Toothache with pressure after sealing

Why do my teeth hurt when pressure is applied after sealing? This question arises after a visit to the doctor, for the installation of permanent seal. Visit the dentist regularly you need. Not all comply with this recommendation and go to a specialist, when it’s bad. After the oral examination, the doctor reads the verdict: «we Need to fill!» The procedure is long and not very pleasant. Sometimes the patient notes some discomfort that occurs during meals or when drinking too cold liquids. Why, after filling it hurts to press on the tooth, take a closer look.

What is the process of sealing the teeth

By itself, the process of installation of permanent seal requires absolute compliance with the rules of asepsis. Insufficiently disinfected tool, poor cleaning and filling of root canals lead to the fact that after the installation of fillings sore tooth when pressure is applied. The seal installation is a set of actions of a dentist:

  • Removal of old fillings or carious formations with a drill;
  • Rinse the cleaned cavity;
  • Drying air;
  • Cleaning dental root canals;
  • Destruction of nerves if available;
  • Drying channels;
  • Sealing of the channels in turn;
  • Drying sealed channels;
  • The installation of temporary or permanent seal, depending on the degree of destruction of the tooth;
  • The skiving seal at the bite.

And here, seemingly, all over, but the patient after a while notes that it is painful to pull the tooth after filling. Why a toothache under seal when pressed? The uncomfortable feeling caused by many factors.

The pain can be different

The nature of the pain can be different:

  1. Aching;
  2. Short-term;
  3. Sharp;
  4. Stitching;
  5. Rise.

Also pain can occur when exposed to different stimuli:

  1. Consumption of hot food;
  2. Cold water;
  3. When chewing food;
  4. When staying outside in the cold;
  5. When eating foods with a high acid content.

If the pre-treatment tooth long ached, not surprising that after put the seal tooth when pressure is applied. Soon the pain subsides and stop whining. To alleviate can pain medication.

One more thing why a toothache with pressure after filling is too high set the seal. In this case, you need to go to the dentist for grinding the excess filling material. As a rule, the pain immediately goes away. It is not necessary to hope that the seal will sit. Constant pressure on the seal resulting from the ingestion of food can lead to the development of periodontitis. While Kolokolnaya inflamed tissue and may develop infection in place of prolonged compression.

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Causes of pain after seal

Pain in tooth after filling when the pressing occurs for a number of reasons:

  • Violation of tactics seal;
  • Inflammation of the channels;
  • Too narrow impassable channels;
  • The establishment of the seal above the normal level;
  • Shrinkage of the seal;
  • Infection root canal bad treated instruments;
  • Not high quality material for the seal;
  • Not the accurate diagnosis before the surgery;
  • The development of an allergic reaction to the filling material.

All of these factors can be a consequence of the fact that tooth hurts after filling when you click on it. Trying to save it, dentists do not always resort to removal of the nerves. Accordingly, the channels do not require interventions. But after the procedure seal there is pain. This usually indicates that the nerves are still needed to remove and conduct a qualitative reorganization of the channels. The result of this work the dentist one you want to remove just put the seal and the whole work carried out again. But this time, the dentist should be more careful and to hold sealing qualitatively, with observance of all norms and rules. If after stopping of channels a toothache when pressed, the reason must be sought elsewhere. Let us consider each situation which leads to pain after visiting the dentist.

All the fault of the channels

So that when pressed on the tooth pain after filling was not, the doctor should qualitatively to clean and close the channels. The diameter of the channels is different in all people, as well as height and foot size. Therefore, to expand the root canal doctor uses different size spiral needles. This is followed by the cleaning and disinfection of the cavity with a special solution. Then the canal is dried and filled with material. If nerve canals cleaned poorly or not completely closed develops an infectious process. This is the main reason that sealed the channels, and the tooth hurts when pressure is applied. You need to open the newly installed seal and repeat the process from the beginning, but more efficiently. Infection of root canals may cause development:

  1. Flux;
  2. Pulpitis;
  3. Purulent process.

For these reasons, a sore tooth when pressure is applied after the sealing of the channels. Very often the actions of the inexperienced dentist deletes.

