Toothpaste for enamel: treatment to recovery and strengthening

Toothpaste for enamel the most popular, because often one tube is bought for the family and not all members have the same problem, and prevent cavities and Tartar wish each. In this article we will explain what to look for when choosing personal care products for the protection of tooth enamel, and effective toothpastes.

Why enamel is destroyed

Tooth enamel is the protective shell of the tooth crown part of the tooth. It is the most hard tissue in human organism, because it consists almost entirely of inorganic substances. Its thickness varies: can be up to 2 mm and almost absent in the neck of the tooth.
Tooth enamel is susceptible to organic acids and breaks apart in the acidity. She needs an alkaline environment. After eating remain in the mouth particles of food. With them splitting microorganisms release acid that erodes tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Enamel cannot repair themselves.
A negative impact on tooth enamel has:

  • Unbalanced nutrition. The body fails to receive sufficient amount of minerals;
  • The presence of harmful habits (alcohol, cigarettes);
  • The use of sweets and soft drinks or lemon. As a result of decomposition of sugar in the mouth forming acid.
  • Sudden changes in temperature. For example, drinking hot coffee with cold ice cream;
  • Malocclusion. It leads to uneven load on the tooth, and as a result, part of the tooth enamel is exhausted.

Signs of enamel:

  • discomfort when eating hot, cold or sweet food;
  • external physical changes: grooves, gouges, furrows;
  • darkening.

To restore tooth enamel can be using professional methods such as:

  • capacity of the enamel;
  • fluoridation;
  • remineralization;
  • the installation of the veneer.

The easiest option is to use a special toothpaste for restoring the tooth enamel. Unfortunately, it is only valid for small lesions. To achieve results, you need to choose the right means of hygiene.

The types of toothpastes

The basic classification divides the paste on:

  • Hygienic. Helps to freshen the mouth and remove plaque. It is composed of foaming agent particles and abrasive components, flavors, flavoring. As the abrasive used chalk or silica. The more particles, the more effective they cleanse the enamel. But too large particles cause abrasion of the enamel. Therefore, an important balance between efficacy and safety. Man with sensitivity, you need to pay attention to this parameter.
  • Of treatment and prevention. Additionally contains extracts, salt, enzymes, vitamin complexes, peroxides.

Toothpastes are divided into those that can be used in courses 2 to 4 weeks, or single, and those that can be used continuously. Components that reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings of the teeth, as well as antiseptics, antibiotics, bleaching particles and substances, eliminates bleeding gums, can have a negative impact on oral health in long-term use.

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Medical hygiene products differ from the health content of active components and their quality. Toothpastes restorative dental enamel contains therapeutic doses of fluorine or calcium.

How does fluoride

Tooth enamel is a calcium compound called hydroxyapatite. Accumulating on the teeth and in the cracks of fluoride ions bind with minerals forming a solid connection. Fluoride converts hydroxyapatite to fluorapatite. It is more solid and less exposed to bacteria that cause cavities.

Moreover, fluorine does not allow bacteria to stick to the surface that does not form the stone on the teeth. This mineral promotes the production of saliva, which fights cariogenic microorganisms. Studies have shown that by using products with fluoride caries develops in 35-40% slower.

Under hygienic procedure, fluoride is not absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore, it is perfectly safe if not swallowed. Apply the paste with this mineral is not recommended for children because they often eat as well as in the area where there is a surplus in tap water.

Fluoride in the tube is in an inactive connection. While using it, under the action of temperature or by the interaction with saliva, breaks up, releasing the active fluorine ions.

Buying toothpaste, you need to take into consideration:

  1. The connection of fluoride. Used in the production of monoftorfosfat, sodium fluoride, amino fluoride of aluminium fluoride of tin. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these compounds is significantly different. The most effective and expensive amino (olaflur) and sodium fluoride. The most economical means with monoftorfosfat.

Amino not only quickly splits into ions, but also covers the teeth with a shell that remains after hygienic procedures. Fluorine from the film gradually gets into the enamel, which significantly increases therapeutic effect.

Fluoride of tin is characterized by the ability to restore tooth enamel, but it is demineralized areas seals stain in a dark color. This compound is widely used before, today, most manufacturers abandoned it. Although toothpaste Blendamed it even add.

