Toothpaste without fluoride

Toothpaste without fluoride recommended for use in areas where drinking water contains high amounts of this trace element. Similar is observed on the territory of Ural, Western Siberia and other areas. And we are talking about different rates of increase. In addition, the fluoride substances are contained in other natural substances: soil, plants, minerals. What is threatened by an overabundance of fluoride in the body, and what pasta, not containing this component, is considered the best?

The dangers of excess fluoride

Despite the fact that pure fluorine in nature practically does not exist, it enters into the composition of many elements, such as fluorides. And this substance in its pure form is considered a toxin. Small amounts of fluoride in toothpaste can suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity, which provoke the development of caries. However, the fluoride affects the bacteria that support a healthy environment in your mouth, significantly affects the quality of tooth-shells.

If you frequently use a fluoride toothpaste, the risk of accumulation of this trace element in the body. This condition manifests itself in the form of yellowish or brownish spots on the teeth and is a disease of fluorosis. In this case, the teeth become very fragile, often broken and can fall out.

To avoid the accumulation of fluoride in the teeth, dentists suggest to limit the use of toothpastes containing this component. Enough to brush way teeth a couple times a week, and one dose of paste should not be more than a match head. This will allow to maintain the necessary level of fluoride in the composition of the teeth without negative body effects. The rest of the time should give preference to toothpaste without fluoride.

Toothpaste with fluoride is not recommended for use in children, especially since they are in the process of cleaning and caring for the oral cavity not really watch the dosage of cleaning products. In addition, it is not recommended to use people who get this component from other sources.

When choosing the best toothpaste for themselves and their loved ones should pay special attention to the composition. Good quality product not contain the following ingredients:

  1. any fluoride compound;
  2. parabens;
  3. triclosan;
  4. sodium lauryl sulfate.

To ease the task of choosing a cleaning agent to the dentition, you can watch the ranking, which includes the best toothpastes without fluoride. In this list you can find products from different manufacturers and brands. They all have not only their own positive characteristics, but have certain disadvantages and nuances of using.

President of Unik and now is

President of Unik — a remedy for the Italian manufacturer Betafarma S. p.A. composed of components of calcium: Pantothenate, lactate, glycerophosphate, xylitol and plant enzyme papain. Thanks to this excellent composition, this paste is on the 1st place in the list.

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Its components are perfectly assimilated calcium, papain destroys the protein-based plaque and the xylitol stops the process of its formation and neutralizes the acid environment in the oral cavity. Due to their action of the teeth to preserve their health, staying strong and no plaque.

Experts are wary that the toothpaste contains potassium salts to reduce tooth sensitivity. Such a compound is able to make initial minor symptoms of other diseases are invisible, as the nerve endings become less sensitive.

Splat biocalcium is a means that does not contain fluorine, is produced in Russia. As active substances are components, such as:

  • hydroxyapatite;
  • calcium salt of lactic acid;
  • papain;
  • a polydon.

The composition of the paste is similar with the previous product, but the price is more affordable for consumers.

Splat Max is another pasta of this brand, which has no fluoride. Among the active substances — hydroxyapatite, polydon, zinc citrate and papain can be detected ingredients such as liquorice extract and enzyme complex. This toothpaste is recommended for daily use because it provides comprehensive care for teeth and oral cavity.

New pearl calcium and Parodontax

Among other toothpastes without fluoride this product (New pearl) well-known manufacturer Nevskaya kosmetika is one of the most budget options, as the cost of 1 package is 30-35 rubles. Active component funds is the calcium citrate, which quickly releases the active particles of calcium. This brand is trusted by many Russians, so it is quite a long time is in the rankings.

Parodontax is available in 2 types: with and without fluoride, and if no pathological lesions of the gums, coupled with tooth decay, it is better to prefer the second option.

Manufacturers are producing this product since the late 19th century and we are proud that since its formulation has not changed. The paste has a natural composition which, besides mineral salts and citrate of zinc, includes a complex of extracts and plant extracts. Its use allows to eliminate the inflammation, bleeding, and bacterial pathogens.

Despite the fact that a toothpaste without fluoride can be used for brushing your teeth kiddies, all dentists recommend to buy special products.

