Toothpaste periodontal disease: therapeutic toothpastes

An effective measure to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and causes of dental diseases is considered toothpaste periodontal disease. Often during tooth brushing begins bleeding gums and to leave such alarming symptom without attention in any case not worth it. In most cases, this symptom signals the development of such a dangerous dental disease such as periodontal disease. Why am I getting bleeding gums, can toothpaste really help in eliminating periodontal disease, and which of them are the most effective?

The features of pathology

Periodontal disease is one of the most serious dental diseases that affects the gums. For this pathology slow to develop, beginning with a small sensitivity to the use of cold and hot dishes. Most often, the patient does not pay attention to the emergence of such symptoms and not in a hurry to the dentist. In fact, the emergence of such discomfort suggests that the exposure of the necks of the teeth, and the next step is the emergence of itching in the gums. The most recent stage in the development of periodontal disease is the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms as bleeding gums, tooth mobility.

The periodontium is the tissue that surrounds the located in the oral cavity teeth. Daily cleaning of the teeth ends on the surface of the toothbrush of the remaining drops of blood. After carrying out hygienic procedures in the oral cavity begin to appear such unpleasant sensations like itchiness and burning. Such a pathological condition that requires timely treatment, otherwise the pathology will continue its progression, and the symptoms will only get worse.

In order to answer the question whether therapeutic toothpaste to get rid of periodontal disease, you must find out the reasons for its development. In fact, experts identify quite a lot of causes of this pathology and not all of them are associated with diseases of the oral cavity:

  • diagnosis of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the non-observance of hygiene of an oral cavity;
  • hormonal changes of the human body;
  • harmful habits of Smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • genetic factor, that is, the disease can be inherited.

To signal the development of periodontal disease in the oral cavity may the following features:

  • severe itching of the gums;
  • exposure of the neck and root of tooth because of islinenote tissues;
  • the absence of signs of inflammation;
  • staining of the gums in a lighter color;
  • the accumulation on teeth of a large number of stone;
  • increased sensitivity teeth.
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With the appearance of characteristic signs of periodontal disease as soon as possible to seek the advice of a specialist. The fact that in the absence of effective therapy in a short time you can lose permanent teeth, forcing the patient to abstain from eating solid foods throughout life.

Requirements for toothpaste

In fact, eliminating periodontal disease requires a comprehensive treatment and should not be limited to only one use of the medicine. You should not consider toothpaste main means of deliverance from the disease, as she holds the role of a component in a comprehensive exposure with periodontitis. With such hygienic products cannot clean the enamel from plaque accumulation, and this helps to prevent the development of the inflammatory process and stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Special toothpaste from periodontal disease can have a strengthening effect on the gums and strengthening the tissues around the teeth. To achieve these goals in the treatment of toothpaste must have the following components:

  1. tetramerista potassium is considered effective for removing Tartar and other deposits;
  2. sodium citrate helps reduce sensitivity of tooth enamel;
  3. potassium nitrate has an effect on nerve endings, which helps to rid of the pain.

In fact, it is not necessary to perceive toothpaste as a remedy for all diseases of the oral cavity. Before you start any treatment you must be examined by a dentist and find out the reason, which provoked the development of periodontal disease.

At various stages of the disease can be assigned a variety of pastas depending on the desired effect after use. Pick up the paste should only be a dentist and by self-appointment of such drugs it is best to refuse.

Popular pasta from the disease

If you are diagnosed with gum disease, the doctor usually selects effective methods of treatment, and appoints a special paste. The main objectives of such medicines for periodontal disease are:

  • elimination of puffiness of tissues;
  • the relief of pain;
  • the reduction of bleeding gums;
  • reduced congestion and lividity of the gums.

Today in the drugstore you can buy various pastes for the treatment of periodontal disease and the most effective among them are the following:

  1. Parodontax;
  2. Lakalyut Asset
  3. New pearl
  4. Forest balsam.

Parodontax considered an effective toothpaste, which is assigned when the diagnosis of periodontal disease. This paste is available in two forms: with fluoride and without it. The main advantage of such hygiene products is considered a natural composition, which includes chamomile, Echinacea, sage, peppermint and zinc. In Parodontax lacks any additives, and it has been suggested that fluoridated toothpaste is more effective in the fight against periodontal disease. This paste can brush your teeth in the period of exacerbation of the disease, and constantly.

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Therapeutic toothpaste «Forest balsam» is noticeably inferior to the price of imported vehicles, but despite this, helps to quickly and effectively get rid of periodontal disease. In addition to the various herbs in its composition contains chemical substances, which manages not only to get rid of the inflammation on the gums, but also reduce their bleeding.

Lakalyut Asset is pasta German production, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Main components of of such drug is chlorhexidine, bisabolol and aluminium lactate. Under the influence of substances it is possible to reduce the number of pathogens in the oral cavity, eliminate inflammation of the gums, get rid of pain and to reduce bleeding. The effect of using this paste is noticeable in a few applications. Its only drawback is the fact that it is impossible to brush your teeth for a long time. This is due to the fact that in its composition there is an antiseptic, which can have a devastating effect on the natural microflora of the oral cavity with prolonged use Lakalyut Asset.

Helps in the fight against periodontal disease and this toothpaste as New pearls. Among its components there is the calcium and fluoride, which allow to carefully care for your teeth. The presence of the extract of green tea helps to get rid of cracks on the gums and quick to reassure them. To obtain the desired results, experts recommend starting to use this paste on the early stages of disease, when the gums have started to bleed.


Good effect in the fight against periodontal disease give the following toothpastes:

  • Parodontit;
  • President Exclusive;
  • Auromere;
  • Extra.

Spend brushing your teeth is recommended after each meal, which allows to prevent the development of caries and periodontal disease. It is important to correctly choose a tooth brush which should be soft and sensitive.

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The use of paste

It should be remembered that the tooth paste from periodontal disease can help to achieve only a symptomatic effect. This means that with their help it is possible to get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of the disease during treatment. Use this drug against periodontal disease is allowed only in combination with other treatment methods, since the mere toothpaste can’t cure the disease.

Brushing this toothpaste helps to eliminate plaque that causes the development of inflammation. In addition, this cleaning product has a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the gums and enamel. With it is over time to get rid of unpleasant symptoms of the disease, thereby masking the signs of periodontal disease. For this reason, during the treatment should carefully monitor their condition and not to stop to carry out therapy at the first improvement.

It should be remembered that the designation of medicinal toothpaste from periodontal disease is carried out only by a specialist. Use only hygienic products are not able to eliminate the disease, so it is important to conduct comprehensive therapy. In that case, if the paste composition include antibiotics and antiseptics, it is not recommended to brush your teeth no more than 14 days. This is because with prolonged use increases the risk of dysbiosis of the oral cavity. This pathology is quite unpleasant and may aggravate the patient’s condition.

In the process of brushing, do not immediately spit the formed foam, it is recommended to rinse her mouth. This helps active substances for a while to prolong its beneficial effects on the diseased tissue.

Compliance with all recommendations of experts and preventive measures allows painless treatment and the recovery time is significantly reduced. In the diagnosis of periodontal disease in childhood to the choice of toothpaste should be approached with extreme caution.