Treatment of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve at home

Treatment of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve (neuralgia) is carried out using different methods, but is it possible to accomplish this at home? Will try to answer in detail in the current material.

This disease is insidious – the pain symptoms afflict the victim suddenly and have a long way to go to get rid of them.


So what is neuralgia and what is the problem of disease? Trigeminal nerve is a three branched nerve that runs along both sides of the face: one of the branches is above the eyebrows, two others — on both sides of the nose and the lower jaw.

The inflammation of this nerve is extremely painful and has a specific nature, the consequences of which can be seen literally «face». With the defeat of there is pain in the area of the forehead, nose, brow, jaw, neck and chin. Possible bad toothache. In parallel, there is a nervous twitch, blanching or redness of skin, atrophy of facial muscles including.

The disease occurs for various reasons – it is independent or a consequence of various infections, fatigue, and stress. If you see signs of neuralgia, it is necessary not to postpone the doctor and take treatment as quickly as possible.

Types of inflammation

Since every part of the trigeminal nerve divides into smaller branches that lead to all parts of the face, nerve covers it in General. These branches are responsible for facial sensitivity.

The first branch is responsible for eye brow, eye, upper eyelid and forehead. Second – the nose, the cheek, lower eyelid and upper jaw, the third for some of the chewing muscles and lower jaw.

There are two types of diseases:

  • the first type (true): the most common, occurs because of impaired blood supply or compression of the nerve, is the self. This type the pain is severe, recurrent and penetrating;
  • the second type (secondary): the symptom often is a complication of the disease caused by complications of other diseases. Neuralgia of this type is the pain is burning and constant, it is possible in any part of the face.

The most popular cases of neuralgia of the nervous process with only one side of the face, however, there are cases of inflammation of two or three branches at once, and sometimes in both front sides. Intense pain, seizures last for 5-15 seconds, often up to several minutes.


To determine the exact factor why there is a neuralgia, doctors still aren’t, but there are a number of reasons contributing to the emergence and development of the disease:

  • compression of the trigeminal nerve is internal and external. Internal considered of the tumor and adhesions formed after injury, as well as the offset location of the arteries and veins close to the trigeminal nerve. Inflammation in the oral cavity and of the sinuses attributed to external factors;
  • hypothermia of the face is found among those who do not prefer to wear a hat in winter. If the nerve zastuzheny, an attack of neuralgia may provoke even washing with cold water;
  • signs of immune the ailments of the body against which intensified herpes — in this case, help protivovirusnye drugs;
  • diseases of the oral region is an extra push for neuralgia: periodontitis, pulpitis, gingivitis, abscess, gum disease, periodontitis and other complications of caries in particular is very dangerous. If the seal is set incorrectly (the material beyond the boundary of the top of the tooth) or tooth extraction, the patient was injured is all can also cause;
  • shingles — a disease, bearing the viral nature and the increasing, if the body is weakened, as a result of reproduction develops an inflammatory process of the trigeminal nerve;
  • «hunger» is nerve — accumulation on the walls of blood vessels cholesterol plaques.

To get rid of inflammation is to treat:

  • some forms of Allergy;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • failure of the metabolism;
  • depression and insomnia;
  • neurosis;
  • diseases of the blood vessels of the brain;
  • disorders psychogenic nature;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • hepatically infection;
  • a lowered immune system.

Etiology of neuralgia is really broad, but accepted that she usually finds women aged 45 to 70 years. With age, the immune system is compromised and any physical exertion can cause stroke.

Video: trigeminal neuralgia in the program «Live healthy» Elena malyshevoy.

The symptoms of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

Many patients complain of sudden and unexplained pain, but also noted the occurrence of neuralgia after stressful situations. Doctors are inclined to believe that inflammation developed earlier – a stressful situation launched the trigger mechanism for the onset of pain.

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Branching of the trigeminal nerve affecting motor and sensory fibers, there is a sharp pain, spasms in the chewing muscles, all these symptoms indicate the inflammation.

Symptoms of facial nerve injury are:

  • sharp shooting pain in one half of persons with end-to-end nature;
  • distorted facial expressions because of perenoshennoy separate areas or in one half of the face;
  • headaches, chills, weakness, muscle pain all over the body;
  • the increase in body temperature (hyperthermic reaction);
  • with strong pain, insomnia, fatigue and irritability;
  • twitching of the muscles around the affected nerve;
  • small rash at the site of lesion of a certain part of the face.

Strong shooting pain from the ear region to the median line of the head indicates the main manifestation of neuritis, after which there is a gross distortion of the face. Such changes may remain for life, if the disease becomes protracted or progressive.

At long existence of the disease may be the paleness or redness of the skin, changes in the secretion of glands, greasiness or dryness of the skin, swelling of face and even loss of eyelashes.

