Tooth powder: how to use

Tooth powder appeared very long ago, however, his first model only vaguely resembled the modern one, which was used for cleaning teeth a dozen years ago. Full composition, with the was able to perform the duties assigned to it were only established in the late 18th century. Until the pasta powder for teeth was the only means for hygiene of the oral cavity. Currently, such substances are almost not in demand.

The composition of tooth powder

Only a small part of people prefer to use this tool, so the industry continues to produce this kind of products, but in much smaller quantities. It is believed that toothpaste more convenient to store. It is impossible to sleep, whereas with tooth powder need to be handled very carefully. Pasta is much easier to apply on the brush than the grains of powder. Applying early is helpful for the oral cavity, whereas people are afraid to use the powder for fear of damaging tooth enamel. Is this statement true or is it another misconception that is spreading because of lack of awareness?

How to brush your teeth with powder? This tool has advantages and disadvantages, but such it is to be found in the study toothpaste. The basis of any product is chalk. People think that this is the same material that is often found in nature. Some time ago it was. Much chalk was ground and became a part of the drug.

The basis of all modern powders are lies artificially produced substance that has only a distant resemblance to the natural element. The particles of this powder are so small that it does not cause any harm to the enamel. Radically different, and their structure. The shape of the particles can be:

  • prismatic;
  • spherical;
  • diamond.

Tooth powder has a very complex composition. It cleans and whitens the tooth enamel. The Foundation funds represent chemically precipitated chalk, which added:

  • calcium carbonate,
  • oxides of aluminium and iron,
  • magnesium carbonate,
  • the silicon dioxide.

Moreover, the precipitated chalk is given 99% of the total. The remaining components account for only 1%. Additionally, the structure introduced a variety of supplements. This fragrance, giving the powder a certain smell and taste, and substances that have a certain therapeutic effect.

How useful powder for teeth

In addition to scouring powder, which may be bleaching, it is found product with medicinal properties. For example, in the composition of tooth powder may include:

  1. sea salt,
  2. dry clay,
  3. chopped dried herbs,
  4. soda,
  5. essential oil and different minerals.
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We can say that modern powders are not only a means of hygiene, but quite effective remedy.

People know that there is whitening toothpaste, but not everyone knows that there is a powder that has similar properties. A similar effect it owes its particles. If to speak about the practical benefits of this tool, one can point to better clean the teeth from food debris. Bleaching powder is able to remove dental plaque during initial stages of their formation.

Their destruction occurs due to the polishing by the particle tools. This causes teeth whitening and spots removal. The powder is able to resist the development of gingivitis and helps strengthen gums. If it contains a composition of calcium and natural clay, he is able to strengthen the enamel.

If you intend to use a tooth powder, about the benefits and harms I would like to know more. It must be remembered that the product is not in all cases safe. Although the people who used it constantly, respond to the drug positively, and believe that it is very useful.

To achieve the healing effect it is necessary to do the therapeutic application of powder. After teeth are brushed, the inflamed areas apply the paste, which is a slightly watered-drug. Leave it on the painful areas for a short time. To carry out such procedures must at least periodically, but not too often and only when absolutely necessary. Such treatment cannot be a substitute for the official, recommended by periodontist.

If you regularly use this hygienic product can be installed in the cavity of the mouth’s natural acid-alkaline balance. Such effect is possible thanks to the presence of certain components. Removing increased acidity, the drug has a positive effect on soft tissue and does not develop pathogenic bacteria. The basis of such effects is the prevention of tooth decay, tooth powder.

How to use tooth powder

How to brush your teeth with tooth powder and only knows a small part of the population. In order to efficiently conduct the procedure, it is necessary to sufficiently moisten the brush and not drop it into a container of medication, as do people. Right to use a special container, in which slept the required amount of powder and water is added. As a result of these actions should get a PAP. It is applied on the toothbrush and it is teeth brushing.

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Tooth powder you can use 1 every 3 days. After him, the oral cavity need rinsing more thoroughly than after the pasta. This must be done in order to completely remove the remains of tools, food, and taken with the teeth deposits.

It must be remembered that for the procedure you cannot use the tool with stiff bristles. On the brush you want to apply, are marked «Soft».

You also cannot brush your teeth longer than necessary time. The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes. Best if cleaning will initially be conducted using this tool, and then using a non-abrasive paste.

The advantages and disadvantages of tooth powder

Despite all the positive sides of using the drug, there are some negative aspects. In the first place it is noted, though minimal, but still persistent abrasiveness, which is impossible to completely remove, even significantly reducing the particle size of the funds. People with hypersensitivity or enamel defects most often can’t brush my teeth with preparation, as this process brings unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations. This happens when too thin the layer of enamel.

Many consumers do not like boxes, which produced the cleaning product. Usual packing is circular in shape and closes very tightly, as the powder, in contrast to the toothpaste, may fall apart. Moreover, when injected into a box of water, he turns into clumps, that are not recommended. In such matter can settle bacteria, and then instead use it to cause harm.

To introduce this tool of healing supplements is also quite difficult, therefore, to buy tooth powder, which has a medicinal effect, rare. Due to the rather complicated and expensive production process, most enterprises do not think it possible to produce this type of product. Buy tooth powder, which contains bleaching properties, is much easier than treatment.

In any case, each person makes his choice based on their preferences. As for professionals, most of them are supporters of the toothpaste. The tube and always will be the banks, besides, he allows to squeeze out on your toothbrush certain quantity of pasta and that means consumption will be more economical.

In the case of tooth powder, it is impossible. It is impossible to predict what amount of funds will stick to the brush. When you use the powder too high a risk of getting bacteria in the jar, if you apply the same toothpaste this possibility is minimized. In addition, the latter capable of foaming. Powder such a property is not.

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The only parameter that toothpaste will always give the dentist the powder is a higher performance cleaning. Pasta is not able so efficiently to remove plaque, stones, and whiten teeth. Most of these substances are designed for everyday use as tooth powder or normal whitening can be applied under certain conditions. It is recommended to use without much harm to the teeth about three times a week.

Order the drug was most effective and its application is justified, it is necessary to observe some rules. First and foremost, they relate to conditions of storage means. If they do not comply, the product will lose its beneficial properties. The drug should not be kept in available sunlight. It is necessary during storage to maintain a certain temperature.

Thus, the value must be between 0…+25°C. product should be protected from water. This means that it needs to be in the room with a certain level of humidity. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should not exceed 70%. Before you purchase the vehicle, seek advice from a dentist, as not every hygienic product suitable for use to anyone. Only a dentist may choose a hygienic product based on the characteristics of the oral cavity of the patient and condition of his teeth.

How to use tooth powder correctly, can tell a dentist. First he points to the quality of enamel, which affects the ability to use the tools. Then determine the presence or absence of disease, which may be an obstacle to using tooth powder.