Toothache during pregnancy: how to get rid of

When hormonal failure mode occurs in women toothache during pregnancy. Such a process is not a pathology, it is a natural manifestation of the body. Special or exceptional situations relating to pregnant, diseases, symptoms, severe toothache occur at all. The only peculiarity lies in the changes of the female body that triggers the appearance of diseases of the oral cavity. It is important to consult a doctor when the pain, because ignoring the situation can have a negative impact on the health of women and on the fetus.

Causes of pain during pregnancy

Toothache occurs during pregnancy due to a number of factors that are associated with the hormonal changes and metabolic disorders in the body. In this regard, there is a significant lack of calcium, because it is needed by the body to form the skeleton of a child. To normalize the level of calcium recommended eat right, eat foods with calcium, to drink vitamins, assigned exclusively to the specialist. Otherwise, with a shortage of fruit calcium, it begins to pull it from the mother’s body, thereby impoverishing the body. And at this point, the teeth, hair, nails, bones begin to lose strength, causing different kinds of diseases, including those concerning the dental sector.

Another cause, when toothache occurs in pregnant women is the reduction of immunity caused by metabolic disorders. Provoked by this circumstance the adjustment of the salivary composition in the oral cavity, with a long period causes formation of pathogenic bacteria. As a result, the teeth begins to appear on the plaque, causing further bleeding of the gums, and then on the face of the unambiguous manifestation of caries. Therefore, dental treatment is necessary, and if so, then at the first symptoms or for prophylactic purposes, you must contact your dentist.

What else may cause pain

A woman’s body during pregnancy undergoes various changes, including morning sickness occurs during which greatly changes the acidity in the oral cavity, namely, it increases. Thus, there is a negative impact on healthy condition of the teeth, gums that leads to pain and need for treatment. Also, if you are pregnant can hurt your teeth that are completely healthy. So often the question arises, how can you get rid of a toothache during pregnancy, such as if the intervention of a dentist is not required. This should take drugs for medical purposes, which must be prescribed or agreed upon with the supervising physician or another specialist, to the use of tablets or the use of any aerosols did not cause harm to the mother and her future baby.

Core sore teeth during pregnancy

Diseases of the oral mucosa there are many, but if before the pregnancy the woman have not experienced them, then when carrying a child with these problems can begin. Allocated to several major diseases, when pregnancy and as a consequence toothache become inextricably bound.

  • It can be noted the usual decay caused by the conquest of the oral cavity pathogenic bacteria.
  • Also not uncommon the occurrence of inflammatory processes that occur in the area of the root portion of the tooth, which causes the formation of periodontitis.
  • Often on the background of changes in the pregnant woman’s body is inflammation and the occurrence of painful sensations in the area of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth. This indicates pulpitis which brings great discomfort in everyday life.

All diseases, without exception, require medical intervention, so if you have a toothache during pregnancy, the treatment need not be delayed, should immediately contact the doctor.

What are the natural factors are the cause of pain

Exposure to hot or cold usually causes a sharp pain of teeth. Here we can recall hot tea or ice cream, and staying outside in the winter when you have to breathe cold air. Such feelings probably had one, but the pregnancy because of their condition are more sensitive to the effect. The reason is, again, mostly due to lack of calcium in the body, the protective function of the enamel is reduced. Also, if a toothache during pregnancy as a result of contact with hot or cold sources, then is the interference of the nerve or inflammation through the penetration in the dental pulp to a stimulus. The positive aspect of the situation is this kind of exclusion of disease from the category of diseases. Therefore the issue of removal is to use a suitable paste, which in the best case for pregnant women should advise the doctor and after a detailed study and examination of the oral cavity. It happens that access to a doctor becomes overdue, even if it hurt his teeth, then toothpaste will not help. Save the enamel can only be a method of applying a special lacquer coating to replace the protective structure of the teeth.

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Prevention in order to maintain good oral hygiene

And prevention of diseases at an early stage is an effective way to combat the development of negative environment in the mouth. Pregnancy requires you to take the preventive measures. Due to the fact that the body is working for two, and secondly of the disease can prevent the development of pregnancy or lead to serious complications.

Primary methods include brushing your teeth morning and evening, flossing, mouthwashes or special cleaning brushes. In a timely manner necessary to carry out the sanitation of the oral cavity, which involves a number of activities such as treatment of teeth with caries, filling, cleaning of plaque, removing Tartar buildup, removing functions of the inflammation of the gums, etc.