Pain in neuralgia is divided into two types:

  1. Typical pain is sharp and intense, periodic, may fade and reoccur. When neuritis of the shooting, like the tooth, recalls the shock and lasts about 2-3 minutes. Affects only one part of the face and localized matter what part of the triple nerve is damaged. After paroxysmal pain in return get aching pain.
    Typical pain can cause washing, brushing teeth, shaving, applying makeup – actions affecting one part of the face. Pain during laughter, smiles and conversation, most often occur after exposure to low temperatures on one half of the face and ear region.
  2. Atypical pain is constant, with brief interruptions, captures most of the persons, that the patient is difficult to determine its source. Sometimes pain attack is accompanied by spasm of the muscles, then on the affected side of the face occurs pain tick. Their sudden decline looks like an abnormal asymmetry of the face and is accompanied by pain, and the victim cannot open his mouth until after the attack. Treatable much more difficult, as the pain bothers the patient every hour, overtaking its peak for 20 seconds, then it went on for some time.

Scheme of anatomy, photos

The trigeminal nerve is located in the temporal area, where there are are three branches:

  1. Up and eye frontal part.
  2. Lower jaw.
  3. The upper jaw

Two first branching fiber delicate, sensitive and chewing, to ensure the active muscular movements of the jaw.


In diagnosis pathology it is important to consult a doctor for evaluation of pain syndrome and conduct a neurological examination. The diagnosis is based on complaints of the patient, the specialist determines the type of pain, its triggers, and localization of possible locations of damage causing pain attack.

To determine the affected area and see which branch of the trigeminal nerve is affected, the physician palpated the patient’s face. Additionally, conduct a survey on the presence of inflammatory processes of the facial region – sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis.

Apply the following instrumental methods of investigation:

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging – informative, if the cause was multiple sclerosis or a tumor.
  2. Angiography — reveals dilated vessels or aneurysm of the brain, compressing the nerve.

Methods of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

The disease is difficult to cure and if the pain attacks last for more than a day, the patients are placed in the neurological Department of a hospital. There appointed complex therapy, prevents the development of chronic and relieving acute symptoms.

To relieve pain, doctors recommend the use of hormonal preparations and anti funds, but also an important physiotherapy:

  • electrophoresis and phonophoresis;
  • ultrasonic treatment;
  • diadynamic therapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • a treatment with impulsive low frequency currents;
  • laser treatment;
  • the influence of the electromagnet;
  • infrared and UV treatment.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the treatment of inflammation of the nerve begins with the elimination of the main symptoms of pain. In the future, determine the causes of the disease (that the treatment itself was not in vain), are assigned to the tests and conducted a full examination of the patient.

  • eliminates inflammatory processes in the sinuses, if any;
  • upon detection of inflammatory processes in the gums, pay great attention to their relief;
  • if the patient has pulpitis, the nerve is removed the damaged tooth with a filling material filling the root canals;
  • if the x-ray confirmed that one of the teeth improperly installed seal, it perelechivayut.
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To soothe the pain, the patient is administered the required combination of drugs and sent on reception to the endocrinologist, the immunologist, infectious disease specialist and allergist. If one of the experts finds a problem, he prescribes the appropriate medication.

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It is not necessary to resort to self-medication neuralgia without consulting a doctor, who will pick up the required medication and its dosage.


  1. Anticonvulsant drugs: carbamazepine tablets (in other words, Finlepsin, tegretol) – occupies a leading position in this category, providing analgesic and anticonvulsant effect, inhibits the activity of neurons, than eliminate pain. Because of its toxicity, is not recommended for pregnant women, can also lead to mental disorders, toxic liver and kidneys, drowsiness, nausea, pancytopenia including. During the reception, it is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice, it can exacerbate the negative impact of drugs on the body. Additionally prescribe drugs valproic acid: konvuleks, Depakine, lamotrigine, phenytoin (phenytoin), oxcarbazepine.
  2. Painkillers and non-steroidal means: Nise, analgin, baralgin or Movalis – take after meals three times a day. The course of treatment is short, as prolonged use can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Help only at the beginning of the attack. These include: dikloberl, revmoxib, Movalis, indomethacin, celebrex.
  3. Pain in the form of non-narcotic analgesics — in case selenopyrane pain syndrome appoint deksalgin, Ketanov katelyn and drugs drug number: promedol, morphine, tramadol, nalbuphine.
  4. Antiviral agents — recommended, if the facial palsy has a viral nature. Antibiotics drink with the bacterial nature of the disease. Standards are acyclovir, root, lavomax.
  5. Neuroprotectors and vitamin preparations: used tihama, milhama, neostigmine, nervoheel and neurobion remove the anxiety, reducing the risk of attack.
  6. Glucocorticoids: reduce the swelling inflammation of a nerve, have a strong effect in a short time. I think the best methylprednisolone, hydrocortisone, dexamethasone.

You also need to take mandatory physical therapy: paraffin-ozokerite, UHF, an electrophoresis, a magnetotherapy.


