The tooth responds to cold and hot what to do

Uncomfortable feeling in the mouth is when the tooth reacts to cold or hot food. In addition to the impact of temperature an unpleasant feeling may arise from the acid, eating citrus. Tooth pain from hot and cold is the main cause of signal that occurs hyperesthesia of tooth enamel. The pain is felt in the mouth when eating, and the thermal treatment may vary in duration, from a question, reaction or pain.

Symptoms of reaction to thermal treatment

Tooth responds to hot and cold differently from what the duration of painful sensations in the mouth are different. If after eating food (ice cream, hot drink) pain sharp blow in the teeth, but after a few seconds I let go, there was a reaction on temperature. Short painful sensation happens regardless of whether a channel or with defects of dental caries. When tooth sensitivity as a reaction to hot and cold, has for a long period of manifestation, the cause should be considered a disease. In such cases, you must consult the dentist to identify the provocateurs and to produce a treatment that may lead to the elimination of trouble caused by a reaction to hot and cold.

What occurs sensitivity

To answer the question about why teeth react strongly to cold and definitely not hot. There are many reasons that contribute to the appearance of irritability. Therefore, the diagnosis can only physician. Pain occurs in stages, starting with the elementary second delay. Then begins reacting to other foods that are sweet, sour or salty taste. Subsequent pain is evident even when breathing cold air outside or hot in the bath, the time of occurrence of pain is increased.

Reasons of increasing the sensitivity are

  1. deficiency in the human body of calcium and fluoride, which leads to a weakening of Tartar;
  2. Smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  3. imbalance of the oral cavity, which is responsible for the acid-alkaline environment;
  4. substandard whitening or Tartar removal;
  5. the formation of wedge-shaped defects of enamel;
  6. periodontitis, which laid bare the neck of the teeth and the formation of caries and pulpitis;
  7. gastrointestinal disease, endocrine region, hormonal imbalance in the human body;
  8. the seal installation with the violation or the use of low-quality content;
  9. various injuries of the oral cavity.

The relationship between disease and sensitivity

When a tooth responds to hot and cold, the process of exposure has already begun. In addition this stage is not final, therefore, the pain will begin to thicken and grow over time. How disease can become apparent reason for such a thermal reaction.

Caries as a source of direct influence on the tooth pulp

If the inspection reveals a dark hole in the teeth, it means that he is affected by caries, which develops quite rapidly with time. This leads to pain when consuming hot or cold food due to the fact that through the same holes the thermal impact is directed directly into the nerve ending of the tooth. Pain can occur because of tooth decay in the absence of its explicit education, but a detailed inspection by a dentist can be detected at the surface of the tooth a chalky spot. This figure suggests that tooth decay began, and the process of destruction is irreversible. In such cases a doctor is reminisce enamel, which prevents further destruction of the tooth and allows in the future to affect the nerve ending. The problem lies in the unwillingness to visit the dentist continuously, periodically, due to financial, time or other reasons. Therefore, detection of caries at an early stage and timely treatment is not possible. Reference to the doctor occurs when the lesion noticeable, and from the cold teeth hurt. This stage involves cleaning of the carious canal, root canal and tooth filling.

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Substandard treatment

After visiting the dentist, the sealing there is a risk of pain during the reaction of tooth to cold and hot. It is caused by poor cleaning of the root canal, which helped to prevent incomplete removal of the nerve. Can take place not tight laying of the material in the tooth canal, which also helps to hit different temperature provocateur. The destruction will continue and the pain gradually increase, therefore, to delay re-visit to the doctor should not be.

No need to wait until the pain after treatment will pass, it’s not a temporary feeling, but an ongoing process of poor dental intervention. Sometimes, the doctor makes the seal very high in relation to the edges of the tooth, which causes a sensation when biting. This problem is solved much easier than the above, it is sufficient to grind the protruding seal to the desired size in the dental clinic and aching tooth rest.

