Types of braces and their prices, and photos

Today there is a huge selection of various types of braces. Their prices differ mainly by the material from which they are made. Describe the main characteristics, as well as show photos, which you can see the results of treatment with each of the designs.

To align the bite or crooked teeth standing – the desire of the majority of people who by nature had no luck with this. After all, a beautiful face, a nice impression when speaking, success in career and personal front, largely achieved thanks to the external condition of the smile.

Types of braces

When compared with the first orthodontic devices, which changed the position of the teeth, then braces are better.

They are not only able to adjust the bite, but also to be unobtrusive, easy to use, easy to install, have different colors and shades, to be fixed on several types of mounts.


Depending on the installation site they are divided into:

  • Vestibular – the most common, classic types, when the clasps and the arc are on the front of the dentition. Are made from any material. The disadvantage of such structures is the appearance to others that often constrains shy people.
  • Lingual – that is, those that are mounted on the inner surface of the teeth with the tongue. The main advantage is their complete invisibility, even with a wide smile. Made only from metal alloys, and the price is the highest among the available varieties of braces. Another disadvantage is the difficulty in the installation and regular cleaning of such systems, and patients often complain of difficulty in adapting.

Production material

The largest variety of orthodontic products represent the materials from which they can be created:

  1. Metal – the very first and classic treatment options bite. Of course, over time they became smaller, more accurate, but the essence of the correction of the teeth alignment has changed. Metal is considered to be popular due to its affordable prices for patients of good performance treatment, strength of the elements and easy maintenance during exploitation.
  2. Plastic is the cheap design, but also the most fragile. Also, they can’t help in the correction of serious defects. Used mainly only for minor malocclusions, when the expected short-time treatment.
  3. Ceramic is becoming the most popular, as a result of the selection of the desired shade plates can be completely invisible on the teeth. As for strength, they are second only to metal. It should be noted that such material rarely causes allergic reactions and is well tolerated by the body. From food coloring not colored ceramics and saves the selected color the entire period of wearing braces on the teeth.
  4. Sapphire single crystals are made of artificial mineral. Due to the transparency invisible when you talk or smile, but they are more fragile than ceramic or metal products. The disadvantage is only the high cost.
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By way of attaching

Another variation of braces is based on the differences fixing elements:

  • Ligature – which used a special system of fastening the arch to the plates. It may be made of elastic materials or presented in the form of metal clasps. This design suggests more frequent visits to the doctor, periodic replacement of the locking elements and the long process of treatment.
  • Self-ligating (self) – the new designs when an arc securely fixed directly to the slots on the braces. Due to this significantly reduces friction between the elements, their stretching, which in turn leads to a reduction in terms of bite correction. Additional benefits supports easier installation and easy maintenance.

Popular brands

Also pay attention to some names of manufacturers who are quality, pricing and also provide additional benefits when installing their products:

  1. Damon Q – metal construction no ligature. Comfort and invisibility are achieved due to the minimum size of the elements, and the smoothness of the lines ensures comfort for the patient from the first days of operation.
  2. Clarity – combination options with the use of metal and ceramics help to achieve savings in the highest treatment. To speed up the correction process the manufacturers have created a special model with a metal groove to a solid and secure attachment of the arc to the braces.
  3. Incognito – completely invisible to the eye, and all because of legalnogo location system. To ensure the quality of the correction of the malocclusion in the laboratory to create a personalized plate that is tailored to the individual patient. To reduce the risk of Allergy using gold.
  4. In-ovation – series self-ligating designs, presented in three variants – metal, ceramic and lingualism.
  5. STB – correction for invisible lingual braces are produced on the basis of safe metal alloys. For convenience, each item is made of small size, and to improve the effectiveness of the treatment they are placed closer to the gums, where it is the main corrective actions.
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How to make the right choice?

In order to correctly choose braces, you need to contact an experienced. He will assess your teeth and suggest the most suitable options that can change the present defect.

The most important criteria in the final decision are:

  • the propensity of a patient to allergic reactions to materials;
  • the complexity of the bite, especially the location of dental units;
  • the aesthetic aspect, the shyness of the patient;
  • material capabilities and price.

To achieve the perfect result, you need to follow all the doctor’s recommendations, in time to come for consultations and to take care of your design at home.

Prices table

In order to determine the most suitable and available types of orthodontic appliances, provide a table with the specified average price range for Russia. The specific cost of the installation should check with the clinic where you will treat.

Types of braces The cost
vestibular 10 000-60 000 (depending on material)
lingual 100 000-120 000
Production material:
plastic 10 000
metal 25 000-35 000
ceramic 50 000
sapphire 60 000
By way of attaching:
ligature 30 000-45 000 and more (depending on material)
self-ligating 25 000-30 000 and more (depending on material)
Damon Q 80 000
Clarity 80 000-90 000
Incognito 150 000-200 000
In-ovation 125 000
STB 95 000-115 000

Video: types of braces.



In 10th grade my parents put ceramic braces. They looked very carefully, so I didn’t mind having to carry them a further six months that it took for the full course of treatment.


The doctor insisted to install lingual braces. Though they were the most expensive, but at work, I felt no discomfort when communicating. They do not be seen.


Fortunately, the defect of the bite I have is not very strong. For six months managed, even the plastic products. There were still quite cheap, but the smile did not hesitate as he picked up the beautiful color plates.


For me it was important to fix misaligned teeth. And their appearance is much worse in itself than any system of correction. So I agreed to the most simple and cheap variant – metal vestibular. And happy, as during the half year the product has shown its effectiveness.


If we are wearing such designs to improve the appearance of the smile, the treatment process should be aesthetic. So I chose only the most beautiful jewelry – sapphire. Now my smile literally shines, and the teeth become more smooth.