Toothpaste: how to choose which one is best

The correct use of toothpaste is able to eliminate problems such as tooth sensitivity, bad breath, strengthen the enamel and soothe the gums. Universal product that would solve absolutely all problems, unfortunately, does not exist. Therefore, consumers often wonder how to choose a good toothpaste. In this article we will explain what are the types of toothpaste and how to choose them.
The choice of toothpaste should be based on the requirements. So, if while eating to react to cold, hot or sour, then deal with that will help remedy for sensitive teeth. But if the enamel has darkened due to the frequent use of coffee or smoke, it will be effective whitening toothpaste. Each family member should be a means of hygiene, which helps to solve certain dental problems.

What are the paste

The main classification of toothpastes divides them into two types:

  1. hygienic. Remove soft plaque and freshen breath. Composition is represented with an abrasive, a flavoring and foaming agent. As particles, which remove the plaque that is abrasive, use a chalk or silica;
  2. treatment. Further included extracts and extracts of medicinal herbs, salt, enzymes, peroxides, vitamins. Medicated toothpastes differ in the number and quality of active ingredients, so their cost is higher.

Means of hygiene and can be divided by the issues they seek to address. The types of toothpastes:

  • for sensitive teeth. Used in order to avoid pain while eating and to prevent further abrasion of enamel. The composition has a chloride of strontium and potassium, which strengthen tooth enamel. And the rate of low abrasiveness (RDA 75) that is best suited for gentle cleaning;
  • to restore the color of the enamel. This tool will help to whiten your teeth by 2-3 shades. The best toothpaste abrasiveness index is 200, but it is not possible to apply it daily. Some oxidizing agents (carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate);
  • for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. It will not allow bacteria to multiply. It is better to use it if the mucous membrane of the mouth has sores or inflammation. It consists of antiseptic substances, such as chlorhexidine. But the use of the product can be no more than two weeks;
  • to the enamel. When thinning enamel carious lesions occur. It helps strengthen the top layer of the tooth due to mineralization and eliminates the plaque on the teeth. It is recommended to apply the product with fluoride. To restore the enamel and apply a calcium. It is less effective, but will help those who have fluorosis (excess fluoride in the body). The tube should not be both fluorine and calcium, as together they turn into salt and does not produce the desired effect on the tooth tissue;
  • for children. Because children sometimes can swallow a vehicle, and children’s enamel is thinner, the product increased demands. Cleansers should gently affect the enamel, it is better if they are dicalcium phosphate or silicon dioxide. The index of abrasion of not more than 50. What pasta is best to brush your teeth can tell a children’s dentist after the examination of enamel and oral mucosa.
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If there is a question of what toothpaste is best to brush your teeth all family members, it is definitely those that strengthen the enamel.

What is the best toothpaste hard to say, because of the types of toothpaste are many and they have their advantages and disadvantages. Should you buy toothpaste therapeutic or prophylactic will suffice, depends on the condition of the oral cavity.

Every toothpaste contains the description of the alleged exposure and composition. Refer to hygienic-no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol, as they adversely affect the body.

The best means to care for the oral cavity

After you have decided what problems need to be solved, we shall understand what kind of toothpaste is better. But since toothpaste has a lot, then we will talk about those that help to get rid of the most frequent problems. Next we will talk about what kind of toothpaste is recommended by dentists with bleeding gums against caries.

We have compiled a list of toothpastes that effectively do their job. These are products in different price categories, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The rating of quality of toothpastes were based on their constituent components, which are indicated by the manufacturer.

If you want to strengthen the enamel and stop tooth decay

According to research if you are using toothpaste with fluoride caries develops in 35-40% slower. The best is amino (olaflur), in the second place sodium fluoride, and the last monoftorfosfat. Amino faster goes into an active state, and also covers the teeth with a film which gradually released ions, which significantly prolongs therapeutic effect. Fluoride of tin is also well restores enamel, but he is able to paint demineralized areas.

