The wisdom tooth grows (climbs) and sore gums: what to do?

Everyone can encounter the unpleasant sensations that accompany the process when the wisdom tooth grows (climbs) and sore gums. What to do in such a case, and how to help themselves, because toothache brings a lot of trouble.

Strictly a certain age does not exist when the eighth tooth will begin to erupt, with the same probability can be expected at the age of 15 and 35. One thing unites them: the eruption usually runs hard, pain in the gums, it continues to process more than one day.

Third molars (numbers of teeth) are rudimentary organs of the human body. This means that they are not even the rudiments in the course of the evolutionary process has partially lost its functional purpose.


When climbing this late tooth, pain occurs in the surrounding tissues, although one gets the impression that it is concerned about it. Pronounced pain syndrome, the direct cause is a tooth, it happens when, while still deep in the gums, on its surface there is a carious process that flows smoothly into the pulpit.

Why the eruption of the «wise» of the teeth is accompanied by pain:

  • incorrect position of the growing tooth crown can be turned in the direction of the adjacent seventh tooth, or in the direction of the angle of the jaw. Sometimes found inverted – when the roots facing upward, or sideways;
  • shortage of space – the «eight» not enough space to get out, which it pushes its neighbor;
  • inflammatory phenomena in the mucous formed a pocket over the problem tooth becomes clogged with food, which leads to suppuration and throbbing pain;
  • infection – when available rotten or shaky teeth, pathogenic microflora penetrates the gums and infect injured due to the eruption of the tissue;
  • caries and its complications – because of the slow process of moving the tooth out, it may have a carious cavity.

Mucosa and soft tissue of the gum above the tooth penetrate typically have a greater thickness, so «eight» is difficult to lead the way out. This is the most common cause of discomfort.


Manifested difficulty eruption of wisdom teeth is usually five signs of inflammation:

  1. Pain syndrome that occurs in the region of the problem tooth or radiating to the corresponding half of the jaw or even face.
  2. Swelling of the soft tissues.
  3. Local redness of the mucous membrane.
  4. Difficulty opening the mouth or eating.
  5. Hyperthermia both local and whole body.
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In addition to the above, there are other symptoms, which manifest themselves in certain cases.

  1. The location of the tooth horizontally or to the side leads to the fact that it pushes the adjacent «seven». Such directed action promotes the formation of root caries or caries in the cervical region is the seventh tooth, which leads to the sensation of pain in it.
  2. If extensive swelling is sometimes sore gums and throat, causing suspicion of the development of odontogenic tonsillitis. Severe swelling may prevent full opening of the mouth and also cause discomfort while eating.

Video: more details about the eruption of wisdom teeth.

How dangerous is wisdom teeth

Atypical location of the «eight» carries the risk of complications not only in the oral cavity, it also represents a potential threat to the organism as a whole.

  • suppurative complications – long accumulation of purulent infiltration, which has no outlet, melts soft tissue, paving the way for removal. Neck and maxillofacial region have a lot of loose fiber that contributes to the spread of infection from the head down. This leads to the occurrence of phlegmons and abscesses, and in the most advanced cases, pus may spread into the mediastinum, which poses a grave threat to life;
  • pathology bite — is a wisdom tooth that is growing incorrectly, often causes displacement of teeth. Since «eight» has strong roots, it presses on the front facing teeth, moving them forward to clear a place;
  • injury – in the upper jaw «wise» tooth cut usually in the buccal side. It becomes a constant source of chronic injuries to the cheeks of her prikazivanja;
  • ulcers – on the basis of previous complications, frequent clamping of the mucous membrane between the teeth leads to its poyavleniyu. Such microtrauma long to heal, because at every meal, and sometimes in conversation, there is an additional traumatic effect;
  • General intoxication – long-term eruption occurs the increase of temperature, weakness and deterioration;
  • abscess – purulent inflammation of the gums moves to the periosteum. Because of the awkward access to the wisdom tooth, it is difficult to give pus outflow.
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To prevent the development of complications, a visit to the dentist should happen as soon as possible for 1-2 days after the occurrence of pain. The doctor will examine your mouth and decide the fate of the troubled tooth.


What to do if growing a wisdom tooth and sore gums

When cut the eight a hope you can solve the problem at home, to relieve the pain with medicines or traditional ways. Dentists are not against the pain and rinsing the mouth, but only if all these procedures are conducted after a medical examination and assignments.

For the treatment of difficult eruption of wisdom teeth, there are several options:

  1. Drugs that relieve pain and inflammatory symptoms.
  2. Surgery.
  3. The methods of traditional medicine.

In many cases, the combination of all of the options brings deliverance from the problem.


There are medicines that can be taken to eliminate the pain without medical prescription. However, one should not pin high hopes on them, because painkillers only reduce pain, but do not affect the source of the disease.

For a comprehensive fight against inflammation and infection, the following groups of drugs:

  • anti-inflammatory – lessen the manifestation of puffiness, reduce the temperature effect on the pain receptors. This includes: Ibuprofen, Ketorolac, Paracetamol;
  • painkillers help to numb and reduce sensitivity. Use of Dipyrone, as well as conduct of an application with local anesthetics;
  • antiseptics – act on pathogens. For rinsing, use a solution of Chlorhexidine or Miramistin.

At home

The easiest way to reduce the pain and swelling is to apply cold to the cheek.

To relieve a painful condition in the home allow traditional methods. Recipes for medicinal herbal teas and infusions known for a long time, but still good for many diseases.

  • sage broth – for cooking pour in a thermos for 8-10 g of powdered herbal 450-500 ml of boiling water. When the liquid rises, rinse your mouth 4-5 times per day;
  • broth of turnip – chopped root is placed in a dish with boiling water and boil for 10-15 minutes. After cooling is used as mouth bath or rinsing;
  • oak bark – known as a tool that has astringent, antiseptic and analgesic properties. Half a litre of boiling water to take 30 grams of oak bark, in a container of broth, you can add chamomile flowers or the herb sage. Rinse the mouth 3-4 times a day;
  • soda rinse – diluted teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water is a good remedy for a mouth wash. Apply as needed.
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The unceasing pain causes a person to go to the doctor to remove the tooth. In many cases, can not do without the help of a dental surgeon, although this does not mean that the case will end in removal. There are several options of surgical intervention:

  • pericoronaritis – mucous dissection of the hood. Shown in the cases, when the eighth tooth located in the tooth row straight, which is confirmed by x-ray. Due to the large thickness of the gums, the tooth cannot erupt, so the doctor performs a small incision, freeing the way for him;
  • pericoronaritis – excision of the overhanging pocket. When one or two of the hill of wisdom teeth have already erupted, and the rest are covered with gum hood, the surgeon cleans the area to repair the place, where the accumulated remains of food;
  • tooth extraction atypical location this procedure is the right solution in this situation.

Video: keeping or removing wisdom teeth? Dentist’s advice.

Further questions

► When you climb the wisdom teeth?

Simple answer, how many years erupt wisdom teeth, is impossible, as it all depends on the particular person. Some of them appear in adolescence, are faced with this problem in adulthood, and few are lucky enough never to experience unpleasant pain due to the lack of germs of the third molars.