The taste of iodine in the mouth causes: in women, after eating, in the morning

When the taste of iodine in your mouth, we look for the causes, it can be in women, after eating, in the morning. We are interested in, why is there an unpleasant sensation, as correctly and effectively to deal with them.

Someone looking for the answer yourself, and someone runs to the doctor, it is important not to try to move away from the problem, hoping that all self-will. In any case, gather all the info on eating for an accurate diagnosis: think of the products over the last few days and write down in detail all the components, especially the new and unusual, list drugs used the day before, what kind of salt you used to eat – plain or iodized.

What does it mean?

The appearance of the taste of iodine may talk about dry mouth, after a long period of fasting or communication. If you talk a lot, reducing the amount of fluid in the mouth, the saliva decreases and bacteria begin to be active, which leads to unpleasant odors. To solve this, you can:

  1. Thoroughly clean the teeth and tongue.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Rinse your mouth with water or use conditioner.

Breath associated with the last meal, completely leave you after digestion of food, it will take a few hours. If it does not go away even after brushing your teeth, it is to mention the problems in the internal organs.

Causes of taste iodine in my mouth

Perhaps the reason why you have become concerned about the taste of iodine on the mouth is simple – eating a variety of seafood in large quantity.

But if you have a permanent and long-lasting flavor visit to the doctor is necessary, because the causes can be:

  • iodism;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • the destruction of the enamel of the teeth;
  • hormonal contraception;
  • nervous tension and stress.
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The most dangerous cause of iodine taste in your mouth is iodism. There are several options for the appearance of such States: the abuse of food supplements containing iodine; intake of drugs containing iodine (excess dosage or purpose without consulting a doctor); the toxic chemical compounds.

If allergic to iodine and administration of drugs based on it, there is an allergic reaction. It can manifest rashes and swelling, and the body will try to rid of the allergen. Iodine is output to the salivary glands via the respiratory tract, it gets into the nasopharynx and the oropharynx. This provokes a burning sensation and sore, persistent odor and taste of iodine, it may be inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Pay attention to the following symptoms that accompany iodism:

  • thirst and profuse salivation;
  • persistent smell of iodine, the mouth;
  • watery eyes;
  • fever is not associated with other diseases;
  • rashes on the skin in the form of blackheads and weakness;
  • possible convulsions and disorder of the digestive system including diarrhea and vomiting.

While individual reactions, or the accumulation of iodine in the body can go into anaphylactic shock and severe swelling of the larynx leading to suffocation.

Iodine in the nasal passages and mouth can occur after a prolonged stay on the coast and the inhalation of its fumes.


Hyperthyroidism is often inherited and occurs in those living in adverse environmental conditions. At elevated thyroid function iodine or metallic taste can often appear, especially in the morning. But this is not a concern because you see an endocrinologist and trust my doctor.

If you haven’t checked my thyroid and taste of iodine appeared for the first time, you should get tested. This disease appears in a pair of tachycardia and irritability, swelling in the neck and face, heavy sweating and menstrual function in women.

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Hormonal medications

Often the taste of iodine in women in the mouth there while taking certain hormonal drugs for contraception. It is not necessary to prescribe drugs independently, focusing on advertising and advice of friends. Prolonged use also leads to failures in work of endocrine system.

The destruction of tooth enamel, the saliva reacts with other tissues and there are new compounds that cause odor and taste of iodine. Food debris that are not cleaned with a brush, fall in the nerve canals or under the gum to become clogged between the teeth, where they decompose and lead to external odors, resembling iodine.

Iodine taste during pregnancy is not always associated with anemia or other disorders. Just in a woman’s body hormonal changes, and this leads to changes in taste perceptions.

Diseases of the digestive system

Sometimes the taste of iodine becomes a signal of malfunction in the digestive system. Gastritis and erosion without treatment do not go unnoticed, as well as constipation and diarrhea. Liver speak about the problems of the appearance of unpleasant taste sensations in the mouth.

Modern life keeps people in constant tension they are under stress, bad sleep. All this leads to depression and neurosis, and as a consequence, the emergence of obsessions and sensations. The smell of iodine missing, but the man said that really feels it.

After a meal

The taste of iodine in your mouth may occur after eating, if you ate some fish varieties with dark meat and it was not fresh. It is a symptom will be short and in medicine is called an overabundance of histamine.

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How to get rid of iodine taste?

When iodism:

  • it is recommended to avoid products containing iodine. To eat for some time without salt, using drugs bromine;
  • in some severe cases you need to gastric lavage to cleanse from the remnants of food;
  • it is not necessary to treat the problem yourself, so you can only damage the organism;
  • well derive various compounds from the body sorbents (smectite or Polisorb, but you can use normal flour or starch);
  • in a hospital setting to combat the excess of iodine is used sodium thiosulfate and calcium chloride, they act as killers and serve as an antidote;
  • when the seizure immediately call an ambulance and don’t wait improve the condition for self-visit to the doctor.
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Hyperthyroidism is engaged endocrinologist, and he also appoints drugs that reduce the secretory function of the thyroid gland. If visible improvements are not observed, conduct:

  • treatment with radioactive iodine;
  • surgical treatment.

Diseases of the teeth and gums are a direct indication for the visit to the dentist. When taking contraceptives causing the iodine taste, choose another method of protection. If the hormonal drugs are taken for the adjustment cycle, the doctor will prescribe you a substitute.

Problems with the liver and stomach, it is better to trust the gastroenterologist, he will recommend diet and appropriate treatment. Neurological problems and obsessive mental problems are well treated with psychotherapy, you leave the discomfort and life is presented in a new light.