A rating of the best children’s toothpastes without fluoride

What baby pasta fall into the list of the best? First of all, the products of manufacturers with a good reputation, which is made on the modern equipment of high quality raw materials. The pasta should have a delicate texture that does not harm the soft enamel coating milk the tooth, and a pleasant taste, not causing the child disgust. All the criteria answer the following tools:

  1. President Baby. The pasta is produced in Italy, contains as active substances glycerophosphate and xylitol. In addition to fluoride, sugar-free, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, polyethylene glycol. The manufacturer took care of the low abrasiveness of the product, so it does not harm the enamel of milk teeth, but strengthens it and is not harmful if swallowed.
  2. The paste-gel Weleda with calendula extract. The toothpaste containing natural ingredients, preferred by most parents. In addition to alginate, it includes the extract of calendula, fenhelevoe and peppermint oil, natural ether of glucose. Composed with no PEG, sugars and other not very useful ingredients. The tool has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, it effectively fights plaque. However, it is recommended to alternate with the other children’s toothpastes, as part of Weledi there is not only fluoride, but also calcium compounds. The disadvantages include a fairly high price, which is higher than the products of other, equally well-known brands.
  3. Splat Juicy Set. The Russian product, which is recommended as young children and adults. The structure includes one of the most easily digestible substances calcium — hydroxyapatite of synthetic origin. It is capable to repair weakened enamel coating of the teeth, mineralize and strengthening it. In addition, the composition contains enzyme complex of lactoferrin, oxide of glucose and other important components.
  4. Splat Junior. If the previous product is shown for use for babies under 1 year and adults up to 99 years, a few age limit is 4 years. As in other pastes for kids, there’s no fluorine, especially in the part of will not find of the sodium salt and euryceros acid. In the Paid Junior has calcium, some useful substances, enzyme, licorice extract and aloe gel. The facility has a pleasant taste of cream and vanilla, these substances reduce the inflammation that occurs with teething, prevent the development of frequent children’s disease — stomatitis. When you buy parents for a pleasant surprise — brush-fingertip is made of silicone, which is included in the tool kit. The only negative, which experts say — in the unknown component, Calcis, which is not a natural connection, and the manufacturers do not specify what kind of calcium ingredient.
  5. Rox Pro-baby. Domestic manufacturers have taken into account almost all features of children’s milk teeth. The composition of the paste does not include ingredients such as parabens, dyes, and antiseptics. In addition, it has low abrasiveness, not a threat to children’s health if swallowed. As the active substance acts as a calcium salt (calcium glycerophosphate), and to impart sweet taste added natural sweetener xylitol. The disadvantages funds can be attributed to its price, which is almost 2 times higher than the cost of the Italian product brand President, having similar composition.
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To choose the best pasta from this category is easy if you know the rating of products. In addition, the majority of manufacturers makes mandatory marked on the package — «without fluoride». But in certain cases it is necessary to study the composition to determine whether products contain this ingredient. Most often, composition is not pure fluorine, and its compounds, which are difficult to recognize in name only. What ingredients should be alerted in this case?

Under what names hides fluorine

The means for care of teeth and oral cavity that do not contain fluoride in the composition should not be the following components:

Monophosphate sodium. This compound has an inorganic origin, including the sodium salt and ferrostroy acid. The effectiveness of the product will decrease significantly, if a person pays to clean your teeth in less than 3 minutes.
The sodium fluoride. The white substance in the form of crystals, which quickly releases particles of ionized fluoride. Toothpaste containing this ingredient, improve the remineralization of tooth enamel, thus strengthening it. However, the overabundance of this substance negatively affects the various body systems, including cardiovascular.
Amino. The second name of this connection is olaflur, remineralizing abilities it is superior to the previous stuff. It covers tooth enamel with a thin film that protects the teeth from the negative effects until the next cleaning.
Fluoride tin (also called tin fluoride). Thanks to the remineralizing ability of this ingredient in preventive toothpastes. Their use prevents the development of such common diseases as dental caries and gingivitis. But because of the content of this substance in the demineralized regions of the enamel to change color, becoming pure white at first, later darken. It spoils the aesthetic appearance of the dentition.
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It is impossible to say which toothpaste is better, because it can require completely different actions depending on associated factors. If you want to choose the most suitable product, it is best to undergo a preventive examination at the dentist and get expert advice, including on choosing the best cleaning products. Only dentist on the basis of the inspection advise the most optimal variant for each patient.