The advice of traditional medicine

In each family there are means from the number of alternative medicine that will help to ease the pain. Most moves can be soda, hydrogen peroxide (1%), vegetables as well as less popular product like propolis. First, refer to the rinsing, as the primary way to relieve dental pain. Here need soda mixed with salt and water. A good way to remove the gum. The solution from the boiled beets also helps to remove painful sensations in the oral cavity. You can use rolled up cotton ball that is applied to the diseased area. In advance of it dipped in propolis, which have to melt or in solution of salt with onion juice, prepared in a proportion of 1/1. If you mix hydrogen peroxide with water, you get a good part to relieve swelling and inflammation. The most durable way of saving cooking liquid become the broth of onion peel, which, after boiling, you need about 8-10 hours to insist. Rinsing is carried out morning and evening, and the results will take place, especially if the pain is not caused by disease of the teeth and gums and is the cause of the symptoms in pregnancy. It should be noted that even traditional medicine can have a negative impact on the condition of the pregnant woman. Due to the fact that some ingredients, especially of plant origin, can be composed of elements that have a serious impact on the body. Therefore, homemade painkillers in pregnancy should be used with caution.

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Nutrition and vitamins

It is worth remembering that tooth in no matter how many times it was not considered a strong element sooner or later become vulnerable. This is due to the fact that he is constantly under the influence of certain factors. During pregnancy teeth not only are the food, drinks, but also depleted as the result of the status of the female body, which requires additional sustaining force in addition use cleaning agents to the oral cavity. It concerns proper nutrition, which should be plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You can also use special vitamin supplements which in any case can not be used without checking with your doctor. Overdose, even if the vitamins can lead to consequences that can dramatically change the course of pregnancy.

Ways to defeat pain

When a toothache during pregnancy, the question of what to do becomes very important. Due to the fact that not all casual drugs like analgin, can be used on a pregnant woman. The most common method of solving the problem is to gargle with warm boiled water, which should have a temperature, not scalding your mouth. About as warm milk for breastfeeding. The tool is simple, but can relieve pain in the acute, sudden urges. Additionally, the rinsing of this kind is absolutely safe for a pregnant woman. But to neglect the doctor’s visit can not be when the pain seek immediate help. A rinse is only a means to dull the pain, not curing. Therefore, the method is a necessity in the case of removal from the dental clinics or for any other reasons, which hinder circulation to the dentist.

What to use to eliminate the pain


Medicine in their opinions is not always straightforward, including the use of drugs. It happens that one doctor prescribes a pill and the other they negate unnecessary, although treated the same. As for painkillers for pregnant women, there is the following opinion.

  1. One of the safest is paracetamol, because he absolutely does not have any adverse effects on the baby. Also medicine can lower fever and to cope with a headache or a toothache.
  2. Aspirin is not able to eliminate the pain, but reduces sensation to a minimum. It may only be by appointment in 2 trimester.
  3. Analgin aspirin more powerful, but the composition is not much different. Drinking it is also not recommended without permission of a medical professional. It should be noted that in most countries analginum banned because capable of causing side effects.
  4. Nurofen or Nospanum only as directed in 1 and 3 trimester, but it is desirable to exclude during pregnancy their use.
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These drugs are strong in composition, designed not only to eliminate a toothache, but can also affect other organs, causing unnecessary for a pregnant health.

Pharmaceutical preparations for pregnant

How to relieve toothache during pregnancy, if traditional medicine isn’t helping. Effective become drugs, painkillers mostly in the form of tablets. But not every drug can be harmless when a toothache in pregnant women, so they should be taken only with the permission of the doctor. You can stay at some of the main available painkillers available in the home medicine Cabinet. It is drugs such as paracetamol, analgin, Nurofen, no-Spa, aspirin.

Ointment as a way of salvation

The network of pharmacies offer drugs for reducing toothache is not restricted only to toothpaste, rinses or medications. There are various ointments, gels and creams that can reduce the pain of the mouth. But do not be fooled that these funds are the safest. Does the composition contains many trace elements vegetable, animal, manufacturing (chemical) origin, which cannot be used during pregnancy.

Thus, the category of analgesic ointments also requires the competent advice of a qualified professional.

Healthy teeth the unproblematic pregnancy

The conclusion that a pregnant woman should not only take care of the health with regards to pregnancy directly. She must also:

  • To pay due attention to the health and integrity of teeth, hygiene of mouth cavity.
  • In a timely manner to carry out reorganization to save the teeth during pregnancy lose a lot of micronutrients and can get sick at any time.
  • Every woman needs to remember about the safe use of tools, techniques and methods of dental treatment, preventive measures, and also with caution and with the doctor’s permission, to use painkillers.