Toothpaste with fluoride: benefit or harm

Many have heard that toothpaste with fluoride saves teeth from decay by strengthening enamel. But is it all rosy and why with this substance need to keep an eye on? These questions and many others you will get answers in this article, you will learn what toothpaste really useful and why not treat her choice lightly.

The value of fluoride for the body

From childhood knows about the benefits of calcium for bone structure. But equally important is the fluoride, a compound of which sodium is actively used for the production of certain products, especially in the field of medicine. In the human body this chemical element is responsible for bone strength, condition of teeth, hair, nails. Moreover, fluoride affects the metabolism, removes harmful metals, helps better absorption of iron, supports the immune system.

The lack of fluoride

When this element is insufficient in the body, it affects the whole skeletal system — bones lack the strength they can bend, fracture heal much worse. This means the teeth for thinning enamel and aggressive exposure to bacteria, further destruction of the molars.

One of the simplest ways to remedy the lack of substance to adjust the diet. To do this, eat more dairy and meat products, nuts, honey, fruit (Apple, grapefruit), vegetables (potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, onion), buckwheat, oats, tea.

An excess of fluorine

Too high content of this chemical element in the body is no less dangerous than the lack of it. But to regulate this indicator is difficult due to the fact that fluorine is so excessively contained in the tap water of some regions.

In this picture, if you begin to use fluoride toothpaste, it can lead to some diseases. For example, fluorosis is expressed by the appearance of the enamel stains of various colors and defects in the tissues of some molars.

And for the growing organism is fraught with lag in the development of the nervous system. One of the most difficult situations — intoxication with fluorine that has the feature of gradually accumulate and hard to display.

How to regulate the intake of fluoride

To the benefits and harms of this complex substance are mutually compensated for each other, and you could control its supply, follow some recommendations:

  • Do not let children use fluoride toothpaste until the age of six. So you can be sure that it is swallowed during the cleaning;
  • To reduce the risk of income excess amount of a substance to squeeze out of the tube the amount of paste the size of a small pea;
  • When you buy tools for cleaning teeth, pay attention to the particular compound of fluorine which it contains, and the concentration;
  • If you are going to go away for a while in another region, check out possible on the composition of local tap water;
  • Preferably before starting therapy with fluoride toothpaste and other means to care for the oral cavity to consult a specialist to avoid unpleasant consequences.
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Fluoride in toothpastes

In itself, the substance is found only in gaseous form, so modern toothpastes with fluoride can have various connections with other friendly components:

Fluoride of tin. Used especially actively in the last century, has excellent remineralizing action. But there is a significant lack of staining of seals, stains on the teeth, with periodontitis — inflammation of the gums.
Aluminum fluoride. This coarse abrasive is added only in cheap pasta, grossly affects the condition of the enamel.
Monoftorfosfat sodium. Due to the slow release of active fluoride during tooth brushing toothpaste with this compound ineffective.
The sodium fluoride. Compared to the previous version, this is preferable as it has good remineralizing effect, protects the enamel. So fluoride in toothpaste can be used in children for anti-caries therapy.
Amino. This is the most modern compound, its fluoride component continues to favorably act on the enamel for a long time after brushing. Equally successfully used in the prevention of dental caries in adults and children.

How to choose the right toothpaste

As has become clear, with fluoride trifled with — deficiency or overabundance can harm the health. So for this you need to follow carefully, especially if we are talking about a growing organism. Particular attention is paid to the choice of toothpaste, it should be effective, but safe and not contain the following components:

  1. Triclosan. A large number of modern popular tools for cleaning the oral cavity have this substance in the composition. This antibiotic is actively fighting against pathogens, however, destroys the beneficial microflora;
  2. Lauryl sodium sulfate, SLS or surfactants. Unfortunately, still up to 90% of all toothpastes contain the foaming agent derived from coconut oil by chemical means. It destroys the germs in the mouth, but harms the health;
  3. Fluorine or Fluoride. From given the region in which you live — high or normal content of a substance in water. If you absolutely can not use such funds to care for the oral cavity, avoid the word «fluorine» in various combinations, also often in it can be seen as Fluoride;
  4. Oxybenzoyl;
  5. Polyethylene glycol or PEG.
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Recommended toothpaste with fluoride

