Tooth whitening system Opalescence: manual, reviews, price

White smile became a sign of beauty, health and even success. Tooth whitening system Opalescence (manual, reviews, price — more about that in the article) is suitable for gentle lightening of enamel and can be used even at home.

What you need to know about this method and how it is so different from others?

Opalescence — what is this technology? The principle of operation

Transparent gel with prolonged exposure to Opalescence was developed not so long ago. In our country its popularity is just beginning to increase, whereas in the US company Ultradent is the leader in the production of the means of whitening enamel. Bleach packaged in small (up to 2.5 g) syringes in which conveniently complete an individual or ready-made mouth guard.

The principle of operation is based on the fact that the composition of a special activator that provokes the breakdown of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen. When interacting with matter there is an active secretion of oxygen molecules. This chemical element comes into contact with proteins, which are darkened areas of the teeth, destroying them. Trauma to enamel when this happens, only a discolored area the pigment.

Perhaps lightening up to 10 shades, but it depends on individual reactions to the gel, duration of use, the type of whitening system and other factors.

The duration of effect depends on the method of enamel brightening is both about methods and features, we describe in detail below. An important role plays the degree of concentration of the gel, because the higher it is, the longer the result. It lasts on average 1-3 years.

If the procedure was gentle or made at home, the lower the threshold is six months, and the top — 2 years. Much depends on the mode of care for the oral cavity, bad habits, and dietary habits.

Whitening technology is as follows:

  • sanitation, treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, getting rid of Tartar;
  • applying a protective layer on the mucosa to prevent irritation;
  • preparation of the solution, its mixing with the activator;
  • applying it to the teeth;
  • the distribution of brush means on crowns;
  • removing the bleaching composition by using dental cleaner;
  • rinsing and washing the teeth with water in conjunction with a vacuum apparatus.

If system was chosen Opalescence for at-home use, the sequence is somewhat different: the gel is applied to the tray and the patient wears on their teeth. They need to keep from an hour to 10 hours, depending on the degree of sensitivity and a specific set. Install the tray only after cleansing the teeth from plaque. Orthodontic design either made at the dentist, or are included.

Before using the system Called the visit to the doctor is obligatory!

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Office whitening

This is the name of the cleaning performed in the dental office. The teeth gel is applied, and after it is exposed to a light-emitting apparatus. The process is controlled by a doctor, as the concentration of the active substance Opalescence system for professional use are very large. The effect is achieved in 1 procedure, and if the case started, 2-3 visits.

Photopolymer lamp illuminates each tooth for 30 seconds. Enamel under this influence lightens 1-2 tones. After the procedure, crowns cover fluoride varnish, which prevents the increase in sensitivity of teeth.

For clinical choose whitening gel, a suitable concentration of hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Boost PF (40% active substance). When you use not only improves the condition of the enamel, but also a prophylaxis of caries. Thanks to the formula the degree of sensitivity of the teeth below. The dentist prepares the gel by yourself in the syringe, mixing with the activator. The product is suitable for lightening part or a tooth.
  2. Xstra Boost (38%). Not only used for whitening outside, but the area inside the crown. Distributed over the surface of the gel to clean dental vacuum after 15 minutes.
  3. Endo Kit suitable for intracanal bleaching. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide of 35%.

Whitening at home

System designed for home use, has a more gentle effect, as the main component in the composition is carbamide peroxide. Variants of bleaching in this case are several:

    • Opalescence PF includes not only the active substance but also potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride, and these funds help strengthen the enamel. What is the percentage concentration of the gel? There are 3 options — 20%, 15% or 10%. Another 20% of the composition is given to water, which prevents dehydration of tooth tissue. The system is designed for people whose teeth are darkened under the influence of external factors, nutrition, harmful habits. The period of wearing the cap 7-10 hours, but it is permissible to reduce this time or to do 1-2 day break. The price tag (average) — 4300 rubles;
    • TresWhite Supreme is in composition similar to the earlier version of Opalescence gel, but are presented only at a concentration of 10% and 15%. In the first case, it is possible to choose the taste of the gel it is available in peach, mint and melon. Set with 15% gel has a mint flavor only. The main difference between the systems is ready trays that are already filled with the desired amount. The device itself is elastic, so will fit to the dentition adapts. Best option TresWhite Supreme is suitable for those who wants to update the result of professional whitening. Included are 5 pairs of cap that is worn on the teeth for more than an hour. The course lasts up to 10 days. This technique of lightening is very convenient and allows to save on the manufacture of orthodontic attachments. The average cost — 4500 roubles;
    • TresWhite Mint Orto — tech designed specifically for people wearing braces or other dental structure. Use based on hydrogen peroxide, but in very low concentration (8%). Along with lightening the effect of the disinfection of the oral cavity. As in the previous case, the kit includes a mouth guard filled with gel. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes. Price — 5500 rubles;
    • Opalescence Follow-Up Kit is also designed to maintain results after office whitening. The system is about 5 thousand rubles.
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The before and after photos

