The unit Vector for the treatment of periodontitis: price, reviews

For the treatment of periodontitis can approach the unit Vector, description, price and reviews of which will be discussed in more detail in the article.

The disease occurs without obvious symptoms, and if they are present, they do not pay attention. Visit the doctor people when he is stronger. Slight bleeding when brushing teeth and bad breath – symptoms, to respond to that seriously, no one will. If time does not begin treatment, the bone is destroyed and teeth are lost.


The Vector system includes two instruments: «Vector Paro and Vector scaler». For the treatment of periodontitis is most suitable the first device. Its manufacturer refers to as the newest invention for the treatment parodontita. The second device is a conventional ultrasonic scaler.

The vector Paro –ultrasonic system for removing deposits on the teeth. Fluctuations of the working nozzle tip is carried out vertically, that distinguishes the device from the normal ultrasonic solarov. According to the manufacturer, this minimizes damage to the surface layer of the tooth root.

Another difference is that in the classical manipulation of ultrasonic cleaning use distilled water. The system uses a Vector solution of Vector Fluid polish. Its composition includes particles of hydroxyapatite. It performs great polishing of the root surface, and decreases hypersensitivity of the enamel, after performing ultrasonic cleaning.

The system Vector is an innovative approach to the removal of subgingival dental plaque and polishing of the root surface in the periodontal pockets. On rendered influence it is much better than the conventional ultrasonic scalers.

Hardware treatment

Using a system Vector, we can achieve the following results:

  1. Gentle and painless removal of deposits on teeth.
  2. Elimination of harmful bacteria.
  3. Scanning difficult to access the gingival pockets.
  4. The cleansing of the root and neck of the tooth.
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Advantages of instrumental therapy are:

  • manipulation is completely painless;
  • low injury rate;
  • it is possible to avoid surgery;
  • effective therapy of different stages of inflammation in the periodontal tissue;
  • rapid restoration of the periodontium after therapeutic manipulation.

Vector for the treatment of periodontitis: technology procedures

Treatment of periodontitis with the instrument Vector does not need a local analgesic. Introduced anesthesia only in cases of severe pathology, when a person is difficult to chew and painful to talk.
During brushing with a fine suspension of all exposed elements of the fillings smoothed out, and the damaged areas of okolozemnoi tissue is gently eliminated.

This confirms the fact that hardware therapy is an excellent way for relief of symptoms of parodonta, as well as to eliminate the causes of its development, because after the procedure decreases the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the periodontal tissue. But the fabric itself is starting to recover.

In combination with a device are available with different attachments. They are able to clean the surface of the tooth or in difficult to access areas. The effect of ultrasound is not directed directly into the periodontal or tooth, and mediated through a liquid medium. Direct contact with tooth tissues is not observed, then about the destruction of enamel and damage the gums and speech can not be.

Used fine suspension contains the elements calcium and fluorine. They have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity to various stimuli after the treatment manipulation. The duration of therapy is determined taking into account the places where the inflammation and can be achieved from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The postoperative period

When the periodontal treatment with the Vector is finished, then comes the recovery period, which suggests a visit to the dentist for 2-3 weeks. If completely overcome inflammation does not work, re-cleaning of the oral cavity.

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After a few months, the doctor assesses the patient’s oral cavity to detect pathological changes in the structure of the periodontium. The evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy and assigned to prevention.

The treatment Vector is the ability to stop the progression of periodontitis, because the special composition disperse suspension makes the tooth enamel and periodontal stronger, reduces fragility of the teeth, inhibits the formation of deposits on the teeth.

In conjunction with this to protect the oral cavity against the formation of inflammation in the periodontal tissue can professional cleaning. To cope with this task is the system Vector. It gently and painlessly removes Tartar and bacterial plaque, making tooth enamel smooth and clean.

Finely dispersed suspension, activates the regenerative process in the dental tissues and periodontium that leads to a decrease in sensitivity of enamel to thermal stimuli. The oral device of the Vector in the prevention is performed every 6 months.

Video: treatment of gum diseases unit Vector.


To process one(!) tooth a unit Vector in the dental clinic must pay 650 rubles. That is, processing of all teeth will cost approximately: up to 20800 18200 (28-32 teeth).

It is 6.5 times more expensive than when cleaning with ultrasonic scalers that use classic. The price is unreasonably high, however, this is a fairly new technology and perhaps the cost of the procedures will be less.


Elena, 43 years

I was very nervous prior to the manipulation, but all the excitement was in vain. Pain during cleaning was absent, although it was sometimes sensitive and unpleasant. All that was required of me was just lying with his mouth open. The procedure lasted 40 minutes. Then I looked at the gums and teeth that were perfectly healthy and clean. The doctor warned me that during the day I haven’t had any solid food. In the morning the condition of the gums returned to normal, they no longer bleed. A month passed, but no pathological changes I noticed. Thanks to the unit Vector I feel much more confident, no unpleasant smell and bleeding.

Igor, 36 years

Before how to treat gum unit Vector, I visited several clinics. There I was offered is expensive and not very effective procedures. Then she came to the clinic, which provides services for hardware cleaning Vector. In addition, the doctor advised me against surgery, which I was offered in other clinics. The only thing I did not like is the duration of the procedure. In my case it left 2 hours. But the result I was 100% satisfied. I completed the cleaning of gums and teeth, and removed the stones. The amazing thing is that everything went smoothly. The next day the condition of the gums is normal as fast as my personal.