When you decide that you have fluoride in toothpaste — good or harm, you will be able to competently approach to its choice. If there are no contraindications to its use there, try one of the following options:

  • Blend-a-Med with active fluoride. This tool is particularly suitable for people with sensitive enamel, but you need to use it is not constant, but alternating with the usual pastes. It relieves bleeding gums, strengthens and brightens;
  • Colgate Maximum protection caries. It can be used since adolescence, has seen positive results — strengthening, protecting enamel with additional calcium content;
  • Paradontax fluoride. Active ingredient — sodium fluoride, well remineralized enamel, eliminates bleeding gums. Using 14 years follow the state of the molars at this time. The dangers of fluoride in toothpaste will be noticeable if there is a whitish spot, so it doesn’t fit you;
  • President Unique. Here you will find a few calcium compounds, potassium reduces sensitivity. With the use is course, but not constantly.

How to recognize an overabundance of fluoride

Possible harm toothpaste with fluoride in some cases can have serious consequences. To understand what you have in the body enough of this substance will help the following characteristics:

  1. Hair breakage;
  2. The defeat of the gastric mucosa — up to the formation of sores;
  3. Problems with the thyroid gland;
  4. Rhinitis of allergic origin;
  5. Convulsions;
  6. Bleeding gums;
  7. Hoarseness, and sometimes complete loss of voice;
  8. Tearing;
  9. Increased salivation;
  10. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

These symptoms are talking about the intolerance of fluoride by the body, so if you recognize this condition, stop the use of funds from its contents.

The signs of poisoning

There are more serious consequences for health, especially with constant use fluoride toothpaste. That is why they are not advised to use it constantly, but only in courses or alternate with other compositions. Be sure to seek medical help when the following symptoms:

  • Temperature rise;
  • Fatigue, weakness;
  • Poor appetite, nausea, pain in the intestine;
  • Arrhythmia, sudden changes in pressure, in difficult cases, the development of heart failure;
  • Pain in muscles, joints;
  • Diseases of the Central nervous system;
  • Disruption of the kidneys;
  • Vision problems;
  • Convulsions, tremor of the hands.

Also by inhalation of fluoride can develop a serious condition such as pneumonia, pulmonary edema. Because of this, there is a risk of respiratory failure in the advanced form of poisoning cannot be ruled out completely fatal.

Withdraw fluoride from the body will help products with calcium content, which needs to appoint a specialist after evaluating the results of biochemical studies of blood.

How to help themselves

The first thing you should do in cases of poisoning with fluorine to limit any additional sources of exposure. That is, to remove from the diet foods rich in this substance, cease to use the appropriate tools for oral health, as well as to monitor the composition of the consumed drinking water.

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Rules for efficient use of paste


Choose quality toothpaste that contains fluoride is very important, but equally important is how you, for example, produce very clean teeth. It is not so difficult, but children must be taught how technology from an early age. For example, the outer and the inner surface of the teeth is necessary to clean vertical movements, as if vymetaya food residue from the gum, for chewing the molars required to hold the brush horizontally.

Select the right tools

The perfect device for effective cleansing of teeth is brush, regardless of its type, is of great importance is the pile. It needs to be a high degree of stiffness sufficient for high-quality cleansing teeth, other varieties it is important to use the recommendations of the dentist. The working part should not be higher than 3 cm, well if on the back there is a special surface for cleaning the tongue.

Regular cleaning with a toothpaste and toothbrush is not always fully cope with the removal of all food residue. So don’t forget to buy special dental floss also preferably after each meal to rinse your mouth at least with water.

If you want to achieve better results, buy a special mouthwash or yourself make a decoction of oak bark, chamomile. So you also strengthen the gums, relieve them from bleeding, remove harmful microorganisms from the oral cavity.