Surgical elimination of the causes of neuralgia apply in the case of ineffectiveness of drug therapy or when the duration of the pain.

There are two surgical techniques:

  • microvascular decompression;
  • radiofrequency destruction;

The first method is trepanning the rear of the cranial fossa. Separates the root of the trigeminal nerve, compressing the blood vessels. Between the spine and blood vessels is placed a special gasket that prevent pinching, to prevent relapse.

The method of radiofrequency destruction is not so traumatic and is performed under local anesthesia, the discharge current is directed to the affected area, they also destroy the roots of the trigeminal nerve that are affected by pathological processes.

Sometimes, it’s just one operation, otherwise the impact is repeated several times.


Massage with trigeminal neuritis increases energy and reduces excess muscle tension in certain muscle groups. Improve blood circulation and microcirculation in inflammation in the affected nerve and the superficial tissues.

Impact on the reflex zones at the exit of branches of trigeminal nerve facial, ear and neck region stands in the massage in the first place, and then work with the muscles and skin.

The massage is performed sitting, knocking his head on the headrest to relax the neck muscles. Attention is focused on the sternocleidomastoid muscle, thanks to the light massaging movements. Then stroking and rubbing movements rise to the parotid areas up, and then massage a healthy and the affected side of the face.

► The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, an average of 10-14 sessions per course of treatment.

How to treat at home?

The most effective folk remedies and recipes:

  • chamomile — pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon of flowers. The drink is gaining in the mouth and kept there until the pain at least a little will recede;
  • fir oil – should be for a day, RUB it into the damaged areas. The skin may appear red, but the pain will go away. Enough three days such procedures;
  • marshmallow — 4 tsp. roots of plants pour cooled boiled water on day of leaving. In the evening infusion moisten a piece of cloth, applying to the face. Wrap insulated top with a towel or parchment paper, take off an hour and a half, also put on the scarf;
  • black radish – the skin is rubbed several times a day it juice;
  • buckwheat – grits glass good sear in the pan, then placed it in the pouch of natural fabric, keeping it on the sick parts until until the buckwheat has cooled. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times a day;
  • egg — cut in half hard boiled egg, applying it to the affected parts pain;
  • raspberry – prepare a tincture based on vodka, filling the leaves of the plant (1 part) vodka (3 parts), and then infused for 9 days, then used this infusion for 90 consecutive days in small doses before meals;
  • clay — knead it in vinegar, and then sculpt a thin plate, which is applied every night to the affected area;
  • dates – a few ripe products is ground in a meat grinder, this mixture is consumed three times a day for 3 tsp to enhance the taste dilute it with water or milk;
  • the ice — they wipe the face, grabbing the neck, after face heated, massaging it with warm fingers. At one time, the procedure was repeated for three approaches.
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► Important! Even the traditional methods required to use only under the supervision of a physician. It will clarify the recipe and, moreover, tell whether the treatment such means effectively specifically in your case.

The consequences

Inflammation troinicnogo nerve does not carry the danger of death, but the consequences are very dangerous.

  1. Intensively developing depression.
  2. Constant pain causes mental disorders may be a need in the avoidance of companies are breaking social ties.
  3. The patient loses weight, as can not eat.
  4. The immunity of the patient decreases.

Timely elimination of symptoms does not carry health risks, and remission with conservative treatment, with a duration of several months, prepares the body for potential operations.

Video: Fayyad Akhmedovich Farhat (Dr. med.Sciences, neurosurgeon of the highest qualification category) on the disease of the facial nerve.


As a common cause of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is any disease of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis, sinusitis) or a dental disease, early treatment will greatly reduce the risk of problems.

  • to minimize mental and emotional stress;
  • the elimination of potential exposure;
  • avoidance of infectious diseases .

In case of viral and infectious diseases in parallel with antipyretic and antiviral drugs should be taken anticonvulsants.

Further questions

► What to do if you have trigeminal nerve?

If the pain struck suddenly, should immediately consult a neurologist who will determine pain area and methods of eliminating pain, will prescribe the necessary medication or to be referred to a neurosurgeon. Before going to the doctor, you can try temporarily to ease the pain with the help of folk medicine techniques.

► What kind of doctor treats?

Questions of the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia deals with the neurologist, and operating interference on this ground – neurosurgeon.

► Code under ICD — 10?

In ICD — 10 the disease is the code (G50.0).

► Has there been any double vision?

Diplopia neuralgia is quite real, often accompanied by hearing impairment and noise in one of the ears.

► Is it possible to heat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve?

The sore spot may not be heated, even if after this comes the relief. The heat provokes the progression of inflammation that can spread to other parts of the face.

► How effective is acupuncture?

It is believed that acupuncture in this disease is really effective. It affects certain facial points special rules and techniques.

► What to do pregnant with this problem?

You need to contact the doctor, he will take the appropriate action. Percutaneous electrostimulation, electrophoresis with analgetikum, acupuncture during pregnancy is allowed.