Tongue tumors: papilloma on the tongue, treatment

People who have appeared in the language of growths experience significant discomfort, especially during eating. This evidence is insufficient strength of the immune system, because HPV (human papilloma virus) can be in any body and for a long time does not manifest itself if the security forces do their job. Everyone needs to know why the disease can manifest itself, how is it expressed and what treatment should be shown.

Signs of HPV

The complexity of the first signs that papilloma did not immediately declares itself. The most common cause activation of the virus becomes either a sharp drop in immunity as a result of any disease or shortage of vital substances. The growths can appear not only on language but also on all oral mucosa, even in the tonsils.

Visually several types of growths:

  1. Pointed. This elongated formation of pink color, resembling a cauliflower. Often they are under the language around your veins and cause great discomfort, can be injured during the meal, the conversation, the care of the oral cavity. Treatment usually is long and complex;
  2. A flat wart. It is rounded and flattened incorporating bright colors, usually do not cause much discomfort. They do not always require the removal, in the absence of sprawl is assigned symptomatic therapy.

It is important to remember that tear these growths on their own not can cause bleeding and the formation of ulcerative lesions.

Causes of papillomas

Remember that papilloma — a manifestation of papillomavirus of the person who is in «sleep» state can be practically in any body. Particularly there are several strains of HPV: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 16th, and 18th, and their main conductors is the man himself as the bearer, as well as household objects with infectious agents.

There are also several indirect factors that affect the emergence of new entities:

  • Old age;
  • Diseases of a chronic nature, in which the patient has to take large quantities of medicine;
  • Work related health risks (hazardous industry);
  • Chronic stress;
  • Addictions — alcohol, drugs, tobacco Smoking;
  • The lack of the necessary hygiene. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of toys, as the kids are all pulling in the mouth, this could be a precipitating factor;
  • Sexual contact with a carrier of the virus (protection is not 100% guarantee it misses);
  • Any damage to the language — wounds, fractures, injuries.
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Diagnostic measures

Once you find yourself on the language growth, it is necessary to seek the assistance of the dentist, who will diagnose and make a treatment plan or may refer to another specialist if necessary. The procedure of the study is not difficult, just involves two stages:

  1. Visual inspection;
  2. Delivery analysis polymerase chain reaction — detected type of infection and the proportion of concentration at the moment.

If there is a significant concentration in the body, additionally performed histological examination to exclude malignancy education.

Characterized by localized growths

The most typical places where it formed a knot on the language the person is considered to be the lateral side on the tip of your tongue, it is also found very frequently, less often diagnosed papilloma on the lower side, is sometimes observed at the root of education. Marked by the occurrence of growths on the mucosa of the nasopharynx, but these are isolated examples.

Ultimately, the papilloma of the tongue brings not only physical but also psychological discomfort a person experiences pain during food intake, may disrupt articulation, problems arise in communicating with loved ones.

Therapeutic measures

Treatment of papilloma in the language must be highly qualified, only there are several treatment options: conservative and operative. Regarding the latter, it is not recommended to rely solely on him, so as to fight the virus folk remedies is not possible. It is recommended to strengthen immune system to help you quickly deal with the problem.

Conservative measures

If the patient has papilloma of the second type, i.e. flat, surgery is usually do not show. In this case we can recommend several ways of treatment:

  • Appointed by interferons, which are applied topically to reduce the amount of viral DNA in a particular area;
  • Apply immunostimulant antiviral drugs;
  • Well help oil solutions of vitamin A, the tumor regularly lubricated them during the entire healing period;
  • May be designated one-month course of alpha-interferon, which in simple cases is very effective.

Separately it is necessary to discuss the treatment of a pregnant woman, because in this period the body’s defenses weakened and the disease often manifests itself. Instead of the removal procedure education specialist has the right to appoint a special immune-boosting drugs, for example, Kipferon, IFN or interferon.

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Surgical removal

Such treatment is shown not always, this method is suitable for large size tumors or for those entities, the constant growth which could not be mitigated by using conservative methods. The essence of the procedure is that first excision, and then galvanocaustic (cauterization). It does not use chemicals as they can cause an inappropriate response, even lead to the degeneration of warts to malignancy.

If it was widely used excision with a scalpel, today the most commonly used radio wave method. The prerequisite area is processed analgesic solution, then you can start the procedure. It is completely painless, in addition, is easy to remove even the smallest warts. Side effects are not observed, possibly a burning sensation at the treatment site within half an hour after the operation.

Remove with the help of electric current is also effective, but has drawbacks — pain, long recovery period. Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen) allows to wither away education for 7-10 days.

People’s councils

As already mentioned, to replace professional therapy on self-medication in this disease is impossible, otherwise there are direct risks to human health and human life. While traditional methods can be part of a treatment plan drawn up by the specialist.
As one of the effective products that can treat warts, apply potato. Take into service a few recipes:

  1. Rinse potato juice. It is necessary to take fruits with red peel, rinse mouth with liquid for two months every day;
  2. The tincture made from the shoots of the potato (vodka). The region damaged by warts, lubricated with the composition until the cessation of pain.

Also among the popular methods of virus tincture of Echinacea, rose hips, decoctions of various herbs (nettle, plantain, horsetail, dandelion root, Melissa). These funds are not curative, but preventive, and can therefore be used only in conjunction with therapy assigned to a technician.

Vaccination against human papilloma virus

Definitely vaccinated against HPV experts do not recommend, because as with any vaccine, it has its side effects and contraindications. We must understand that drugs do not cure, only reduce symptoms of the virus. To date, use of the vaccine «Gardasil» and «Cervarix» with special organic substances that are designed to stimulate the body’s production of antibodies to fight the disease.
Thus to carry out such vaccination can be up to 26 years of age when she needs to have the greatest effect, the validity is 8 years. Meanwhile, a large number of patients have recently started to make vaccinations because of the opinion that it could not defend, but rather to provoke the development of the disease. However, any information about medical research on this issue is not given.
The contraindications for vaccination:

  1. Bleeding gums, some other dental problems;
  2. Pregnancy, lactation;
  3. Taking certain medicines.
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If after procedure you experience weakness, dizziness, severe headache, swelling, a rash, immediately call an ambulance

Preventive measures

Not everyone is aware, if he has the body of HPV and some of the recommendations should help to avoid illness and infection loved ones. Of particular importance is the observance of rules of hygiene:

  • Always use your personal towel in public places try to be careful, use disposable wipes, paper towels;
  • Keep sex life, remember that a condom does not fully protect against the virus;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after streets, before eating, after contact with animals;
  • Make food — we need more live vitamins, it is also possible to Supplement the diet drugs with minerals and trace elements;
  • Drink plenty of pure water, lead an active lifestyle, tempered.

Do not be afraid of the appearance of such growths, but also to leave everything as it is impossible. The sooner you contact a specialist, the faster and less painful will be the course of therapy.