Toothpaste plaque: 15 best how to choose reviews and prices

Now on the market there are many toothpastes against Tartar. Tell you about 15 best, how to choose them and will also show reviews and prices on various cleansers offered by manufacturers.

The key to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is the constant cleanliness of the oral cavity, the absence of any deposits. And if time does not remove the plaque that forms after eating, then it quickly hardens and is mineralized.

Help toothpaste plaque?

Tartar is not just an aesthetic defect with an ugly brown hue that appears in inaccessible places. This is a fairly solid base for the active growth of bacteria that leads to gum disease, teeth, high sensitive enamel and so on.

On the basis of numerous studies it was discovered that a special formulation toothpaste from Tartar on the teeth is able to cope with the task and to help the person in time to clear the RAID and more solid education. But it should be regularly and properly treating the tooth surface with them, and the main thing – correctly to choose it.

However, dentists say that there comes a time when removal of the stone is possible only with professional methods. Pasta, whatever they may be quality and good, not all problems can handle, and to prevent the formation of plaque in the future also will not work.

It is very important to take into account the individual characteristics of a person’s predisposition, sensitivity of the enamel and other factors that influence the occurrence of plaque and other entities, hardness, and ease of purification.

In each paste against plaque there are various components and to count on their maximum efficiency, it is desirable to choose a multi-component tools. It is not necessary to consider them as the only way to get rid of stones. It’s more of prevention, aimed at preventing the emergence of deposits, rather than their radical elimination.

How to make the right choice?

Pondering which manufacturers of vehicles to choose for your daily use, you need to consider some factors:

  • what are the components of the composition, as they interact with each other, their security;
  • producer of pasta and his experience, quality of products, guarantee;
  • the opinion of friends, doctors, and customers who can share their experience with the use of any tools.

Since not all toothpaste is completely safe, and some contain abrasive materials, you should carefully approach the selection. Preferably before the purchase to consult with a dentist who knows all the details of your teeth. In some cases, the sensitivity of enamel or other problems can play an important role in determining the appropriate means and opportunities to use it.

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What should be the components in the composition?

All the paste that removes plaque, have a different composition, but in most cases, dominated by such basic, that you should pay particular attention to:

  • Fluorine or fluoride is a very useful component of any of the teeth, but overdoing it with him in any case impossible. Dentist recommended level should be within 0,1-0,6 %.
  • Calcium carbonate is abrasive and helps to clean the surface of plaque. But it cannot be used simultaneously with fluoride, as they will not only reduce each other’s effect, but can lead to destruction of the enamel.
  • Level RDA also says the amount of abrasive substances in the toothpaste. Depending on the sensitivity of the enamel and the intensity of the sediment should be selected carefully. In the first case, this figure should not exceed 25 units, and the higher it is, the stronger will be the effectiveness for the removal of Tartar but also more aggressive effect on the surface of the enamel.
  • A component of SLS is responsible not only for the cleaning of teeth, as for the formation of foam. And do not think that the bigger it is, the best cleansing effect. It is believed that the paste of this substance should not be. It is harmful for the organism and carries no useful functions.
  • Triclosan can also be in the composition against Tartar. It has antibacterial properties and is an antibiotic. But it should be remembered that this drug can kill not just harmful bacteria, but also useful, as it will negatively affect the microflora of the oral cavity and lead to various diseases.

