Toothache when clicking on it: when pressing and biting

If you have a toothache when you click on it, it indicates the presence of pathologic changes. An unpleasant symptom caused by various reasons and can touch any of the tooth: upper or lower canine, molar, incisor. To establish an accurate diagnosis, the dentist will help. Remember, oral pathology complicated by dangerous diseases that threaten human life.

General information about diseases

Causes of pain with pressure on the tooth:

  • Periodontitis — inflammation of periodontal tissues. Occurs after poorly performed dental treatment of deep caries, pulpitis, sometimes there is a traumatic form. Roots unit are stored pathological organisms. Here, in the vacuum of space, they multiply, developing a focus of infection. The primary symptom of periodontitis — pain when biting. To reduce the negative reactions people during a meal does not load the side with the affected tooth. At rest, the symptom is absent, but soon the pain occurs even with a light touch of the unit language. She is shrill and unbearable, slowly becomes dull and constant. In addition to the main symptoms appear: a decrease in overall health, cephalalgia, fever. At the reception, the dentist easily detects tooth when tapped it with a tool, additionally performed x-rays;
  • Abscess (gumboil) is an inflammation of the periosteum. Causes of the disease are: diseases of the gums inflammatory nature, periodontitis, caries, infections of the ENT. In many patients, the impetus for the development of the flux are hypothermia, nervous exhaustion, colds. Pathology in the initial stages is manifested: the formation of small bumps on the gums at the roots of the affected units, unpleasant sensations when biting, hyperemia of the oral mucosa. Under the height of the disease is accompanied by increased body temperature, oedema of soft tissues of the face, with a piercing pain in the regions of head, neck, jaw. Observed swelling of the cheeks, in critical situations — neck. Health is rapidly deteriorating.

A person requires immediate medical attention. Complications of abscess is very dangerous and can lead to death.

    • Periodontitis — inflammation of periodontal tissues, leading to disruption of the functionality of the ligaments and changes in the structure of the jawbone. The main cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. Predisposing factors are: Smoking, consumption of staining drinks, sweets. If after a meal within 30 minutes to clean the mouth, begins the activation of conditionally pathological micro-organisms. The remains of the food stuck to the units, are the perfect breeding ground for them. The waste products of bacteria — the lactic acid makes the enamel vulnerable and promotes tooth decay. Food particles and microorganisms in the mouth form plaque. Initially it is soft, but under the influence of the salts of saliva, calcine it and becomes solid. The stones, situated near the gums, accumulate, the formation of periodontal pockets. The increase in hard formations extend them, contribute to the retreat of the gums. In the acute phase of periodontitis manifested by severe pain. People often cannot identify the cause of the unpleasant symptom and indicates that while sick teeth and gums. The symptom is worse when eating, hygienic cleaning. The clinical picture of periodontitis bright: bad breath, the accumulation of purulent masses at the base of the units, redness, swelling of mucous membranes, the abundance of solid deposits, pigmented plaque, mobility units. To confirm the diagnosis, the dentist is sufficient to conduct a visual inspection. Periodontitis is the most common pathology of the gums.
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If not, seek help from a doctor, there is a risk of complications: tooth loss, dental abscess, sepsis, phlegmon.

  • Trauma to the jaw is another common cause of pain with bite. If a person hit his face, after an accident, he should contact the clinic. Are required: radiography examination by a traumatologist, neurologist, dentist. After strong mechanical stress on the jaw develop: traumatic pulpitis, periodontitis;
  • Pulpitis — inflammation of the nerve fibers inside the root units. Cause of pathology are: caries, trauma, poor oral hygiene. Pathology is accompanied by pain in the affected units, aggravated by biting. Distinctive signs of pulpitis — attacks of the night of pain, increased when used with hot food or drinks.

As it became clear, tooth pain with pressure accompanied by a variety of pathologies. Neither one of them has no tendency to cure itself, but the dangerous complications!

Medical care

Most often, the dentist experienced enough to conduct a visual and mechanical inspection to diagnose. To confirm it, conduct an x-ray diagnostics.

Pain when pressing on the tooth always indicates the presence of inflammatory focus. When relieving, the discomfort will disappear on their own.

Do not be afraid to visit qualified and experienced doctors. During treatment, the dentist will give you a hit of modern anesthetic. After the beginning of action of the drug part of the jaw will zanimaet, the sensitivity is completely eliminated.

Before anesthesia, the patient should inform the doctor about the presence of, pregnancy, lactation, chronic diseases, allergic reactions to drugs.

Treatment varies depending on diagnosis. Treatment of pulpitis is from 2 to 4 visits. Treatment of periostitis and periodontitis depends on the severity of the disease and ranges from 3 weeks to several months. If you save the unit impossible, it is removed after complete healing of the prosthesis is carried out.

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Therapy of periodontitis also depends on the stage of development of pathology. In early forms, the dentist carries out the removal of stones and deposits with instruments and ultrasonic device. After removing hard plaque, treat periodontal pockets with antiseptic solutions. The doctor advises the patient to continue therapy at home with special gels, ointments, solutions. At advanced stages of periodontitis the recommended surgical procedure: open, closed curettage, gingival flap operations.

First aid for pain

If it hurts to press on the teeth, be sure to consult the dentist. To reduce the unpleasant symptom can:

  1. Hold rinse infusion of herbs and flowers of medicinal plants. For the preparation of liquid treatment fit: Chamomile, Calendula, Oak Bark, Sage. The infusion can be brewed in a thermos or in a water bath. Medicinal herbs will help to reduce the inflammation of the gums and temporarily relieve the symptoms of periodontal disease. To achieve the effect, it is recommended to rinse your mouth every 40 — 60 minutes.
  2. Apply the soda salt solution. If the tooth hurts when pressure is applied due to periodontitis or gumboil, prepare a useful fluid. In 200 ml of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of salt and soda, squeeze 1 drop of iodine. Rinse your mouth every 40 — 60 minutes until relieved.
  3. Pills to drink. This option is optimal. He acts quickly and reliably, eliminates the unpleasant symptoms. For adults perfect: Ketarol, Nise, Deksalgin, Baralgin. For pregnant women, lactating women, and children are used: Paracetamol, Nurofen.
  4. To put on a sick unit with a cotton swab soaked in the drug cutting. It is very convenient to do if you have a front tooth. Part medications include peppermint and Valerian. The drug has a local action of medicinal substances do not fall into the bloodstream.
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The fourth option should be used with caution for children, people prone to allergic manifestations. According to patient feedback, drops help relieve the pain, but can cause burns of the mucous of the gums. Before use, be sure to test for sensitivity.

If the pain in the tooth when biting intensified, there was tissue swelling, fever, health deteriorated, do not delay visit to the doctor tomorrow. At the reception the clinic tell us about your situation, you will be given an extra ticket and will be in the same day.

So as not to expose his life to danger, watch your health, spend quality hygienic care of teeth and gums, eat properly, visit your dentist as a preventive measure.