Ulcer on inside of lip how to treat

Lips presented the external and internal division, are separated by means of special education, called the «red border of the lips» (kkg). The inner side of the lips presented by the mucous membrane, inside of which is a large number of blood vessels and nerve fibers. Inside are also minor salivary glands. Mucosa is very sensitive to any external influence, which may be referred to the ulcer on the lip inside. How to treat this pathology should be determined by the doctor the stomatologist the therapist or periodontist.

Features of the appearance and clinic

When there is a sore on the inside of the lips it is important to understand what could provoke. Stomatitis — a disease in which the inflamed mucosa of the oral cavity. Often indicated by a sore on the inside of the lips.

The causes can be due to disease of the body or the influence of external factors. Among the diseases of systems and organs secrete pathology: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems. An allergic reaction can also contribute to the development of sores on the inside of the lips. Frequent colds, such as influenza, SARS, can weaken the barrier function of the immune system. In the end it will lead to an increase in sensitivity to influencing factors from outside.

Aggressive factors of external environment:

  • Mechanical trauma from violation of the integrity of the cover lip: through the arising micro-cracks penetrate the germs that can cause inflammation;
  • Burn: with the use of chemicals or liquids of high temperatures;
  • Chapping;
  • Breach of hygiene.

Depending on the causes distinguish between different types of stomatitis:

Herpes. Is caused by the herpes virus. The appearance of the elements in the form of bubbles with transparent content, prone to rapid opening, coating fibrinous coating and arsereview share some symptomatic manifestations. Patients complain of a burning sensation, itching in just a few hours before the appearance.
Candida. Fungi of the genus Candida is naturally present in the mouth. By reducing the immune reactivity of the body this microflora aktiviziruyutsya. The emerging object on the mucosa of the lips represented by a white film. When cleaning noted the presence of erosions.
Aphthous. Presents in the mouth and on the lips of the ulcer, covered with gray-white coating, which when removed exposed erosive bleeding surface. Edge of an element is red and raised. The item causes itching and pain. Often combined with high body temperature, increased sensitivity of the oral mucosa, swelling and bleeding gums.
Allergic. Occurs against a background of contact with a number of objects, medicine, food and other substances (dust, animal fur). Manifested by edema and redness of, pain. Mucous on the lip on the inner side is smooth, the bubbles formed a quickly opened. Erosion tend to merge.
Traumatic. Occurs under the influence of mechanical, thermal or chemical effects. Manifested the characteristic signs of inflammation at the site of injury: swelling, redness, pain, coating the coating element. Mechanical trauma may be caused by poor-quality prostheses, the sharp edges of the teeth or sharp objects.
Bacterial. The main cause of infection stands microflora. In most cases, penetrated through a broken mucous membrane (the entrance gate is represented by sores, cracks), the microbes represented by staphylococci and streptococci. Redness, swelling, pain, bad breath, usually characterized by this element. Prolonged and severe course of the disease can join asthenic phenomena and temperature.
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Therefore, the appearance of sores on lip inside how to heal begins to worry the patient with the first symptoms of the disease.

Methods of treatment

Today, there are a number of methods for solving the problem with the appearance of sores inside the lips. The effect of both traditional and alternative medicine is aimed at inflammation, local pain, stimulation of the regenerative processes, the prevention of re-infection. For this purpose, use drugs: analgesics, antiseptics, antibiotics. With timely recourse to cure aftu at the earliest. The longer hike to a qualified professional, the greater the likelihood of complications, on the accession of the microflora and the development of secondary inflammation.

Professional intervention

When for the first time there is a white sore, it is important to pay attention to it. It is recommended to make an appointment with the doctor. Only a doctor evaluating complaints, recording the history (development) of the disease, stressing the clinical picture, may prescribe treatment.

