Treatment of caries without drilling: no drills, children

Today, many dental clinics offer tooth decay treatment without drilling in the beginning of its appearance. More recently, to the introduction of new technologies eliminate such pathology doctors began only at the advanced stage of destruction of the tooth. The primary goal of treatment of caries without drilling is to stop the further development of carious process at the initial and middle stage, elimination of pathogens and strengthen dental tissue. Treatment of caries without a drill is a completely painless procedure, thanks to which it is possible for a long time to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Is it possible to get rid of pathology without drilling

In ancient times, the relief from toothache was carried out with the use of hand drills, and gradually they were replaced by the drill. The elimination of dental caries began to pass much faster and less painful, but despite this, there are some disadvantages of drilling:

  • when handling the tooth enamel with a drill may form microcracks, which can later cause re-emergence of caries.
  • the process of preparation of the tooth is accompanied by pain and combined with an unpleasant vibration;
  • in the area of contact of the molar with the drill tool, there is an increase in temperature and overheating it damages the tissue;
  • a drill is the removal of not only caries, but also completely healthy;
  • drilling causes a large quantity of fine dust and leaching is necessary to apply phosphoric acid to avoid further progression of the pathology;
  • the use of the drill may cause injury to the mucosa of the palate and gums.

Is it possible to cure tooth decay in patients of any age without undergoing unpleasant procedures such as drilling? Today dental companies have successfully used modern technologies of treatment of caries without a drill. Latest techniques help to remove the pathology without pain and fear, because the need to drill the tooth is completely eliminated.

Infiltration method

This method of eliminating the pathology of the tooth mainly used in the beginning of its development, when the molars there is only a small spot. In addition, infiltration may be conducted in patients who have undergone the installation of braces. With this method of treatment is the procedure of drilling the teeth, but manages to keep all the tissues healthy.

Original carious lesion specialist covers with a special gel, under the influence of which there is a splitting of the enamel. Then you use the alcohol dries the area treated and lubricated polymer resin, which gradually penetrates the pores of the enamel. The final stage of this treatment is the drying of the infiltration of the curing light and polished.

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This procedure allows to preserve the integrity of your teeth for years and does not provoke the appearance of microcracks, leading to the subsequent destruction of the molars. In addition, the infiltration method allows you to make the treated surface is the same colour as the healthy part.

Duration of this procedure is approximately 15-20 minutes. The main advantage of this method is the absence of pain and discomfort, and the treatment process is not accompanied by severe noise, vibration, and drilling. In addition, during one procedure it is possible to treat not one, but several teeth. Actually, the infiltration is only allowed on the smooth surface of the molar teeth or between the teeth. The main condition is the fact that the lesion should have a wide entrance and smooth edges.

The use of ozone

The place of development of this method of removing caries as ozone therapy, is Germany. The main difference of this method of removing the pathology is considered the fact that it requires the total elimination of bacteria, which have a devastating impact not teeth. After their suppression is the mineralization of dental tissues. Ozone therapy is carried out without the use of the drill, that is not necessary to apply anesthesia.

Sometimes this is done without sealing, and the essence of this method lies in the following: for the treatment uses a special device that could convert oxygen into ozone. He instantly acts on the carious cavity and eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, under whose influence is the destruction of the tooth. Gradually, the ozone comes out of the teeth and is then converted into oxygen. The duration of this treatment is only 20-40 seconds, while healthy cells made no impact.

In some situations, the specialists recommended for the elimination of caries ozone therapy? In fact, this treatment is suitable for any patient diagnosed with primary caries. Ozone is considered a totally harmless gas, which can irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and the appearance of Allergy.

In a situation when the patient revealed deep carious cavity, without the use of a drill will hardly do. Dentists recommend ozone treatment to all patients without exception in the prevention of dental caries in children and adults. Ozone treatment has many advantages, but in Russia it did not receive wide distribution. The fact that the cost necessary for the treatment equipment is quite high.

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The application of laser in the treatment of caries

Today the dental clinic to correct dental caries is widely used laser, and it is possible to do without drilling the teeth and severe discomfort. With such equipment timely to cure an aching tooth is possible for much less time. Moreover, laser equipment is widely used for prevention of caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and other dental pathologies. The laser wavelength is selected so that under its influence the evaporation affected by caries tissues, and healthy remain unaffected. In addition, the laser wave exerts an inhibitory effect on the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity.

The main advantage of this method of treatment is the fact that it can be used both in children and adults. When conducting such treatment can do without the use of any anesthetics. After treatment of carious cavity with a laser, it becomes sterile and the risk of developing caries is too low. In the treatment of caries with the laser completely eliminates the contact of the equipment with the person that reduces the risk of contamination of any infection in the oral cavity.

Caries treatment by laser completely destroys bacteria, under the influence of which develop carious process in the teeth.

In addition, this method does not cause the formation of cracks on the teeth due to the lack of vibration, which is not true when using the drill. In the treatment of infected dentin evaporates completely, so there is no need to constantly wash away its remnants. Cure tooth turns much faster than using a drill.

The main drawbacks of this method is considered relatively high cost, because the price of dental equipment and the training of experts is worth a lot of money. In addition, this method allowed to use only in identifying the patient’s short-and medium-extent of damage, and at a deep carious cavity this treatment will not bring the desired result.

Air — abrasive processing


One of the most effective methods of removing tooth decay without using a drill is considered to be air — abrasive processing. This treatment uses a special instrument which delivers the fine abrasive particles due to the strong flow of air. For these purposes, silica beads, regular baking soda or aluminum oxide.
In the treatment process is contact of the air — abrasive stream to the surface of the tooth, and eroded particles of carious tissue, and healthy it is absolutely not affected. After this treatment the risk of recurrent caries is practically impossible.

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During such treatment, the technician wears special glasses that help prevent possible irritation of abrasive dust on the eyes. Around the treated tooth include rubber seals, which perform a protective function for the neighboring molars. In addition, for this purpose can be used a sealant, which cover the uncultivated areas of the oral cavity.
When air — abrasive treatment is not observed heating of the dental tissues, and there is no noise and vibration. In addition, this technology reduces the probability of formation of microcracks, which subsequently can cause the destruction of the entire molar.

In fact, the method of air — abrasive treatment is not ideal and in some cases still have to resort to scrubbing of tooth decay with a drill and holding only composite fillings. There are situations when absolutely there is no possibility to use this method of treatment due to the unavailability of tip system to the lesion. Another major drawback of air — abrasion is considered to be a possible increase in sensitivity of the molar teeth in the future.

Today treatment of caries without drilling teeth is quite affordable and effective. Such methods eliminate the pathology can not be called perfect, but they are ideal for patients who regularly visit the dentist and are worried about their teeth. In the diagnosis of pathology in the beginning of its development cannot do without the drilling procedure, and the treatment is fast and comfortable.

Many patients visit a specialist only when the tooth begins to worry and in such a situation without the use of a drill just will not do. For this reason, it is recommended to visit a dental office at least once in six months, which will allow you to save your nerves and health.