Under tongue bubble: jumped blisters, bubbles

The mucous membrane of the mouth simply to damage despite her strength. As a result of this microtrauma may appear under the tongue bladder, ulcer, cracked or plaque. In addition to mechanical damage to the emergence of bubbles can lead to various diseases of the internal organs. The exact cause can only set the doctor on the basis of tests.

If there are bubbles under the tongue, then you should immediately contact the medical facility to differentiate normal hematoma from malignant tumors and manifestations of dangerous diseases. A visit to the hospital to pull it is not necessary, since the bubble appeared under the tongue may be a manifestation of serious disease, which if not treated, can end in tears.
To the issue of his health a fit is very superficial and frivolous. The unusual education in the mucosa in the oral cavity do not pay attention. Try to treat yourself, usually limited to rinsing with antiseptic solutions. As a result of this attitude is the main serious disease progresses or becomes chronic. Then treatment becomes problematic.

Description of pathology

Consider the most common manifestations of bubbles in the mouth. The bubble that forms under the tongue, called ránula. It is absolutely painless if to put pressure on it, it will collapse with allocation of clear liquid. After some time, it is filled again. Formed for several weeks, but do not exclude the recurrence of the disease, when the bladder may appear in one place for several months. Sometimes it reaches a fairly large size. Interfering with normal life, making it difficult meal.

As a result of injury of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity might pop up bubble filled with blood. This happens due to the fact that blood vessels are damaged.

There are several factors that can cause damage in your mouth:

  • mechanical damage – typically involves a foreign object that caused the injury. To injure the mucous you can spoon, a toothpick, a bone from a fish or a toothbrush. And you can bite my tongue or lip in the process of eating, as a result, within will burst a blood vessel.
  • chemical burn of the mucosa. Occurs as a result of exposure to certain drugs, chemicals that accidentally fell in his mouth. Also affects the mucous too salty food with a high content of spices and condiments, e.g., vinegar.
  • the thermal impact. Damage to the mouth can cause too hot or cold beverage, for example.
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The liquid inside the bubble can be a light that says the surface is damaged. If the bubble is filled with blood clot, injured the deeper layers. In this case, it looks like a red balloon. The danger is that the inside can breed large number of microorganisms.

To make a diagnosis and choose appropriate treatment based on where the bubble is localized. He can jump in directly under the tongue, above or the side.

Ranula occurs under the tongue, has a blue tint, the liquid inside is transparent. If the bubble is slightly to pin down, it breaks. Then after some time there again, and at the same place. The most common cause of the appearance of the grains is an inflammatory process in the salivary gland. This process is chronic, it leads to narrowing of duct. As a result, it becomes impossible the normal functioning of salivary gland retention cyst is formed.

If the blisters under tongue small size, the treatment is quite simple, while the tissue recovers quickly. But the major education requires surgery. The doctor makes an incision and disinfects the cavity of a special disinfecting agent. This helps to avoid stagnation of blood.

In young children the bladder into the mouth area can be a hemangioma. Removal of it requires, only if the size it not large. Otherwise, the tumor is removed surgically.

A lot of small bubbles with the liquid inside the oral cavity can talk about pemphigus and syphilis. Pemphigus is an autoimmune mucosal disease if not treated, can occur fatal. Treated the disease as follows:

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  1. are used glucocorticoids (prednisone, hydrocortisol, dexametason). Using these medicines reduce the swelling, reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions, restores the immune system.
  2. cytotoxic agents are used to protect mucous
  3. antibiotics
  4. vitamins.

Therapy pemphigus is a complex process and a fairly lengthy, but nonetheless necessary. It is important as early as possible to begin treatment to make it effective.

Glossitis is a condition in which the tongue across its surface, bubbles are formed. The reason for this is the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Mouth burns, then there are bumps that are filled with pus.


The main symptom in this case is the bubble that sprang up in the oral cavity. If you press on it, its area increases in size. When you accumulate a lot of liquid, the bubble is shaped like a pear.

The bubble can be different colors depending on the color of the fluid that fills them. It can be:

  • light
  • blue
  • red.

As already stated, the lighter the liquid, the less threat of ranula. If the damage is deep tissue the bubble color becomes very dark, because inside blood clot. Such education is worse heal, to restore the epithelium takes time.

The consequences of the hyoid cysts for the body

First of all, the tumor interferes with the normal working of salivary glands. Because of this, digestion suffers because without enough saliva, the food is poorly digested, the body receives less nutrients from food. Immune defense is weakened, it becomes susceptible to different related diseases.

In addition, ranula under the tongue can constantly recur, which leads to scar formation. It is dangerous because it interferes with the normal functioning of the salivary glands. May form inflammatory or purulent process, it is called sialadenitis.

Treatment bubble under tongue

As aid fit rinse any preservatives or decoction of herbs with anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable for this purpose chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula. Anti – bacterial solutions- Miramistin, chlorhexidine, hexetidine.

It is unacceptable to medicate lesions on the mucosa. Bubbles in no case do not pierce at home, because the lack of sterility can be recorded with a different infection inside. But it will not solve the problem, but will further aggravate it.

Removing the grains is very responsible, performing the operation needs highly qualified physician. Improper removal may form a scar that will disrupt the saliva glands. It is dangerous to the development of sialadenitis.
It is difficult to completely remove the shell of the cyst by surgery, can stay in any small fragment. The result will be a relapse of the disease. Therefore, when surgical intervention is not applied cystectomy, as in a common cyst, and cystotomy.
Only removed the top shell of the grains, the bottom is intentionally stored in the hyoid region. After some time, there is degeneration of the remaining shell in the normal mucosa.

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Be sure to visit the doctor if the appearance of bubbles in the mouth. The necessary diagnostics, which will help to establish the cause of the disease. After that will choose the right treatment. Even if education is not concerned, it can be a symptom of a serious disease. Therefore, to postpone his visit to a medical facility is not necessary.