Toothpaste periodontitis: toothpaste periodontitis

Toothpaste periodontitis when used along with a toothbrush, as a basic tool in the Commission of hygiene of the oral cavity. To implement the prevention of inflammation of periodontal tissues and perform therapeutic actions in relation to the developing process, there is a wide range of materials. Demand creates needs and it is often difficult to determine the person, not versed in the intricacies of dental topics, select the most appropriate composition of herbal remedies for cleaning teeth and gums, with the existing inflammatory changes in the mucosa. Let’s look at the range of toothpastes, their effectiveness and indications for use.

A little bit about the disease

Periodontitis — inflammatory disease polietiologic nature, in most cases due to the influence of the microbial flora inside and outside in relation to the tooth tissue. Pathology is manifested by swelling and redness of the gums, a violation of the periodontal connection in the background of the tearing of specific ligaments. The defect of attachment leads to the appearance of periodontal pockets, which gradually begin to deepen.

In view of the fact that to produce high-quality cleaning of the pockets is extremely difficult, there is a gradual deposition of food particles in plaque formation. Due to the mineralizing function of salivary glands located in the oral cavity, occurs calcification of the plaque with the formation of Tartar. Education further pressure and injure the gums. Hard and soft dental overlay contributes to the further course of inflammation and formation of pus pockets. It refers to processes of inflammation, observed in the visual inspection.

The additional examination is necessary to determine the condition of the bones in the regional tissue and tooth to assess the level of blood flow and other key point of diagnosis is radiography. On the radiograph, preferably panoramic shot, you can clearly mark uneven, rapidly progressive (tracking process) bone loss of the jaw.

Apply local and General treatment. Because prevalent of the bacterial nature of the disease, the treatment should be with broad spectrum antibiotics for 7_10 days. The doctor use irrigation, irrigation of periodontal cavities with antiseptics, apply a special film («diplen-Denta») and ointments. Acceleration of recovery takes place under the influence of physiotherapeutic events. For home use it is recommended to perform mouth trays with solutions that provide an antimicrobial effect, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and other.

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A very important point in the treatment at home is hygiene education and proper selection of basic and additional components.


Market dental, we offer suggestions on toothpastes with periodontitis is large enough.

The most common:

  • «LACALUT aktiv»;
  • «LACALUT fitoformula»;
  • «Parodontox», «Parodontox F»;
  • «PresiDENT exclusive»;
  • «Forest balsam from bleeding gums»;
  • «Parodontol Asset.»

Let us examine the features of the most popular toothpastes of periodontitis on.

Check Whether Asset

Toothpaste contains medicinal herbs (nettle extract and yarrow) and hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite rebuilds weakened enamel of the tooth, reduces the severity of dental. However, the paste is less effectively able to reduce the manifestation of symptoms of inflammation. Made in Russia, price from 45 rubles for 50 ml.


In substance there is a lot of useful minerals, reactive is able to weaken the manifestation of inflammation. Lactate of aluminium astringent effect on gum tissue, thereby to reduce bleeding from the gums after a single use, cause the reduction of dental teeth. Antiseptic chlorhexidine digluconate antimicrobial effect, strengthening the impact of the complex with bisabolol and allantoina reduces the severity of inflammation. The fluorine present in the compound aluminum fluoride (1360 ppm), able locally to carry out the mineralization of the enamel broken. The abrasiveness of the paste within a controlled. Manufacturer Germany, price of 150 rubles for 50 ml. This pasta is celebrated on the best properties in terms of effectiveness and impact. However, given the fact that the present composition of the antiseptic chlorhexidine digluconate, long-term use, this composition is impossible. Recommended for use at home within 2_3 weeks, and then should be switched to a toothpaste «LACALUT fitoformula» or that the composition of preventive and curative orientation. If you used the paste will be more than the period, it is fraught with emergence of dysbiosis and the presence of regularly mouth odor.

LACALUT fitoformula

Good effect in the implementation of the anti-inflammatory action of this toothpaste from periodontitis noted due to the aluminum lactate in a United complex with plant extracts: St. John’s wort, sage, myrrh, ratanov. Sodium fluoride containing fluoride at a dosage of 1360 ppm, contributes to the hardening of tooth enamel and prophylaxis of caries. As antiseptic, this substance is missing, then use the paste can be more long-term. The Manufacturer In Germany. Price from 155 rubles for 50 ml. Abrasively under controlled.

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Parodontox and Parodontox F

Release of toothpaste from periodontitis performed in two versions: with fluoride and without. The first recipe of pasta was assembled in the XIX century and since then the composition has not changed. Substance presents natural ingredients, with a presence in high concentration pomace herbs. Against this background, pasta has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent and hemostatic effect. The taste of the pasta will seem salty, this is due to the presence of mineral salts. This component has anti-edema effect by drawing excess fluid from inflamed periodontal tissues. More recommended to use toothpaste with fluoride (1400 ppm). Batterista paste is indicated for patients with fluorosis and individual intolerance of the item. Abrasively controlled. Manufactured in the UK. Price from 190 rubles for 50 ml.

PresiDENT exclusive

This paste of periodontitis has antiseptic and therefore the use should be brief, in order to relieve the acute symptoms of inflammation and prevent the development of dysbiosis. Submitted by antiseptic hexetidine, United in a single substance with extracts of medicinal herbs: thyme, propolis. The effect is strong and only 2 weeks of use is usually sufficient. Sodium fluoride is present in a dosage of 1450 ppm. Abrasiveness is controlled, the price of 180 rubles for 50 ml. Made in Italy.

Forest balm from bleeding gums

Features of this toothpaste from periodontitis based on the binder and anti-inflammatory effects through the influence of medicinal herbs. Herbs are extracts of oak bark and fir, a decoction of chamomile, yarrow, St. John’s wort, celandine and nettle. The abrasiveness of the paste is low and therefore the degree of purification of the tooth surface from plaque will be minimal. Because after removing the signs of inflammation it is recommended to replace pasta with a controlled level of abrasively (RDA 75). Production Russia, price from 140 rubles for 50 ml.

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General recommendations for selection

Toothpastes can only temporarily relieve the patient’s symptoms from inflammation in periodontal tissues. When not addressing the root causes of the disease pathology to progress will continue. Pasta with antiseptic inclusions use is limited by term, only to relieve the acute phase of inflammation. The abuse threatens the development of dysbiosis.


If you noted the appearance of blood at a finger to the gums, brushing your teeth or taking food, you should immediately contact your doctor to establish a diagnosis and begin treatment. The sooner this is done the more likely it is to return to the physiological condition of the tissues in the mouth after the inflammatory changes.

The nuances of the conversation of the doctor about oral hygiene

After the doctor will perform medical operations at the first appointment about treatment of periodontitis, it is important to hold a conversation about oral hygiene. The doctor should tell you about the sequence of carrying out of action to clarify the features of the use of special tools and materials. After that, it is advisable to consolidate the material by repeating the patient actions performed on the jaw model and the answers to the oral survey given to the recommendations of the selection of toothpastes, toothbrushes and any other hygiene.

It is important to realize that even the treatment of inflammation in periodontal tissues, we note a decrease in symptoms, will not give a proof of the result of failure to observe hygiene of an oral cavity.