The 15 best instances

  1. Radonta – created based on Tibetan herbs that are particularly good fight pathogenic bacteria and gently remove the formed plaque. Available in two variants – morning and evening, each of which has a different formula and properties. So, morning paste designed to efficiently clean the surface of the teeth using abrasives. And the evening more focused on solace, relieve irritation and is gentle means.
  2. Blend-a-med is popular brand, the products which has a wide variety of compositions. Pasta is focused on quality and the elimination of plaque and with the help of hydrated silica and pyrophosphate in the composition to prevent mineralization and hardening.
  3. These pastes are as Sensitive and Silver boast a unique main ingredient – silver ions. This is what contributes to the quality of the cleaning the tooth surface from plaque, stone and pathogenic bacteria. Cope even with such spots that appear after Smoking and coffee. An additional ingredient in the composition for sensitive teeth helps to remove inflammation and reduce bleeding gums.
  4. Jason – this pasta is made from natural ingredients and can achieve several results – to clean from the stone, to make polished enamel, to protect against harmful bacteria, strengthen tooth structure and prevent the emergence of new formations on their surface.
  5. Dabur «Carnation» is also based on natural ingredients that are safe to use even for the treatment of children’s milk teeth. In addition to cleansing helps freshen breath, strengthen the gums and hard tissues and also has some analgesic and soothing effect.
  6. Sea Fresh – made on the basis of Dead sea minerals and blue-green algae. Also there are many other natural ingredients in the composition that joint efforts actively, but gently dissolve all formed plaque while maintaining the integrity of enamel.
  7. Royal Denta Silver is composed of silver ions and of gold, which actively remove plaque, remove bacteria and has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the oral cavity in General.
  8. «New pearl» — range of toothpastes for the whole family, where you can find the right for any inquiries. Efficiently removing plaque, it also promotes whitening, fresh breath, reduces gum bleeding and strengthen the structure of the enamel.
  9. Detartrin – paste is based on minced zirconium in the form of a natural, but a mild abrasive can effectively cope with any patina and stone. Similar compositions are used by dentists for professional cleaning.
  10. Global White is a multicomponent tool against dental plaque, helps gently whiten enamel and strengthen its structure.
  11. SPLAT Likvum-gel without abrasive particles, but with a large number of important components. Helps to cope with deposits, lighten the smile, has an antiseptic effect and strengthens the teeth.
  12. Albadent Stone control fast and efficiently with a touch of any complexity, at the same time whitens, eliminates bleeding gums and replenishes the mineral composition of the tooth structure.
  13. Paste President series is a line of high-quality tools with many active substances and diverse action. Actively struggling with deposits, nourishes the teeth with minerals, whitens and gives a fresh breath. There are not many abrasives or antibacterial components.
  14. KeraSis Dental Clinic – natural ingredients of the paste is able to gently dissolve any build up even in hard to reach places to protect the gums from bleeding and to replenish vitamin balance to tissues.
  15. Paste series ROCS are composed of many active and important components that can quickly and efficiently remove education, to Polish the surface of teeth and to restore them to health.
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Toothpaste Whitening Natural ingredients Abrasives Reduces inflammation and haemorrhage Strengthening the enamel Anti-BAC-Rial effect Price
Radonta + + + + + 370-460 rubles
Blend-a-med + + 110
Sensitive Silver and + + + 170
Jason + + + 900
Dabur Gvozdika + + 250
Sea Fresh + + + 700-750
Royal Denta Silver + + + + 480
New pearl + + + 25
Detartrin + + 660
Global White + + 200
SPLAT Likvum gel + + + 200-300
Albadent Stone-control + + + 100
President + + + 200
KeraSis Dental Clinic + + + 150
ROCS + + + 200-240

How to use?

Because this pasta gain for normal daily use, and to brush her teeth twice a day. Applied to the small brush in a thin layer and proper movements treat the surface of all the teeth, special attention is paid to trying to hard to reach and distant places.

If the composition contains abrasive particles, pressure much not worth it, because you can easily damage the enamel, carapau her. Smooth and soft movements with a brush of medium hardness will be sufficient for quality treatment of the oral cavity.

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I for the whole family occasionally buy toothpaste Dabur «Carnation». I like its fragrance and the natural ingredients. This is especially important when the tool you buy for brushing your teeth not only adults but also children.


Permanently use Blend-a-med, but sometimes vary it and try different compositions. Teeth always clean and healthy, the doctor at inspection never detects a stone.


I especially liked the pasta «New Pearl», as it also whitens further and smile always remains shining. There are an unobtrusive but pleasant aroma after cleaning, which is very important in communication.


Tried a lot of different pastes. Stopped at Detartrine, but he copes with deposits on my teeth. All the rest do not help.


Tried several options like funds, but most liked the new Jason. Very good pasta, but still completely natural safe for health personnel.