Ulcerative gingivitis: causes and treatment

The sharp pain of the gums, inflammation of the tissues of the mouth, ulcers, all causes of ulcerative gingivitis. Is an inflammatory process that affects the gums, which is very difficult to eating. When the disease appears bad breath, is bleeding gums. Brushing your teeth turns into hell, unbearable pain. The surface of the gums covered with gray bloom, and the touch of the toothbrush layer is removed and there is a red, bleeding surface of the mucosa. People infected with gingivitis, begins to feel unwell, his temperature rises. Different disease that has a severe form of the disease, is in acute pain and can also occur in a more severe degree of phase – stomatitis or periodontitis. Most often the disease affects people in the age from 18 to 30 years.

The causes of the disease

The main cause of gingivitis is lack of proper attention to hygienic requirements, which should ideally be adhered to strictly, so that the mouth does not become a source of bacteria build-up. It is because of the neglect of elementary rules of hygiene, reluctance brushing, rinsing, forming in a supportive environment, the microorganisms begin a rapid process for the development of the disease state. Also the reason for the negative attack of microbes is reduced the level of antibodies, which should determine the barriers and to fight germs. This reduction in protection will cause a reduction of the human immune system, which is caused by various diseases. It is often catarrhal diseases, such as SARS, influenza, tonsillitis, pneumonia. In the body drastically decreases the presence of vitamins, so keep yourself in good condition to get him hard. The same negative interference to normal I will allow myself a situation of stress in nature, where in the nervous system occurs a hormonal imbalance or something like that. The destruction itself is also a cause of low immunity such as Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, substance abuse, etc.

The emergence and development of gingivitis

At the first sign of disease, you can immediately feel the discomfort of the oral cavity. In the development process of the gums affects the rapidly occurring toxic response, which is very noticeable because the gums are beginning to swell rapidly. Itself on the mucous surface of the mouth, gums, exposed to the drenching of the leukocytes. Then begins the appearance of erosions and ulcers, causing severe pain. Such manifestations during ulcerative gingivitis accompanied by headache, muscle pain and fever. This happens on the background of a sharp intoxication of the whole organism. This situation does not tolerate tissue tightening treatment, you should immediately consult a doctor and start medication. Ulcerative gingivitis affects the mouth and gums very badly, and the recovery process of the mucous tissue occurs very slowly.

The consequences of late treatment

Running condition causes the formation of periodontal disease, when the disease leads to the disintegration of the ligaments between the teeth. The effects of such exposure disfigure the gums and hard to recovery. The fact is that neglected gums begin to deform, the process of disintegration of the epithelium. The contour of the gums begins to break down, the teeth around naked, turning your mouth into something awful. Therefore, delayed treatment will lead to scarring on the surface of the oral mucosa.

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One of the impacts of the disease is tooth loss, respectively, the mass emergence of pathogens, which can cause the development of certain diseases. And affects not only the mouth and under threat of becoming any type of human organ. Worse, it leads to serious diseases of bone and joints, the lungs, and lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the condition of the mouth and gums should be constantly monitored, especially when it comes to children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In this case we are talking about maintaining the health of future generations.

Diagnosis of the disease

In the early stages of ulcerative gingivitis need treatment, so it is necessary to consult the doctor who will perform visual and mechanical inspection. Indicators such as bleeding gums, inflammation, plaque and Tartar formation above the gum surface will point to the first signs of disease. In this case, destruction of the gums is not yet happening, the epithelium is saved, and the hint of teeth missing. Palpation may be felt inflammation of the lymph nodes. Additionally, the disease is accompanied by fever. These characteristics will be enough for the doctor to supply the initial diagnosis. Next, you need to undergo testing – the General analysis of blood and urine, and samples from the mucosal surface. The test results will help to determine the extent of the disease, the possibility of complications, as bone tissue, the mucous membrane, which directly affect the further treatment. You will also need examination by specialists such as a gastroenterologist, hematologist, immunologist. They should detect and prevent loss, development of diseases of other organs and systems of the human body, the attack was a violation of the microflora of the oral cavity and the incidence of gingivitis.

How to prevent the disease

The correct way of protecting the body from infection, loss of immunity, the development of negative microorganisms is prevention, which is able to form defenses. To ulcerative gingivitis is not coveted beautiful smile should:

  1. to lead a healthy lifestyle;
  2. to stop Smoking;
  3. not to abuse alcoholic beverages;
  4. timely eating quality;
  5. make only healthy food, avoid food that may cause any possible harm not only dental plaque but also throughout the body.