Flux – the swelling of soft tissues. As a rule, to join the swelling increase in body temperature, weakness and malaise. To treat the flux is not worth it, better to go to the oral surgeon for the treatment of disease.

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Pulpitis – inflammation of the pulp, also requires the intervention of specialists. Self-medicate to deal with extremely dangerous, entrust your ailments to specialists.

Purulent process occurs when infection channels. The danger of the presence of pus in the mouth is that fluid, together with flow of blood can enter the brain and trigger the development of meningitis. If you find a white dot with the contents and sealed the tooth hurts when pressure is urgent for re-appointment to the dentist.

And whether treated

Pointing to the doctor’s for a bad tooth, the doctor starts treatment. Like everything went well but the patient finds that put the seal and the tooth when pressure is applied it hurts! What’s the matter? It so happens that the doctor, due to the inexperience and lack of qualifications will now proceed to the treatment of the neighboring teeth. After all the procedures close the tooth hurts even more, since the intervention is a kind of operation. The impact on the aching tooth mirrors and other instruments, while the doctor casts a spell over a healthy tooth trying to cure him, increasing the pain.

To check whether the tooth is cured, you can: tap the adjacent teeth with a metal object, if the pain is felt in any tooth, feel free to go to the dentist for a proper diagnosis.

Or maybe just allergies

Nowadays allergic reactions affects about a quarter of the population. Poor quality material used by dentist to seal can cause a tooth filling sore when pressed. In addition, there is swelling, excessive tearing, clear discharge from the nasal cavity. Often there are attacks of breathlessness. Upon detection of the above symptoms should not just go and run to the doctor, to retrieve the installed seals.

An allergic reaction typically occurs when you use a dentist cheap root canal filling materials in China.
In this case, it is necessary to replace the adhesive material to another, different from the previous chemical composition.

When the pain can not be tolerated

You can’t ignore the pain and uncontrolled take a pain reliever if:

  • In the area of the filled tooth, there is swelling and swelling;
  • Appeared an abscess in the mouth;
  • Raised body temperature;
  • Very bad headache and cured tooth;
  • Seal prevents and makes it impossible to tightly close the teeth;
  • You feel the crack between the filling and the crown of the treated tooth;
  • Swollen cheek and the swelling subsides more than three days.
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The appearance of the above symptoms cannot be delayed. In self to do makes no sense, this can only aggravate the situation. In these cases, the tooth to hurt the seal when pressure is applied. Perhaps with the cured tooth will have to say goodbye forever.

First aid for asymptomatic pain

If after treatment has severe toothache under seal with pressure, but no accompanying symptoms is not observed it is possible to use various therapeutic methods to relieve pain.

  • Gargle with warm solution of baking soda and salt will relieve pain and destroy bacteria. To prepare the solution: in a glass of water, a temperature of 37 – 40 ° C to dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Rinse 4 times a day and after each meal.
  • Well reduces inflammation decoction of chamomile flowers. To prepare a medicinal broth 1 – 2 tablespoons dry grass pour a glass of water, bring to a boil for half an hour, strain and rinse your mouth.

In no event it is impossible to influence swollen cheek with warmth. In the presence of a latent suppurative process can trigger the development of an abscess.

For quick relief condition, when the sealed tooth hurts when pressure is applied, you can take analgesic. Fast pain attack will help:

  1. Tempalgin;
  2. Ketanov;
  3. Pentalgin;
  4. Naiz;
  5. Was Nemesis;
  6. Analgin;
  7. Nurofen.

All medicines should be taken according to the instructions. It is not necessary to drink 2 or even 3 pills. Overdose adversely affects the cardiovascular and digestive system.

To prevent tooth decay, it is necessary, at whatever cost, to undergo an examination by a specialist. Even though the visit is not applied 1 time a year. At least once a year, take the time to visit the dentist. After all, as practice shows, to keep his youth need not only an honor, but teeth!