Tooth and a new one grows

Many parents ask what to do if child’s tooth, and the new is not growing. There comes a time when the lifespan of deciduous teeth ends. Since 4 months they were little, but now he has grown up, in the future he will need a more sturdy permanent.

Why after the loss of a baby tooth, the child has not grown permanent

So how to grow baby teeth in a certain order, and their replacement occurs gradually. Moreover, the order of appearance of a new slightly different from the one in which they erupt. After the loss of a baby tooth, it takes quite some time, after which it should grow a small piece of permanent, which is very quickly put it fully takes place.

But sometimes a situation arises when they fall out baby teeth, and new ones do not grow. One week passes, two, three. Molar at the designated place is not growing. Parents start to worry about the baby not growing front teeth.

Why not grown permanent teeth? First and foremost it should be noted that it is not always this state of Affairs is a pathology. For example, the molars need a little more time in order to substitute for dairy. In some cases, this process may take 1 or 2 months. Do not grow molars immediately after the fall of dairy for various reasons. Milk teeth in rare cases can be found in adults, and doctors immediately discover it because milk is very different in form from the constant.

Most often the reason that the permanent tooth after the loss of milk did not appear at all, is the absence of permanent teeth germs. To detect this pathology, it is enough to make a picture. Children due to the fact that their jaw and dentition is forming, put braces, thus eliminating the shortage.

Dental implantation is carried out in adulthood (approximately 18 years), when bone formation is already finished. If there are no rudiments of posterior teeth, it is impossible to fix in any other way as prosthetics, since they are laid in utero and affect this process almost impossible. The only teeth, education and Foundation which is already almost in adulthood, are eighth. Usually, their rudiments appear in the age of 14.

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To the doctor with a problem of absence of permanent teeth need to apply if:

  • it’s been more than 3 months after the loss of baby tooth and permanent and did not appear;
  • the gums in this place becomes red and swollen.

Sometimes the gum can in this place to turn black, this means that the tooth cannot erupt, but the gums accumulated blood. Usually this question is solved very simply, a surgeon opens the gum, gives the flow of blood. Soon there himself, the teeth could not erupt through the gum.

Of particular concern for parents should call the situation, when milk teeth fall out on stage in due term, but in their place there is not one permanent tooth.

The reasons for these deviations, some, first and foremost medical experts say childhood rickets. Another reason that permanent teeth haven’t erupted in time, become an infectious disease that can affect proper development of the dental germs. In case of serious injuries of the jaw can disrupt the order of appearance of permanent teeth.

Sometimes improper treatment may cause the baby tooth for a long time does not fall, and in its place appears permanent. Since calcium is necessary for the formation of dental tissues, its deficiency in the body leads to problems with teething, so the food gets to the child is important.

In severe cases, tooth decay milk can pass on the germ of the permanent. As a result, it will not be long to germinate or appear defective. These teeth very often grow incorrectly, breaking the tooth row, the rest have to adjust for them.

Mechanical trauma to the jaw may cause the position of the embryo varies and he is being «hammered» in the gums and the periosteum. If the operation on elimination of this disease is in time, it grows in the fullness of time and in the right place. To perform the surgery immediately after the injury or in the near future.

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Among other, not directly related to the child’s health reasons, doctors call:

  • the deterioration of the environment;
  • eating harmful to the health and development of the body products;
  • frequent stress.

It is interesting that eating certain kinds of food can also affect cutting. If the jaws of the child to organize a «greenhouse life», that is to offer him food only in the form of pastes and puree, then the process of eruption can be significantly slowed down. The reason for this low load on the jaw, the permanent teeth are unclaimed and are cut immediately. Therefore, the child should receive mandatory food both soft and hard.

What to do when permanent teeth don’t grow

The actions of the physician after the treatment of the patient with this problem is to establish the reasons for which the permanent incisors have not appeared in the established term. It does this by assigning an x-ray of the jaw and are given referrals for testing. If the child stomatologichesky healthy, and the delay was infectious diseases, the main treatment is to strengthen immunity. After everything is back to normal, the body itself cope with the problem. And milk teeth, though with delay, but will be replaced by permanent.

The average recovery time is 6 months. Parents should reassure the child and to be patient, as stress may be an additional cause of delay of growth of the dentition. If the baby milk teeth fell out, and the root has not grown for a long time there is no permanent canines, the parents should take the child to the doctor.

On x-ray immediately visible tooth germ or revealed their absence. After examining him, the doctor can name the approximate period of appearance of permanent. In some cases the time made the examination may be given a chance to quickly troubleshoot problems. Therefore, if the doctor speaks of the necessity of the picture, can not abandon him, no matter how serious, according to parents, the reasons were not.

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Parents also need to help the child. First and foremost, to provide proper nutrition in full accordance with the age and needs of the body. Well, if they turn to the pediatrician and ask for a good vitamin complex. It should, in addition to vitamins, include minerals, then the effect of course is significant, it can disappear many of the problems associated with the growth and formation of organs and tissues.

To what doctor it is necessary to apply

If milk teeth have fallen out, and the constant does not grow, then the problem is more serious metabolic disorders. In this case, you must contact your pediatrician to conduct a comprehensive study of the child, as teething problems are only part of the iceberg, all the rest is hidden from view.

In this case, you may need long-term treatment. Particularly attentive to the process of emergence of permanent teeth must be parents of children who are diagnosed with diabetes. This disease is often accompanied by metabolic disorders that affects children.


In severe cases, your doctor may suggest to undergo treatment in the hospital, but most often, the child just observed the doctors (a pediatrician and a dentist). When you need a little patient to send to the orthodontist, who deals with the correction of the dentition and solves problems with the installation of the braces.

The most important thing for parents when having trouble with teeth is not to panic and time to seek help from doctors.