The white dot on the gums in infants: what is it (photos)

The baby in the first months of his life, mostly eating and sleeping. And if suddenly there was a white dot on the gums of infants, the mother immediately begins to panic and put me on my feet. And does the right thing, because any education in the mouth of the baby may bring him discomfort. As a result, the child has no appetite, he cries and preverences. These white dots on the gums of the child are not always considered as the beginning of the disease, however nice to determine the cause of this problem.

Moving white dots on gums baby

When identified, the most important to remain calm, carefully inspect the baby’s mouth. Note that often white spots on the gums in infants may be the remnants of the breast milk which the baby is fed initially. They will not cause the baby any damage.

In the case when this is not the usual white residue from the milk, it is possible to suspect the following diseases and States:

  1. Nodules Bona.
  2. Neonatal teeth.
  3. Catarrhal stomatitis or Candida.
  4. Shortage of calcium in the body of the newborn.
  5. Periodontitis — acute inflammatory flow in the periodontal tissues. Is accompanied by redness, hyperthermia, pain, bleeding, often with the appearance of purulent formations.
  6. Lipoma — a noncancerous tumor that developed from fat. It is harmless for infants, but the increase in volume is possible difficulty eating. In this case, the dentist advises the removal.
  7. Malignant tumor — a cancerous cyst. Threatened with death, if not keep up with the treatment.

In addition, many white spots on the gums of the baby may be due to tumors, immunodeficiency, diabetes mellitus and other diseases, although such variations are observed relatively infrequently. To determine the cause of the condition, you must consult the pediatrician.

The nodules have a bona infants

Most often the formation on the gums of a newborn are nodules bona. They do not cause any discomfort, and after a certain time disappear.

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Not to be confused with the nodules bona pearl Epstein, although both spots are similar in appearance. Education of the second type, observed on the sky, it is absolutely harmless and disappear on their own after a certain time.

Manifestations of stomatitis

Due to stomatitis in baby possible the appearance of white spots on the gums. This pathology is very frequent episode, although the newborn is almost no contact with anyone, except parents, family and their favorite toys.

Catarrhal stomatitis affects the child’s body often due to a simple lack of hygiene. The ingress of bacteria into the oral cavity occurs in conjunction with contaminated toys, poorly washed bottles and teats are not well treated mammary glands of the mother.

Young children often infect stomatitis adults themselves. Initially, the baby can be infected with disease at the time of birth, when it passes through the birth canal of the mother being a carrier of the fungal microorganism that is a yeast infection. But any other adult can infect the baby, for example, when first take the nipple in his mouth, and then give her child.

The fungus Candida appears when the immune system is weak, often during illness of the child or in the moment when he’s teething. In addition, the development of stomatitis is possible with the use of antibiotics by the child and mother (if she feeds her child the breast).

Dots of white on the gums can be due to lack of calcium. This occurs due to insufficient nutrition of mother’s milk due to poor diet nursing or by presence at it bad habits.

Neonatal teeth

The baby teeth begin to erupt around age 6 months, but sometimes this process can be observed before. Often it becomes the cause of white spots. These teeth are called neonatal.

In the case when a baby is born with teeth, which is rare, these bone elements are referred to as Natal. They have weak enamel, very fast and intense start to collapse. In the cases where the bite of a baby is not deformed, such teeth are not removed, although dentists usually highly recommended to get rid of them.

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How to treat white spots in infants

In the case when a child is naughty and he has a great appetite, likely the cause of the points is in the lack of calcium. A nursing mother is obliged to reconsider its daily menu and to abandon bad habits.

When diagnosed with stomatitis in an infant, therapy may be appropriate. It includes the following activities:

  1. Necessarily after the meal the child needs to give 1 tsp of boiled water. This procedure will cleanse the oral cavity of the baby from the remnants of a meal.
  2. Definitely need to wash the Breasts before each feeding, which eliminate all the germs that may be on the skin. At the end of the feeding invariably you should handle breast soda solution: 1 Cup water is required add 1 tsp. of powder of sodium bicarbonate.
  3. Many nursing moms also recommend a different solution for washing the breast. It is prepared in this way: 1 tsp of honey diluted with 2 tbsp water boiled.
  4. When diagnosed with stomatitis, the treatment should occur with medications and harmless for your baby antiviral medicines. Most young mothers recommend the drug Candida. Although it is not a very pleasant taste, but quickly cure the child from Teva. Treatment follows the same pattern as with soda.
  5. A deficiency of vitamins should be mandatory to compensate. To do this, you should consult your child’s physician to clarify the list of products that are able to compensate for the lack of necessary substances.

In any case, in case the baby gums white spots is required immediately go to the doctor. It will determine the real cause of the disease and will announce the effective plan of action.

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How to avoid illness

To white spots on the gums in infants does not arise, you want to constantly maintain a clean baby toys and their mammary glands. It is prohibited to give the child drinks with sugar because the fungus Candida is very actively multiplies in a sweet environment. When one of the family members or friends has a disease such as herpes, you need to protect it from communication with the child since this infection could be the impetus for the development of stomatitis.

Nutrition of child and mother (in the case of feeding the baby’s chest) must be complete. When a sufficient amount necessary for the body trace elements and vitamins the immune system working more actively, preventing the development of pathology in the oral cavity.

It is necessary to exclude from use child those things he can injure. You want to use only pure personal and kitchenware. You need to thoroughly clean bottles, cups, plates, spoons after each use and regularly sanitize them by boiling in the soda solution. You must protect the child from unnecessary contact. And most importantly — time to visit a specialist who will notice the presence of a white plaque in the oral cavity in case of its occurrence.