In the first place should be held anesthesia the affected surface of the lips. With this, you can use a spray «Linuxor» or gel («Anesta», «Kamistad», etc.). In severe pain and the ineffectiveness of the conducted application anesthesia to begin the infiltration around the perimeter of the parts, corresponding to the defeat. Use carpool anesthetics on the basis of xicana («Trimekain», «Mepivacaine» and others).

If the pain is not particularly severe, then you can do without anesthesia and immediately begin the antiseptic treatment of ulcers inside the lips. Apply 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (at a dilution of 1:5). Due to separation of atomic oxygen in the process of treatment and removal of plaque, the wound surface is exposed to bactericidal effect. To enhance the antiseptic effect, use a solution of chlorhexidine digluconate (0,05–2%). You can also use a solution furatsilina. Rashes are treated by gently cleansing plaque several times a day (3-4).

To prevent secondary infection and provide bactericidal effect after treatment with antiseptics, apply a bandage with antibacterial properties: gel «Metrogyl Denta», ointment «Levomikol».

Bandage is applied 2 times daily with the extract for 1 hour. When the inflammatory process in the element area subsides, commence stimulation of the regenerative processes. For this purpose, use an oil solution of vitamin E («Aekol»). Procedure on reception of a dentist do every day once. The rest of the treatment during the day should be carried out independently.

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Sometimes thrush does not only affect the oral mucosa and lips. Defeat are often observed, and not the outside. When the viral cause of the disease kkg from the external side cover: oxolinic, dubrovinoj, retinol, interferon, acyclovir, and other ointments. Fungal the cause of the lesions using nystatin ointment.

In addition to the local treatment used and General care. Symptomatic allowed the use of fever reducing medicine when the temperature is above the low-grade fever. Also used antibacterial agents, antiviral agents, immunomodulators and vitamins to restore and strengthen the immune system. Treatment aft of the lips in children should be done strictly under the supervision of specialists. With proper and qualified approach to cure thrush in the shortest possible time (approximately 5-7 days) possible.

What you can do at home

Traditional medicine will be effective against stomatitis in the use of herbs which are anti-inflammatory. Use a variety of single — and multicomponent herbal: chamomile, sage, calendula, series, and others. Prepare solutions, broths. Can be used as a lotion. To do this, in a ready solution you can also add the crystals of boric acid: 1 Cup 4 grams.

To provide antiseptic and stimulating tissue healing effect can also be used as a bandage aloe leaf, cut and drawn to the surface of the affected pulp. Kalanchoe juice, tincture of propolis is used as a wipe aft lip. For healing and at the same time provide an antiseptic effect to make strawberry fruit to ulcers.

Features of life


Thrush causes great discomfort to the patient on the background of pain mucosa. In order to facilitate the patient’s condition, especially if aphthae are located on the lips should be carried out correction of the power. Food should be the consistency of cream and sour cream. Eliminates hot, cold, hot, spicy, smoked and fried foods. In case of impossibility of exclusion should be reduced to minimum consumption. The specifics of the diet should be observed throughout the treatment period. Further recommendations for the quality of food needs to be issued again as a dentist.

  1. To minimize the risk of stomatitis, it is important to follow the simple recommendations.
  2. Accept food should be the optimum temperature.
  3. Immunity is important to maintain course taking vitamin complexes.
  4. To bite, to lick your lips is not recommended because the presence of surface defects increases the likelihood of infection microbial flora, which may further complicate treatment.

To maintain a healthy oral condition and reduce the probability of occurrence and intrusion of aft, it is important to apply preventive visit to the dentist every six months.

The doctor will identify the violation, to conduct sanitation of teeth and mucosa, give advice on care and will pick up hygiene products for oral cavity. Thus, the level of bacterial background, thanks to timely treatment, will remain within the normal range and the ability to get sores on the mouth or lips will be minimal. Since the infection can manifest itself not only by the mouth, it is also important to undergo a medical examination by a therapist every 1 year or by other specialists, in the presence of pathology in corresponding organs and systems of the body.