the function.


This representation of dental tabs what is it? Dental facilities in the face of podiatrist can offer different management options for an extensive defect of dental tissue of the patient. Difference designs mostly goes by material and recovery method.

The recovery method is divided into correlation recreating the coronal portion of the tooth.

Designs are divided into:

  • Cultivee;
  • Restorative: provide color and shape of the affected tissues.


  1. Ceramic: made from porcelain mass. Model mould under high temperature using the method of extrusion under high voltage. Have aesthetic properties, it is durable enough. It is not recommended to install on canines as on the verge of action of the applied forces may shear the material;
  2. Composite: simple to manufacture, aesthetically pleasing, strong, good marginal adaptation to the tooth;
  3. Zirconia design: the best aesthetic performance and adaptation. Is perfect, restoring the frontal division of the jaw. The production design is handled by a special apparatus, thereby providing maximum accuracy of fit of microdenture to the tooth. Against this background, the significantly higher price;
  4. Metal: produced under crown. Use alloys homogeneous and heterogeneous materials: medical steel alloy prevents oxidation of alloys based on gold;
  5. Metal-ceramic: often use a combination of metal inclusions in the porcelain mass.

CSV: application features

If the patient has a significant loss dense structures of the tooth and the desire to preserve and produce extraction and put the implant, it is proposed an orthopedist, post-and-core design. Features of the unit are that the pin fixture can be mounted not only on special material cement base, but in the fact that the records are in the upper third of the length of the root canal. Due to this, evenly is the load distribution, eliminates cracks and leaks. On a core structure is subsequently put on the crown.

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Cultivee fixtures are:

  • Cast: performed under pressure and high temperature. The main part fills the space of the cavity of the tooth root is connected to the ducts by means of pins;
  • Tselnosbornye: the installation is conducted in the presence of multiple channels. Usually the main part that is connected with a pin fixed in the main channel (lead, load transfer).


I would like to note that it is optimal to choose the necessary restoration only dentist-orthopedist. It will take into account the wishes, indications and contraindications, will provide recommendations for operation.

A dental onlay is an artificial miniature prosthesis that is installed on the remote location of the affected tissue to reproduce the anatomical shape of each tooth.


Essentially, these tabs are a kind of seals, created in the laboratory on a pre-made mould. This technology relates to one kind of fixed prosthesis.
Aesthetic and visual characteristics significantly distinguish dental the tab from ordinary fillings. Such prosthesis resembles a particle of a molar tooth with the same grooves and bumps, has similar colors and form. In the result of long-term manual work get ready the tooth, the tab is placed in a prepared cavity.
Most often tabs are set by dentists for back teeth. These devices are often used in the process of prosthetics as support structures for bridges.