If you have bleeding gums

How to choose toothpaste for bleeding gums? Look for the presence of lactate of aluminium and medicinal herbs. A rating of the best pastes to eliminate inflammation:

  • «LACALUT fitoformula». The composition has a lactate of aluminum and sodium fluoride and herbal ingredients that effectively relieve inflammation of the gums, including sage, St. John’s wort, peace, ratanov. With this composition, the paste action is noticeable after the first application;
  • «LACALUT aktiv». To aluminum lactate and aluminum fluoride, which eliminate bleeding, as well as bisabolol and allantoin have a calming effect on gums, chlorhexidine kills bacteria in the mouth. Fluoride remineralizes enamel. Best way to use this course for up to two weeks with periodontitis as a Supplement to the basic therapy;
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  • «Parodontax» toothpaste feature in its specific taste due to the presence of mineral salts, which are able to quickly remove swelling of the gums. The recipe for this product remained unchanged for over a hundred years, which guarantees its naturalness. Medicinal plants (Echinacea, mint, sage, chamomile and the world) contributing to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, reduce inflammation of the mucosa that have astringent properties. There are two variants of toothpaste: with fluoride and without;
  • «PresiDENT exclusive» able in a short time to eliminate bleeding gums, with extract of thyme, propolis and sodium chloride. But part of its composition antiseptic hexetidine does not allow to use it long-term;
  • «Forest balsam from bleeding gums». It’s a decent product, which contains herbal complex, which quickly eliminates bleeding gums, removing inflammation. In paste low value of the abrasion, which allows its use at high sensitivity of the enamel.

The rating of funds with fluoride

To refer to the content of fluorine abbreviated to PPM. Medicinal pastes it needs to be more 1350 or percentage is 0.135%. The best means by fluorine;

  1. «PRESIDENT Classic». It is not only healing the amount of sodium fluoride, but xylitol, which prevents bacteria growth. Botanicals (sage, lemon balm, and chamomile) relieves inflammation, and peppermint oil the mouth deodorizes;
  2. SILCA «Complete Herbal» and SILCA «Natural Extrakte». Which one is the best toothpaste hard to tell, they differ only in Botanical complex. Unlike some other types of pasta from this manufacturer, these added an effective sodium fluoride. Pasta slows the development of caries, dissolve plaque and can be used to prevent gingivitis, and essential oils make dental care more pleasant;
  3. «El-ce med TOTAL CARE». In addition to the fluorine in the composition is specified allantoin, zinc chloride, and vitamins. These components increase the immune system and contribute to the rejuvenation of the mucosa. According to dentists, it is suitable for people older than 40 years;
  4. Colgate «Elmeks — protection against dental caries». Product based on amino-effective and high-quality abrasive components. Can be used daily.

The rating means.

Remember that these tools suggest to use if the water exceeded the concentration of fluoride. Toothpaste to strengthen enamel:

  • «Splat Biocalcium». In the product is calcium lactate and hydroxyapatite, they strengthen the enamel and cover up the cracks. Components such as papain and polydon dissolves soft bacterial deposits on the teeth, help get rid of plaque;
  • Splat-max. The composition of the above-mentioned paste of the same manufacturer, added liquorice extract, zinc citrate and enzymes. This ensures that the entire plaque from the teeth is removed it is easier, and removes bad breath;
  • «PRESIDENT Unique». Wonderful toothpaste from the dental plaque. Manufacturer added to the product of three types of calcium, papain, xylitol and the potassium salt. When you use remineralization of enamel, easy to remove soft plaque and prevent its rapid accumulation, while potassium salt affects nerve endings, which relieves tooth sensitivity;
  • «R. O. C. S». The product of Russian production, contains calcium glycerophosphate, which saturates the enamel mineral and bromelain, dissolving plaque, and xylitol, normalizes the acid balance in the mouth. One of its advantages — a wide range of tastes and the ability to apply regularly.
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The cleaning efficiency depends on how to use the toothpaste. Need to brush your teeth twice a day, this well scraping all the enamel within three minutes. This time installed not just. The fact that substances in the tube are in an inactive state, but under the influence of enzymes and the temperature of the ions pass into the active state. And if you brush your teeth, even the best toothpaste will not have time to act. Neither is able to cope with the already formed Tartar, you can remove it only in stomatology with the help of ultrasound.

How to choose the right toothpaste, tell the dentist. The specialist can assess the condition of the mucosa and to identify risks. Hygiene to be more preventive, because it is able to eliminate tooth decay or to remove Tartar, but they are able to prevent their occurrence. How to use a proper toothbrush and clean the space between teeth with floss, you can also recommend a doctor. To visit the dentist to once every six months.

Of course, know all about toothpaste impossible, as a lot of information is contradictory. Thus, many people prefer to abandon the effective fluorinated drugs. But if you know about the operation of the components and to revise toothpastes ratings made by professionals question what preventive toothpaste better brushing teeth, will disappear by itself.