Whitening and sensitivity

In addition to the treatment the person is not rarely resorted to cosmetic dentistry. To create a beautiful smile, Tartar removal, plaque used teeth whitening enough leads to depletion of the density of the enamel. In this case there is discomfort because teeth are constantly sore from hot and cold. This is not the cause of the excitement, here is enough:

  • Try some time to drop some food, while the normal enamel are not stabiliziruemost. For this you need to eliminate from the diet sweet, sour and salty foods.
  • It is recommended to eat only warm foods and drinks that are irritants and sources of pain.
  • Knowing that bone enamel requires calcium, need to eat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish.
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If the decision for teeth whitening made definitively, it is necessary to turn to the experts who with the use of modern dentistry make it painless, will cause the protective composition and give recommendations for care. Independent, home whitening will not bring proper results, but can severely weaken the tooth enamel.

Discomfort with periodontitis

What to do if inflamed gums, there was bleeding, the teeth react to hot and cold. Symptoms talking about the development of periodontitis, where periodontal pockets are formed with the move to a more serious stage, exposure of the necks of the teeth. Starts sagging gums, purulent formations, the teeth become mobile. When such symptoms the pain is worse in the tooth from hot or cold impact. The reason for entering the thermal stimulus through the thin enamel, which is exposed in connection with the development of periodontitis. Bring to this state is critical, often irreversible or long-lasting treatment plan. You must promptly contact the dental clinic for help. In this situation, the emergency removal of purulent formations, the removal of hard bacterial deposits. Treatment will require surgical intervention, otherwise it can happen the transition of inflammation on the neck area and face.

Decamentasos intervention

When a tooth responds to hot or cold, the pain sometimes does not rest for a long period of time, causing great stress to the body. To cure all the ailment on their own does not work, but to neutralize the pain. For this purpose painkillers available at any home medicine Cabinet. The main is a doctor who successfully not only reduces the sensitivity, but it has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory indications. The drug quickly takes effect, hold it for about 2 hours, allowing the patient to get to the dentist. You can list a number of drugs that also have anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing abilities, but come in different forms and have different time effect — brusten, nimesil. There is more of an influencing means, which can be compared with morphine. It is an analgesic Ketanov taken in cases where the tooth begins to ache very much. In addition to producing forms in tablets Ketanov may be administered intramuscularly. Taking a pain reliever, you must go to the doctor to find out why the teeth from cold react.

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Home dentistry


Treatment of the problem, if the tooth reacts to hot able, but in order to eliminate painful sensations, you can resort to a number of folk remedies. The simplest thing you can do if the tooth is clearly reacts to cold, to take the average temperature of boiled milk, which I drink throughout the day in small portions.

Also if the tooth hurts from cold or hot, you can resort to rinsing the mouth different herbs. Used tincture of chamomile, oak bark, tea tree, baking soda, oregano. The preparation of these components occurs separately, so in order to properly brew the tool you need to use a Handbook of recipes, of which there are quite a lot, which describes all the technologies with indication of the proportions of the content. Do not forget about the effective properties of propolis, which can help, if you have a toothache, reacting to cold or hot. Enough to put a piece of propolis on the tooth surface and after some time the pain subsides.

Prevention and dental hygiene

To avoid any issues, why a tooth responds to hot or cold foods is necessary to monitor the hygienic condition of the oral cavity. To do this:

  1. Conducted daily morning and evening brushing your teeth.
  2. You should pay attention to the use of paste, in the composition which are not abrasives. They are able to Deplete and destroy the enamel, making the teeth very sensitive.
  3. Brush cleaning does not have to be hard, so as not to injure the surface of the mouth.
  4. After a meal it is recommended to do the rinsing, to not stay the remains of the food.
  5. Also it’s worth to give up Smoking and excessive drinking.

The most important thing is preventive examination at the dentist, which is carried out at least twice a year. This will allow not only to diagnose the dental condition of the oral cavity, but also give the possibility of preventing the development of diseases at an early stage.