Toothache than filming at home: how to treat

When suddenly there is a toothache than to shoot fast at home this unpleasant symptom, it’s all about what everyone thinks. Don’t always have the time and opportunity to seek advice from a specialist, so it is important to have proven and effective ways of self-help. If after a few days the teeth continue to cause discomfort, you should consult to the dental clinic and get appropriate treatment.

When there is pain

As a rule, the nature of the pain varies depending on the causes and concomitants — aching, throbbing, shooting, reacting to stimuli, radiating to the temple, the ear and also causing the headaches. The most likely precipitating factors — damage to the pulp tissue surrounding the molars.

Carious lesions

Most often to relieve tooth pain at home is required because of the raging of caries, which is characterized by long-lasting aching sensations. This may be due to trapped between pieces of food debris, creating pathogens. Depending on the degree of tissue injury treatment, sometimes the situation is saved by only removing.

Damage to the dental nerve

Another possible cause of pain is pulpitis. And if at the initial stage of discomfort lasts less than a minute, again not as often when pleural form, the attacks are becoming more frequent, sudden and intense, reaching up to fifteen minutes. This means that the inflammatory process progresses, a sudden pain come back in contact with the cold.

When to relieve tooth pain at home is almost impossible, is purulent form of the disease. However, a feeling give in various areas — the ears, temples, eyes. In this state, the only salvation remains rinse with cold water, hot food and drink, on the contrary, can make the condition even more unbearable. Salvation — only the help of a dentist and cure teeth pain of this nature alone is not possible.


At growth areas of inflammation in a patient usually indicates a strong form of periodontitis. If you press on that area, feeling much worse, more symptoms — swelling, headache.

Delayed treatment to a specialist in developing inflammatory processes is always fraught, it may cause death of nerve tissues and this can result in osteomyelitis, cellulitis, suppurative abscess.

Other reasons

But the teeth can whine and for more mundane reasons, for example due to incorrectly sealed tooth, cracks on the enamel or the exposure of the neck. It happens that we think, as to remove a toothache, and it’s not dental disease, but, say, in inflammation of the maxillary y sinus, the trigeminal nerve or diseases of the joints of the jaw bone. Requires further professional diagnosis and adequate treatment, therefore, neglect such feelings is extremely dangerous.

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Emergency self-help

To get rid of a toothache at home for a short period of time, there are several proven methods that you can use:

  1. Start with a thorough cleaning of the mouth, use the thread, the usual balm — do everything you can to remove food;
  2. If the condition is not too severe, try rinsing with a solution of salt or baking soda with the addition of a few drops of iodine, with a strong unpleasant sensations need to take the anesthetizing — Ketanov, Nimesil;
  3. Almost always relieve acute dental pain at home helps applying cold;
  4. Best local anesthesia is achieved by rinsing with a solution of vodka or brandy, but this recipe is naturally suited only to adults;
  5. Try to take Aspirin, but make it desirable in extreme cases.

People’s councils

In life, I accumulated a lot of information about how to soothe a toothache at home — take on Board any recipe or recommendation:

  • To get rid of severe discomfort allows not only cold (ice cube), helps iodine mesh;
  • Try applying to the sore molar slice of raw beet, or slice potatoes, you can use cucumber, cold fat;
  • Helps fresh decoction is used for gargling, as a compress soaked it with a cotton swab;
  • To reduce toothache due to the sensitivity of the enamel will help a mixture of salt, pepper and garlic. This mix is added a little water to the consistency of paste and it can be spread diseased molar. This home remedy is applied for no more than 10 minutes once per day until desired effect;
  • Another product that is in every house — Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy for toothache. Moisten them with a cotton swab and apply to the molar for three minutes, that should be enough. Likewise for the vanilla extract;
  • Just chew a plantain leaf, hold it some time in the place where you want to stop a toothache, spit it out.

Important recommendations

If you suspect that a toothache due to an inflammatory process in the oral cavity, be sure to go on reception to the expert.

Some are beginning to take antibiotics, but to assign them yourself is impossible, you can only aggravate the state.

