Treatment of inflammation of the gums around the tooth at home

Inflammation of the gums around the tooth are a frequent and dangerous disease of the oral cavity, which has characteristic symptoms.

How is the treatment of the disease at home, as it is influenced by the age of the patient, other features of his body.


Why there is inflammation of the tissues near a tooth? Depending on the symptoms, the disease may be named differently and each case has its own causes.

Most often disease is called gingivitis, but it is only one of the scenarios of disease, which is characterized by impaired connections gums-tooth. Doctors there are several reasons:

  • bad the care of the oral cavity, the appearance of Tartar;
  • disruptions in hormonal balance of the body;
  • the injury, which appeared after prosthetic treatment.

If gingivitis is not cured on time, it flows in a more complex form – periodontitis, it also is an inflammatory process, but with the subsequent destruction of periodontal tissues. The causes of the following:

  • untreated gingivitis;
  • injury after tooth extraction and during implantation;
  • incorrect nutrition;
  • defects in the structure of the dentition;
  • Tartar;
  • weak mouth hygiene.

Periodontitis is another form of gingivitis. Main causes: complications of deep pulpitis, osteomyelitis, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, harmful effects of drugs during dental treatment.

Different forms of inflammation appear after the teeth dental events, for example after turning of the teeth or prosthetics.


Signs of inflammation of the gums, and the causes of the disease depend on its shape. With gingivitis, the following symptoms:

  • the gums are much swollen, there is bleeding;
  • the body temperature rises;
  • the enamel appear deposits;
  • felt an unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • the widening of the periodontal tissues, and they die off;
  • change the color of the gums — it becomes dark red or gets a blue tint;
  • the gaps between the teeth are filled with overgrown gums;
  • the painful feeling when brushing your teeth.

In turn, periodontitis is characterized by:

  • loosening of teeth and bleeding of the gingival tissues;
  • patients notice that the gum away from the tooth;
  • difficulties during eating;
  • exposure of subgingival tooth;
  • bad breath and pulsation in the periodontal tissues.

In periodontitis:

  • strong and persistent pain in the teeth, by a gradual loosening;
  • the increase in the gingival tissues;
  • swelling of the lips and cheeks;
  • in some cases, the gums may appear hole (fistula). Through it displays the products Groene which occurs inside soft tissues.

Inflammation of the gums around the tooth can be treated effectively, if we remember that the disease with equal frequency and likelihood of appearing on any part of the gums: and near the front teeth, near the wisdom teeth.

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These diseases are very similar and correct to distinguish them can only be a specialist. Correct and timely diagnosis – the key to successful treatment.


Inflamed gums around tooth – what to do, how to treat?

The therapy is done with the use of drugs, but the most important point is the correct diagnosis, which can lead a doctor. To remove the inflammation of the gums around the tooth preparations, it is necessary to obtain expert advice for effective treatment.

If the inflammation is accompanied by pain, it is recommended to take pain relievers: for Pain or caution will help to stop the pain, and the Acetaminophen will relieve the fever.

At the pharmacy you can also buy a series of solutions of antibiotics of local action, which quickly relieve minor symptoms. These include:

  1. Maraslavin.
  2. Miramistin.
  3. Polyminerol.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics used without a doctor’s permission impossible. They are used if other methods have not yielded positive results. Among such means are:

  1. Metronidazole.
  2. Lincomycin.
  3. Domincan and Ciflox (in special cases).

Inflamed areas of the gums and is treated with a special gel. Very popular for these purposes uses Holisal, which reduces bleeding and inflammation of the gums, strengthens them.

For a comprehensive treatment doctors recommend applying balms for rinsing the oral cavity of the Forest and forest balsam. There are a number of toothpastes, the use of which is both a measure of prevention and treatment. At the same time, dentists are recommended to take complex of vitamins C.

If you are in a position, that is, pregnant, and watching myself bleeding gums, then by all means start the treatment, read more about it here.

Treatment at home

Inflammation of the gums around the tooth and treated with folk remedies, some of them advises traditional medicine, about the actions of other ongoing disputes. To apply traditional methods is recommended as a Supplement to the basic, classic method of combating the disease.