Technology features

For some methods bleaching a special lamp is required, the light which activates the effect of the gel. For Opalescence it is not necessary, which significantly accelerates the procedure as in the performance of its professional and home use.

Not less than 2 weeks after the procedure, you need to maintain a «white diet» — a diet completely eliminates any foods with dyes in the composition. The ban is imposed on the following food and drinks:

  • coffee;
  • wine;
  • juices;
  • tea;
  • soft drinks;
  • berries;
  • some vegetables (beets, carrots);
  • sauces.

After bleaching of enamel is recommended to maintain the result of good hygiene. To do this, it is recommended to change toothpaste on funds with a small number of aggressive abrasives. It must include fluoride to maintain dental health, and provide anti-inflammatory effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of Opalescence

The system of whitening a whole list of advantages:

  1. The gel has adhesive based and will not be able to flow into the oral cavity of the CVR.
  2. Accessibility.
  3. Long-lasting effect.
  4. At home use does not cause difficulties.
  5. The ability to choose the appropriate gel concentration, its design, color.
  6. Don’t need a special lamp.
  7. Is water based, and therefore prevents dryness.
  8. Prevention of dental caries.
  9. Fluoride and potassium nitrate to improve the condition of the teeth.
  10. Security.

The main drawback of the Opalescence is the need to periodically repeat the whitening. For a single application of the gel is not suitable, since the result is required to maintain. The downside is for some part, because people who are allergic to a particular component, to assess the effectiveness of the system can not.

Indications and contraindications

Opalescence has already established itself as a safe and reliable method of whitening. Indications for the procedure of cleansing the enamel are as follows:

  1. Tetracycline teeth is the name given to the crowns, which acquired a dark yellow or even brown. The color change in this case occurred under the influence of the drug tetracycline.
  2. Fluorosis — a disease when the white spots appear, indicating the high content of fluoride. This often happens if trace is full of ordinary drinking water.
  3. Enamel darkening caused by age — natural protection is being eroded, the older the person becomes. This makes the teeth more susceptible to a variety of dye substances contained in products. The same result occurs after removal of the nerve or when addiction to coffee, cigarettes.
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The procedure must be performed only to prosthetics or veneers. Best of all these activities to assign a week after cleaning — this will allow to consolidate the result.

This whitening system is considered the most secure of all, but contraindications it still has:

  • pregnancy;
  • thinned enamel;
  • Tartar;
  • sensitivity to the composition;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • lactation;
  • the presence of fillings, crowns;
  • pacemaker;
  • caries;
  • allergic to carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.

In children use for enamel brightening gel banned!

Video: home teeth whitening is Opalescence.



First, I visited the dentist. After checking the teeth was that there are no obstacles for whitening no. Instead of professional treatments selected Opalescence, as it is less harmful. The use of gel is very convenient: put it on the tray placed on the jaw and went to bed! It took me 3 syringe, but the result satisfied me. By end-use, the sensitivity became higher, so when reapplying I apply the gel with fluoride.


My course was 10 days. Terribly hard to sleep the first time with the CVR, but I didn’t like that in the morning the cleaning procedure from the gel takes a long time. Sensitivity I have remained at the same level, but the next morning the daily teeth ached! Remained to escape pain. All the result stayed a year. To repeat the experience I won’t because I’m afraid to hurt the enamel.


Carry out the procedure 2 years ago and still makes me happy! Decided on her before the wedding, since other funds are not given anything, and the extra funds for dental bleaching was not. Sensitivity I have is not increased, perhaps because I’m a little deviated from the instructions and the CVR only slept 4 hours. After bleaching I about a month supported gentle to your heart diet: ruled out any food coloring, drinks.