  1. The fluorine content. To define used the abbreviation «PPM» In the treatment of pastas, this figure cannot be below 1350. On some tubes indicates the content percentage. So, 1500 ppm is equal to 0,15%. If this indicator is not specified by the manufacturer at all, it is better to refrain from buying such a product.
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The best toothpastes with sodium fluoride

Paste to restore the enamel prevents tooth decay and helps to fill the lack of minerals. Funds from sodium fluoride that can be applied regularly:

      • «PRESIDENT Classic» in addition to the therapeutic doses of sodium fluoride the product has xylitol. It neutralizes the acid and prevents the accumulation of carious bacteria. And sage, lemon balm and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint oil deodorizes.
      • «El-ce med TOTAL CARE». Except for fluorine in the indicated allantoin, zinc chloride, vitamins C and E. it is believed that this composition rejuvenates the mucosa and increases its immunity. Therefore, the product is recommended for people after age 40.

    • Colgate «Elmeks – protection from decay» has a highly efficient amino and high quality abrasive-and polishing compounds. You can use daily.
    • «Sensodyne» has fluoride, will help restore the enamel. But it is better not to use a person with a high response of teeth to stimuli.
    • SILCA «Complete Herbal» and «Natural Extrakte». This German medical toothpaste — restores enamel. In the addition of extracts of plants and essential oils, the urea, and neutralizing the acid. When buying other means for the teeth of this manufacturer, look at the fluoride, since most of them used a monophosphate, and it is not as effective.

  • SPLAT «Arktikum». The product contains fluoride two compounds: amino and monoftorfosfat. The rate of concentration rather indicates that it is more prophylactic than therapeutic. But it contains enzymes that support the immune system of the mucosa and possessing antiseptic properties, making it a worthy instance.

Often, producers of toothpaste with amino to your product add and chlorhexidine (antiseptic) or aluminium lactate, which reduces bleeding of the gums. They cannot be used longer than a month. And the reason for that is likely to have dysbiosis or candidiasis of the oral cavity, for permanent antibacterial effect, or exacerbate periodontal disease, because the lactate of aluminium removes the symptom but does not cure the disease.

Also pasta with alflora can be added to potassium chloride, strontium chloride, potassium nitrate. These supplements help to reduce tooth sensitivity. But if such problems are not observed, then a better tool to use because it masks the early symptoms of tooth decay.

Best toothpaste without fluoride

Lately in media you can find a lot of articles about the dangers of fluoride. Although conclusive proof of this, some prefer not to risk it. Good job and toothpaste to strengthen tooth enamel with calcium.

Calcium is essential at the first signs of caries (tooth surfaces appear white malovydne areas), while demineralization of the teeth, when part of the enamel due to abrasion loses a lot of minerals, and excessive tooth sensitivity. When buying toothpaste look that was not in one tube of fluoride and calcium. If the procedure needs to be released the active mineral ions, and not, as they do not work together and become insoluble salt.
Effective toothpaste:

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    • «PRESIDENT Unique» has a wonderful composition. It presents three types of calcium, papain (softens plaque) and xylitol (prevents the accumulation of plaque and normalizes the acid-alkaline balance). Added potassium salt. It prevents tooth sensitivity, affecting the nerve endings.

  • In the «Splat biocalcium» is also a highly active compound of calcium, papain and polydon (softens plaque). The composition is hydroxyapatite, the efficiency of which determines the size of the particles. What they are smaller, the better. It hides cracks and deodorizes the mouth.
  • «Biorepair» toothpaste for subassembly restores enamel to strengthen tooth enamel. Also contains hydroxyapatite.


To get the maximum results from pastes with calcium need to use conditioner with the effective connection of fluoride. For example, «LACALUT sensitive». This will help the calcium to remain in the pores of the enamel.

Auxiliary means

To strengthen and restore the enamel used dental gels.

  • «Lacalut» contributes to strengthening due to included minerals.
  • «El’meks-gel» comprises fluorine, is used as a preventive tool;
  • «ROCs Medical Minerals» strengthen the tooth enamel with the help of phosphorus and magnesium-calcium inclusions and I will give the teeth a natural Shine.

It should be noted that the choice of toothpaste should be approached very seriously, preferably with the help of a dentist. Medicated toothpastes, restoring the enamel to purchase only in pharmacies or retail stores to avoid fake.

To achieve the result is necessary not only to choose a quality tooth paste that is appropriate for you, but to pick up the toothbrush, with the right level of stiffness. In addition, not to neglect the advice of dentists on tooth brushing technique, flossing and mouthwash.