Try «tactile method» — massage of the hand side which is a bad molar. This, of course, does not guarantee complete freedom from suffering, but about half will ease the condition. After that, take a piece of ice and, pressing lightly, do massage the area between the thumb and index finger. This will allow considerably to anesthetize the tooth at home, if you conduct these sessions several times a day for about five minutes.

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Pay attention to how the patient unit responds to air — if needed try to keep my mouth shut. Conversely, sometimes unpleasant feelings arise due to a poor bite, then the teeth, try not to close tightly.

Recipes from nature

Herbal ingredients included in all of the best home remedies for a toothache, take on Board any recipe.

  1. Baths, rinses help to anesthetize patients molars, you will receive antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. Taken dry component sealed hour, and then can be used. It can be calendula, chamomile, calamus, St. John’s wort, oak bark, you can also take the dried tails from the pumpkin;
  2. When purulent secretions of the patient especially acutely concerned with the question of how to remove tooth pain at home and soothe inflammation. To do this, pharmacy buy clove oil, soak them gauze and apply a poultice in the gums with a sick molar. If the flower is clove, just chew them for a while, the effect is about the same;
  3. I just wonder how to relieve a toothache with the help of excellent natural antiseptic propolis. The best policy is simply to take a piece of this product and put in the mouth closer to the aching molar, the result is achieved quickly.


It has long been noted that treatment with homeopathic medicine has good therapeutic effect. If you adhere to this point of view, and want to know how to get rid of a toothache at home, try the following:

Koffeya. Helps to relieve pain of nervous character, very tempting.
Aconite. In this case, the tool helps, if the pain was the result of colds.
Nux vomica. If you often catch cold, lead a sedentary lifestyle, drink a lot of coffee and alcohol, it’s better than to remove a toothache on their own.
Arnica. Equally well cope with the pain at bruises, and also after removal helps to stop the bleeding, strengthen the regeneration of tissues.
Nux moshata. This drug is recommended to children, pregnant, soft to cope with the symptom.


When none of the above helps and you don’t know how to quickly and effectively get rid of a toothache at home differently, use analgesics.

With slight and medium intensity pain suitable drugs such as Paracetamol, Aspirin, Analgin. You will receive a comprehensive effect — anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic.

When a complex condition is better to take Effective, Ibufen. The last tool is recommended even for children, the main condition for reception of these preparations adhere to the specified dosage.


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Nimesulide, for example, an expert in how to relieve toothache. It is a powerful medication that do not have a large number of contraindications.

There is a group of equally effective drugs, coping with severe pain is medication narcotic group (Omnopon, Fentanyl, Morphine). But because of the negative effects on the nervous system and the psyche, their use is not worth it, and you want to buy with a prescription.

Alternately, antispasmodic drugs (Drotaverine, no-Spa, Papaverine), but they are rarely used for this purpose.

Additional medications

Not only help anesthetic how to cure pain in a tooth, sometimes you can look at other drugs.

Alternative drugs:

Grippostad. In fact, it is Paracetamol with vitamin C, but there are a number of contraindications — when kidney problems, for pregnant and lactating women, children up to six years.
Actualid. Recommended to how to treat and maintenance of inflammation. Not being used at elevated pressure, diseases of liver, kidney, ulcer, children under 12 years.
Deksalgin 25. Acts very quickly, but the remedy is contraindicated in children under 12 years, pregnant, lactating, suffering from bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, and colitis.


In addition to all the above, there are additional methods of what to do at home to ease their condition. For example, there are special painkillers syrups, use first also rinse. And after the first attack was not a relapse, try the treatment recommended tools.

Syrups and ointments:

  • Syrups Panadol, Nurofen;
  • Metrogyl-Denta. Because of the content of the antibiotic before use need some counseling and a prescription;
  • Holisal. Additionally relieves inflammation, destroy pathogens;
  • Kamistad. Good job with all manifestations of the inflammatory process, requires a long therapeutic course;
  • Rinse Parodontax, Forest balsam, Malavit also perfectly perform a preventive function.