Most popular recipes are to rinse the mouth medicinal infusions. Here are some of them:

  • a decoction of oak bark and sage leaves for cooking you will need the same proportion of the two ingredients, which is poured boiling water and cooled. Rinse your mouth means recommend every 2-3 hours;
  • soda — it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and stir it in a glass of boiled water, rinse your mouth recommend not more than 2-3 times a day. The product has antibacterial effect;
  • 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide — 100 grams of boiled water pour 3-4 teaspoons of peroxide. Rinse your mouth for 5 minutes and at the end of the procedure, washed it with clean water;
  • the infusion of chamomile flowers — a tablespoon of dried plants pour boiling water and infuse for 30-40 minutes. You need to rinse your mouth every two hours for several days. For greater efficiency, with chamomile in equal proportions can be mixed and calendula (St. John’s wort);
  • a decoction from the leaves of strawberry, mint or calamus root — some experts of traditional medicine recommended to mix these ingredients, others say that they must be prepared separately from each other.
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In addition to various concoctions and use a homemade ointment for gums. 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda add a few drops of lemon juice and 10 drops of bleach, then all thoroughly mixed and clean ground ready the teeth. In the next half hour after the procedure you cannot eat.

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The details of treatment in children

If a child has inflamed gums around a tooth, it requires even more serious than the same problem in an adult, as unsuccessfully treated, the disease will affect the formation of the dentition. It is not recommended to self-diagnose and prescribe treatment, the child should definitely show the dentist.

The use of antibiotics, even local action, it is undesirable, therefore, increases the value of folk remedies. Of the above popular recipes recommend the use of decoctions of chamomile, sage, calendula. From the use of peroxide and other aggressive means should be abandoned.

Medication dentists suggest to do use ointment Holisal and solution of Chlorhexidine (0.05 per cent) to rinse the mouth. It is very important to strengthen the immune system of the child through children’s vitamin complexes.

How to avoid relapse? Prevention

After completion of the treatment procedures, care must be taken that the inflammation of the gums around the tooth has not appeared again. Stick to the following rules:

  • efficiently and brush teeth regularly, use dental floss and mouth rinses. Pay attention to the condition of not only teeth but the whole mouth cavity;
  • to follow hormone and vitamin balance of the body, constantly to strengthen it.
    Eat more foods containing vitamin C;
  • it’s possible to give up bad habits (especially Smoking and holding in the mouth foreign objects);
  • have regular medical checkups at the dentist and change your toothbrush at least every 2-3 months;
  • massage the gums with a light shaking them with clean fingers;
  • eat fibrous foods that will help clean the teeth from plaque not petrified;
  • follow the stress on the body, excessive quantities can provoke not only gingivitis, but more severe disease.
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Adhering to these tips, you will maintain the health of your mouth and the entire body, and also saves time and money that are spent on treatment.

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Further questions

► What to do if a child inflamed gums near a baby tooth?

Immediately contact your dentist, as neglect of this disease will affect the growth of permanent teeth. The doctor will put an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate medicines and treatments, given the age of the child.

► There may be an inflammation of the gums during the eruption of wisdom teeth?

Yes. During the eruption of eights soft tissue, which are in the growth zone of the tooth, and in contact to infection start inflammation. Dentists recommend that you carefully monitor the hygiene of the mouth during the growth of wisdom teeth. If you have too often this problem appears in the same place, then contact your dentist, you may have pathology of growth of eight.

► Is it dangerous inflammation of the gums around the tooth during pregnancy?

The danger is the unpredictability of the disease and the impossibility to use the classical methods of medical treatment. The situation of a lot of things like inflammation of the gums of the child, but with the difference that in this case at risk is the health of two people, so immediately contact your dentist.

► Swollen gums after filling: how to treat?

The treatment takes place by classical methods described in the article. It is more important to determine the cause that caused the inflammation, and this can only be done by a dentist. Often this reaction is due to the effects of drugs used during filling, their need to identify and avoid repeated application in the future.