Ulcer on the gums — sore treatment

Ulcer on the gums causes considerable discomfort, complicating the process of eating, breaking the sleep and daytime well-being as a child, as an adult. Most often, these painful formation accompany inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gums. Sometimes an abscess on the gums occurs when it enters the small wound infection that begins to multiply rapidly in the favorable environment.

What can be caused by abscesses on the surface of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity

The risk of sores on the gums increases with reduced immunity, inadequate intake of nutrients, vitamins, micro — and macroelements. In most cases ulcers are a symptom of dental or General disease. The appearance of the ulcers may be preceded by damage to the gums with a sharp object, hard bristle tooth brush injury to the sharp portion of the tooth during chewing of food.

Dental disease in which the gums may appear wounds and ulcers:

  • Aphthous stomatitis. In this disease the mucous membrane of the mouth, have painful sores — aphthae. They are gray-white color and are clearly distinguished on the background of healthy tissue. With a slight degree of lesion of epithelial tissue aphthae healing occurs in 7-10 days, in more severe cases, recovery of the mucosa can be delayed for a month.
  • Bednar’s Aphthae. Disease affects children, often newborn. The appearance of erosions on the surface of which formed a yellowish purulent plaque, causes permanent injury to the mucosa, poor hygiene when feeding and child care.
  • Stomatitis herpetiformis. This is one of the varieties of aphthous stomatitis, which affects predominantly women over 30 years. His symptom are numerous small ulcers on the gums, especially in the lower part of the oral cavity, including the sublingual region. They resemble the rash of herpes are grayish, densely located, at the confluence form of erosion.
  • Viral stomatitis. In the development of the disease can participate in the causative agents of measles, herpes, chicken pox, respiratory infections. Manifested by fever, the formation in the mouth white sores filled with transparent contents of the vesicles, headache.

An abscess on the gums may appear in such common diseases as syphilis, AIDS, lung tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer, renal failure, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

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  • Ulcerative stomatitis. Occurs in the absence of treatment of catarrhal stomatitis, which is characterized by inflammation without the occurrence of ulcerations. Ulcerative form brings a more pronounced discomfort: ulcers on the gums, over the tooth, on the tongue, inside the cheeks and lips a deep, very painful, lead to bleeding of the mucosa. Occurs intoxication with a fever and swollen lymph nodes. Disease with serious complications and requires prompt treatment. If the boils and sores are covered only gums, it signals the development of ulcerative gingivitis. The most hard to proceed ulcerous-necrotic forms of stomatitis and gingivitis, in which the surface of the affected areas of the mucosa is covered with a greenish grey patina with necrosis of the underlying tissues.
  • Periodontitis. When the disease is in the space between the gum and the tooth, periodontal pocket is formed. Ingress of food particles creates optimal conditions for intensive breeding of germs. They penetrate into the wound and damage the mucosa, causing inflammation of the epithelium and the formation of abscess.

Factors contributing to gum disease

The inflammatory process occurs when the action of one or more adverse factors. Usually it involves pathogenic microorganisms.

An abscess on the gums can provoke the following reasons:

  1. weakened immunity with frequent defeat colds, stress;
  2. lack of oral hygiene, presence of dental plaque;
  3. untreated dental caries;
  4. substandard treatment (fillings, fitting dentures);
  5. the accumulation of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms under the dental crown or bridge prosthesis;
  6. the eruption of wisdom teeth;
  7. burns, mechanical injuries of the mucous membrane of the gums;
  8. hormonal disruptions in the body;
  9. bad habits — Smoking and drinking alcohol;
  10. antibiotics, oppressing microflora of the oral cavity.

Treatment of ulcers and sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth

In the presence of common diseases should first deal with their treatment. Necessary readjustment of the mouth with the filling of all teeth affected by caries, Tartar removal. If the sores on the gums caused by damage to the mucosa or is a symptom of canker sores fast cure it will help a special gel Holisal, Solkoseril, Metrogil Denta, Kamistad. Complete the treatment with mouthwash-opolaskivateli, for example, Forest balsam, Lakalut asset, Benzydamine. They have an antiseptic effect, relieve pain, eliminate bleeding.

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For the treatment of stomatitis bacterial origin are used as the spray Ingalipt, Lugol, if the disease has a viral etiology, successfully treated with antiviral drugs: Acyclovir, Zovirax, Rimantadine. To improve the body’s resistance to infections helps vitamins C, B6, B1. What to do with inflamed wounds and white ulcers in the home to appeal to the dentist: you can treat wounds on the gums brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, rinsed with antiseptic solutions such as Chlorhexidine or Furatsilina. Children the wound smeared with sea oil, a solution of vitamin B12.

Treatment of abscesses

An abscess is an accumulation of pus in the inner layers of the gums. This abscess is in the untreated state is threatened by the emergence of dangerous complications: cellulitis, sepsis, osteomyelitis. Treatment abscess should be a doctor. To do this, an incision is made in the place where festers the gums to pus came out.

Attention to do warm compresses on the area can not be — it may contribute to the spread of infection to other tissues and into the blood.

After the procedure, the abscess cavity was washed with antiseptics. Of inflammation the doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics, a mouth rinse with soda solution, with decoction of chamomile and other anti-inflammatory drugs. The wound on the gums is treated by medical ointments. To promote healing of the tissues are assigned to physiotherapy: laser therapy, infra-red radiation.

The use of traditional medicine

There are many time-tested folk recipes that help to cure abscess of the gums. They can be used in combination with traditional treatment, but should not be limited solely to traditional methods, since in many cases they are only able to eliminate the symptoms for a while, but do not eliminate the causes of disease.

If you have the sores, you can try to cure the wound, such means:

  • rinse your mouth with soda solution (1 teaspoon to 1-1. 5 cups of water);
  • rinse can be used diluted in water tincture of calendula (enough to take 1 teaspoon per glass of water);
  • it is good to use to rinse the juice of carrots or cabbage, diluted in half with water.
  • antiseptic properties and an infusion of oak bark, chamomile flowers, Hypericum, calendula, sage;
  • to bruised areas, you can apply a paste of finely chopped raw potatoes, a mixture of sour cream with chopped garlic or turmeric with glycerol in a ratio of 2 to 1
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To speed up healing of ulcers helps chewing Basil leaves.

How to prevent the appearance of sores on the gums

Need a responsible approach to the care of the oral cavity:

  1. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day to release the interdental space from the remnants of food.
  2. Regularly (every six months) to visit the dentist to detect and treat cavities. If formed Tartar, to resort to a professional dental cleaning to remove it.
  3. During the day, after each meal, it is advisable to rinse your mouth or use a special gum.
  4. Don’t use excessively hot or cold foods and drinks, avoid injury to the oral mucosa.


If you wear braces or dentures to pay attention to the associated sensations. If the design causes pain, grating or severely squeezing the gums, you should notify your doctor to eliminate defects.

To strengthen the immune system will allow hardening, fresh air, moderate exercise. In the diet should be present foods high in vitamin C: blackcurrant, citrus fruits, kiwi, bell peppers, fresh herbs, Brussels sprouts.