Ultrakain in dentistry: instructions for use, contraindications

Toothache does not tolerate anybody. If the pain appears during the treatment of a tooth, from her doctors can deliver with the help of modern anesthetics. Increasingly used Ultrakain in dentistry. Describe in detail the instructions for use, contraindications and special conditions for use of this tool.

Ultrakain refers to modern means of anesthesia, which discovered a minimum of contraindications and adverse reactions, and its effect is sufficient to carry out the different dental procedures and even operations in the oral cavity.

The drug

Ultracain DS is a drug of the amide group. It includes the following substances:

  • Articaine hydrochloride 40 mg amide anesthetic in its purest form.
  • Adrenaline hydrochloride MK 6, or the EPI – has a vasoconstrictor effect, of its amount depends on the duration and severity of the analgesic effect.
  • Sodium bisulfite 0.5 mg.
  • Sodium chloride 1 mg.
  • The purified liquid for injection.

There is also the Ultracain DS Forte, in which a double dose of adrenaline, whereby the effect of the drug lasts longer.

The advantage of this drug is that the dose of epinephrine, in comparison with other anesthetics, small. It is safe to use even in the treatment of teeth in people with problems of the cardiovascular system and high blood pressure.

If the drug is not in a disposable vial, it should include a preservative. By itself, the solution is clear, odorless and superfluous dyes. Importantly, the composition of Ultracain not detected by EDTA – ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.

Release form

In whatever form is not used the drug, the part of it each time will be the same and the action, respectively. Every dentist chooses a convenient or patient release form:

  1. Ampoules solution for injection is placed in ampoules, which are designed for one-time dosage. In the vial contains 2 ml of medication. There are packs of 10 and 100 ampoules.
  2. The cartridges have a slightly different usage, but the essence remains the same. Each cartridge contains 1.7 ml of the substance.

Apart from the usual Ultracain DS, there is also the option of prolonged action – Ultracain DS Forte. Due to the increased amount of adrenaline in the composition it acts faster and longer. But this should be made only for those patients who do not have a high sensitivity, a conventional Ultracain insufficient for long-term manipulations.

Indications and contraindications

Apply Ultrakain in dentistry conveniently in almost all procedures and even operational intervention, as it has a high level of pain relief. Indications for its use:

  • Any fillings, especially if the removed root or doing other painful procedures.
  • Tooth removal units – the sick or the removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Freezing for the teeth used in the process of preparing the tooth surface for future installation of crowns.
  • In various dental procedures, such as treatment of abscesses, treatment of joints, wounds, etc.
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The use of Ultracain DS Forte:

  • Surgery in the oral mucosa or the jawbone.
  • During the removal of the tooth pulp.
  • The presence of apical periodontitis and removal of teeth as a consequence.
  • Resection of any part, for example, the upper part of the tooth root.
  • In the presence of transosseous osteosynthesis.
  • Asciii cysts.
  • Any inflammatory disease of the type of osteomyelitis, periostitis, etc.

And though how would the safe have not been Ultrakain, and it has contraindications:

  • Individual sensitivity or intolerance to any component of the medication.
  • Paroxysmal atrial or ventricular tachycardia.
  • Glaucoma angle-closure type.
  • Asthma attacks.
  • Low blood pressure level.
  • Renal failure and other kidney disease.
  • Low level of hemoglobin, weakness of the body.
  • Diabetes of any type.
  • Problems in the thyroid gland.

When using Ultracain during pregnancy or in pediatric dentistry, there are additional nuances and peculiarities, which we describe separately.

Instructions for use of Ultracain

Depending on what manipulation is performed by a dentist, the chosen dosage form and drug. In each case, the physician must consider the overall health of the patient, the specificity of the organism, age, weight and other details.

The minimum dosage drug administration of 0.1 mg. It is sufficient for pain relief when applying the simple stitches. If the tooth is removed, then one of its unit is calculated by 1.7 ml of solution. Sometimes it’s enough if you delete multiple teeth, but they are close. For tooth preparation to install a crown dose is calculated in the range from 0.5 ml to 1.7 ml.

Dosage increase may be in cases when a patient has too low sensitivity and a normal number does not relieve completely. Also it increases, if the procedure involves a longer intervention.

It is important not to exaggerate the dose, calculating the maximum amount of medication in the amount of 7 mg articaine per kg body weight of the patient. In any case, the amount of the drug should not exceed 500 mg per dental procedure, which is equal to 12.5 ml of the final solution.

