Tooth extraction during pregnancy: is it possible to remove teeth pregnant

Can you remove teeth from women during pregnancy? Surgery — unpleasant manipulation. In addition to the emotional stress associated with the upcoming procedure, a woman experiencing very real fear for the life and health of your baby. The young future moms have questions:

  1. Is it possible to pull out teeth during pregnancy?
  2. Is it safe application of dental anesthetics?
  3. In what trimester waiting for the crumbs it is best to conduct a medical intervention?
  4. Is it possible to stop the procedure and postpone it until after the birth?

The article describes the answers to the questions, recommendations and advice.

Cases when it is necessary to remove

Gynecologists and obstetricians recommend that women who are in the planning stage of the crumbs to treat disease of the oral cavity. Caries, diseases of the gums, inflammation of mucous membrane, accompanied by pain, which hampered livelihood and are the source of infection.

Some girls think diseases of the oral cavity are minor and do not turn to the dentist before the advent of very dangerous symptoms. The pain very rarely appears at the beginning of the development of pathologies. Most often it’s preceded by:

  • Increased sensitivity of the enamel;
  • The Browning of the tissues;
  • The appearance of white spots;
  • Bad breath;
  • Bleeding;
  • A dark patina;
  • Increase salivation;
  • Breakaway piece of a dental unit;
  • Swelling, swelling of tissues;
  • Erosion, ulceration of the gums.

These unpleasant symptoms may indicate incipient pathology of the oral cavity. Having had one of them, do not waste time contact the medical center to the dentist. It is not necessary to attempt to eliminate the disease and to apply questionable treatment. Special attention to their health should pay young women wishing shortly to become mothers. Timely assessment and treatment reduces the likelihood of pathologies and their complications.

There are certain situations in which surgical intervention is necessary. Women expecting a baby, the manipulation is carried out in extreme cases, when emergency required.

To remove the tooth in a pregnant woman need if:

  1. He completely destroyed by carious process, there is no way to treat and preserve the roots.
  2. The roots formed granulomas, treatment does not give results.
  3. No way to treat eight, in connection with its improper location.
  4. The roots of the unit severely injured after a mechanical impact.
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If you want to pull out a tooth during pregnancy, dentists give the patient special attention. In this case, choose a safe anesthetic, gently hold the shot, wait for the action of the drug, perform surgical procedures. The removal of the complex are considered the most dangerous. They may require a long time of operation, cut the root system of units, the use of additional interventions. Extirpation of impacted eights under expectations of the crumbs is highly undesirable. Besides the fact that the procedure is painful and lengthy in most cases, it required taking strong painkillers and antibiotics, which are prohibited to consume during pregnancy.

Unpleasant procedure — the inevitable. How to prepare for and cope

Surgical manipulation is accompanied by the injection of local anesthesia. The range of dentists are strong, safe, fast-acting anesthetics. It is not necessary to resort to treatment and surgical procedures in the 1st trimester of pregnancy because of the risk of development of improve the tone of the uterus and the occurrence of miscarriage. Despite the fact that anesthetics are minimally absorbed into the bloodstream and do not affect the development of the embryo, their application trying to use in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy only in cases of extreme necessity.

Is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy in the last weeks of waiting for a baby?
In term 3, starting from 34 weeks, the baby is fully formed, it continues the rapid growth and development. Surgical procedures, future moms, take it especially hard. They have disturbed sleep and appetite. The intervention, conducted at the final stage of gestation may cause premature contractions that will end the birth of premature and weak baby.

Interesting information! If during pregnancy, needs to be treated or a tooth pulled, the best time is the second trimester. If necessary dental care is provided to young women at any period of gestation, however, in these cases the increased risk of adverse complications.

Can pregnant women to remove the tooth?
Yes, this is possible. Thanks to the skill of the surgeon and the anesthetic, the procedure will be quick and painless. Reduce emotional stress before the upcoming procedure you can use:

  • Preliminary dialogue with the therapist. If you cannot turn to full-time specialist, get help from a virtual Advisor online.
  • Self prosperous attitude. Going to the dentist, be convinced of the need for medical intervention. Remember, the source of the infection in the mouth will bring the pain, break mood, can harm the health of the baby.
  • The adoption of sedatives may, after consultation with the obstetrician — gynecologist. Drugs of choice are: Valerian, Motherwort. Future mummies are allowed tools in the form of tablets, alcohol free.
  • For tooth removal pregnant often come with family and friends. Much easier to go through the procedure if the woman knows what’s next in the hallway at the door waiting dear person who loved her very much. In some private clinics maintainer is allowed in the office together. As a result of emotional mood of the patient improves, anxiety is reduced, the procedure is painless and quick.
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The right of action after surgery

Tooth during pregnancy torn, a terrible procedure left behind. But do not forget about the dentist:

  1. After hysterectomy keep gauze in place the time specified by the doctor;
  2. Does not need rinsing. They can wash the formed protective clot and lead to the development of inflammatory processes;
  3. Do not forget about the hygienic procedures. In order to reduce the risk of injury to the gums get a brush with soft bristles;
  4. If necessary, on the recommendation of a dentist take antibiotics. Before their appointment, inform the doctor about the exact duration of pregnancy, for the selection of safe and effective remedies;
  5. Avoid contact of tongue and food with a hole;
  6. Be sure to attend the additional examination, after the medical intervention. Tooth extraction during pregnancy requires the doctor and patient special care!

After the injection of anesthetic, there comes a numbness of the jaw. The effects can last from 20 to 60 minutes. This is enough time to realize painless manipulation. The woman feels only emotional experience and hears the unpleasant sound of the doctor. Feel pain it should not.

Can pregnant women pull teeth? Surgical procedures are considered to be quite dangerous at any stage of pregnancy. However, if necessary, they can be carried out. Before beginning the procedure, performed with local anesthesia safe drug.

If you need to pull single-rooted tooth, provided that the experience of the dental surgeon, manipulation takes only a few seconds. To rip a tooth that has multiple roots, it is much harder. Depending on the destruction of the unit, its location, procedure time can vary from several minutes to an hour. Extirpation of impacted eights takes a very long time, is women expecting a child is strictly indicated.

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Tooth extraction during pregnancy. What to do if you experience pain after the procedure? Almost always, after the expiration of the anesthetic, there is pain at the site of surgery. What to do in this case?

Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drugs have:

  • The paracetamol. Despite the fact that the drug is safe, it must be applied with caution. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the dosage. In this case, there is a risk of hepatic pathologies in women, disorders of fetal development.
  • Nurofen appropriate dose.


Do not get involved with pain medication. If in 3 days after medical intervention the pain persists, go immediately to the doctor. It is necessary to exclude the occurrence of the inflammatory process, the remainder of the particles or fragments of the root in the hole. If necessary, the dentist will conduct treatment place removal, prescribe permitted antibacterial drug.

A pregnant woman is responsible for the life and health of their precious crumbs. It should treat your body very carefully. Keep a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, follow hygiene recommendations, rationally eat, take your vitamins. To reduce the risk of complications and diseases pass timely preventive examinations. Remember that you determine your child’s future.