Also to preventive measures include prompt treatment to the doctor with minor manifestations in the mouth with redness, inflammation, unpleasant sensation. Thus, it can be nipped in the beginning stages of any illness that will not allow her to even begin to develop. And then you need to maintain the condition of the gums, mouth to ulcerative gingivitis was not able to resume.

It should be remembered that even a slight indisposition, which left unattended can cause serious disorders in the life and health of the body.

Gingivitis treatment

Examination, diagnosis, treatment assignment should only be performed by a medical specialist. Additionally, you have constant monitoring of treatment and the ability to adjust the medication or change the course of treatment the detection of any adverse variances or complications. Self-treatment is impossible, any effort to help yourself folk remedies and tips can lead to serious complications that after the medicine may be powerless. Launched the treatment of ulcerative gingivitis will lead to the disfiguring of the mouth, and recovery can take a long time, which in the end will not lead to the original view of the teeth and gums. Especially ulcerative gingivitis has in lesions of the mouth are signs and feelings that are hard to miss or confuse with something else. During the survey and the appointment of treatment the doctor must consider if the patient is a pregnant woman or nursing mother. The use of antibiotics should be minimized, because any unnecessary exposure to drugs may influence the health status of the child or fetus. In this situation, most doctors give patients penicillin, but in sparing proportions. If ulcerative gingivitis is identified, the treatment should be approximately in the following sequence.

Go to be treated

The first step is to visit a dentist who must carry out a number of procedures. The removal of Tartar and plaque from the tooth surface. Also, the dentist must undertake the process of rehabilitation, i.e. the treatment of the oral cavity that will lead to prevention of further pathological processes in the mouth. After the dentist is necessary treatment with a solution of antiseptic agents. Thus, processing affects the formed ulcers on the gums surface. And final of the initial stages will be prescribed by a doctor treatment. Will be prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories that form a complex of preparations for treatment. You should not neglect taking medications, you should follow all the recommendations, time to admission, dosage, etc. Recovery is possible only with the complex administration of drugs, excluding any drugs on his own initiative may not produce the proper result, but only complicate the healing process and restore the mouth to its original state.

What not to do

  1. During treatment it is impossible to resort to starvation, any diet, because the body must get essential nutrients. Exclusion from the diet of vegetables or meat can nedopustit a number of important elements that are needed by the body and its immune system. Gluttony also does not bring results, so it is recommended to maintain the recommended diet.
  2. Necessarily need to give up Smoking. If it is not possible to fully quit this addiction, then at least to refrain for a period of treatment and full recovery of the gums. Tobacco and nicotine are deadly part of the mouth, and for erosion and ulcers can be a powerful stimuli. In addition, Smoking lowers the immune system and excretes nutrients that the period of treatment is very disastrous.
  3. Alcohol will also cause deficiency of vitamins and weaken the internal state of health, so he will have to give. Take antibiotics are incompatible with alcohol, so mixing them will not lead to due result, and the treatment will be useless.
  4. During treatment is to keep yourself calm, not to panic, avoid emotional outbursts, to eliminate the possibility of stress and nervousness. These symptoms can have side effects in the treatment or aggravate the condition, causing internal changes.

Independent support treatment


Parallel to the adoption of medication conducted some activities in the home, which will be accompanied by rapid healing and restoration, as well as prevent the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. You will need to resort to home rehabilitation, i.e. rinsing the mouth with solutions of chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients before use, mixed with water, the proportions of which must specify the attending physician. Not superfluous to the use of natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as:

  • oak bark;
  • chamomile;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • calendula.

Thanks to them, will be the process of drying of the mucosal surface, will accelerate the tightening of ulcers, strengthen the cover and prevent bleeding gums.

So as not to injure the surface of the aching need to avoid spicy, hot, cold, fried foods. Enhance receiving the vitamins, as well as fluorine, phosphorus and protein.

This does not mean that you have to, eat everything, on the contrary, the doctor prescribed a certain diet that must perfectly be observed. This is needed to drugs had the proper assimilation and further effects, as well as to restore immunity and strength to the body.

The key to success – timeliness and efficiency

This is not a slogan of a successful business is the result of recovery and preventing severe consequences of the disease. It works for the rapid detection of signs of illness and treatment. A lot depends on the person who can at first sign of symptoms or unpleasant sensations in the mouth to see a specialist. Or on the contrary do not give it proper attention, which will lead to serious consequences. So don’t forget to take care of your health, and especially do not blame the doctors that they are unable to do something. Not all diseases, especially when there is a destructive force spoiling the appearance can be eliminated if the state is running through the fault of the patient. Treatment most often is the struggle with the disease, eliminating the source of pain, breeding infection, etc., and not magic power tissue repair of organs, limbs, etc. Should remember that when it comes to your own health and loved ones.