During pregnancy

Ultrakain is valued for what it can be used even during pregnancy. But even this is only in extreme cases. Unnecessarily it has not resorted to neither early nor later.

Components of the drug does not penetrate the placenta in large quantities and also get into breast milk in very small doses. But because serious dental cases, however, it can be used even in the treatment of the tooth in pregnant or nursing mothers.

For added security, it is better to consult even with the gynecologist who monitors the pregnancy and the fetus. Only after all the consultation and careful weighing of the «pros» and «cons» you can make a decision about the use of Ultracain.

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For children

In pediatric dentistry Ultrakain also used, not only use a stronger version of «Forte». The only drawback is that children up to four years, still Ultrakain contraindicated. Difficulties arise only in the selection of the adequate dosage.

After all, you need to take into account the complexity of the problem and duration, and the age of the child and its weight, different health, etc. the average is calculated by 5 mg articaine per kg body weight of the child, but you can use less.

Overdose and side effects

If the dose has been calculated correctly or the patient has too high sensitivity to the drug, you may experience the following reactions:

  • dizziness;
  • the appearance of confusion or General lethargy;
  • in rare cases, shock;
  • convulsive reaction;
  • lowering blood pressure in a short period of time;
  • shortness of breath;
  • an allergic reaction of any type.

During the test medicines were given side effects when using Ultracain that rare, but still happen:

  1. From the Central nervous system, difficulty breathing, muscle twitching of the muscles, disturbances of consciousness.
  2. From the visual system, temporary blindness or blurred vision, sensation of double vision.
  3. From the digestive system – vomiting, or just nausea, sometimes diarrhea.
  4. Of the cardiovascular system – low blood pressure, worsening symptoms of cardiovascular insufficiency, tachycardia, bradycardia, shock.
  5. On the skin can appear allergic rash or itching.
  6. Also may cause conjunctivitis, swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose or lips, and glottis.

All of these reactions are rare, temporary, but can be dangerous. Therefore it is important to inform the doctor about any problems with my body and the presence of diseases of a General nature. At the first sign of side effects, you need to point them to the doctor. If necessary, the dentist must carry out a number of procedures, removing allergic reaction depending on how it manifested.

Recommendations for use and precautions

To minimize the risk of adverse reactions, you should follow established best practices for use of Ultracain:

  • The drug is not injected into the inflamed tissue.
  • Also it is not administered intravenously. It is necessary to avoid injection into vessels.
  • In the presence of contraindications, the propensity to allergies or asthma, use the minimum amount of medication and injected it slowly.
  • It is advisable to use special disposable syringes series Unidjekt K or K Unidjekt vario.
  • When opening an ampoule should be used the drug for two days. No special preservative to keep the facility open longer is not recommended.
  • After injection of Ultracain is prohibited to drive or operate machinery.
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Knowing that I am prone to allergies, the doctor advised me to use Ultrakain, referring to the fact that it is a harmless drug. But after using it for a long time I still felt sick and dizzy. Apparently, he’s not so harmless. However, its job of the anesthesia fine, there is nothing to say. Maybe I just have individual intolerance to any medications.


Every time you have to put the seal or remove the root, my dentist uses Ultrakain. I am satisfied with this medication because you don’t feel anything during the procedure and now my trip to the dentist not so terrible.


Having tried lots of other pain medications in my practice, and focused on the Ultracain, as patients it is easier to carry, and the anesthesia is enough for me to carry out all the necessary manipulations.

Further questions

► Or lidocaine, Ultrakain — what is best in dentistry?

Doctors recommend to use Ultrakain, as it exceeds the action of Lidocaine two times, while the toxicity of it is less than half. And, therefore, adverse reactions in patients occur less frequently.


If you wish to replace Ultrakain something similar, you can use cheaper alternatives. And this Alfakain, Articaine 4% of INIBSA, Brilokain, Primaquin, Septanest, Ubistesin, Citocartin.

► What is the Ultracain on the tooth?

Customary of Ultracain DS lasts between 20 and 40 minutes. Ultracain DS Forte able to keep the anesthesia to 75 minutes. Anesthetic effect starts in several minutes after the injection, which is convenient and the doctor and the patient.

► How to store the tool?

Because the drug is stored in a very fragile glass vessel, it is recommended to keep on belts, Unidjekt K, K Unidjekt vario, Ultrajekt. Store the drug should at temperature not above 25 degrees, away from sunlight. Carefully follow the shelf life indicated on the package. Usually it is three years since the release of the medication.