Undercutting of the frenulum of the upper lip in children: how to conduct, reviews, price

In normal conditions, every person has a special membrane on the lining of the mouth which assists to attach the lips to the maxillary bone. It should not in any way interfere with the natural process of chewing food and speech, but sometimes there can be variances, most of the time they are toddlers.

Below we will highlight the nuances of when you want to cut the bridle on lip child perform the procedure in what age it is better to exercise and also what is the difference plasty and surgery.

What is the lore and where is it located?

It gently and carefully pull and then lift up to your nose upper lip. Then you can see the frenulum, which is like a triangle. Her hand is securely attached to the mouth: one is securely fastened directly to the inside of the lips inside the mouth, the other is attached to the gums near the incisors.

From how the past connects with the gums, will depend on the unique beauty of the human smiles. Under normal circumstances, the lower edge of such a compound should be slightly above the gingival papilla a couple of millimeters. If the mount is lower at the junction of the cutters may have some difficulty.

The situation becomes more complicated when the bridle is very sturdy and weighty. This significantly reduces motor function of the lips, it can look very ugly snub, or open teeth.

Indications for cutting the bridles and contraindications

In a situation of pathology of the structure of the mucosal folds there are a couple of treatment options, the most famous of which is today considered standard plastics, laser treatment and surgery. Only surgery will help to correct this kind of defect – won’t cure it just with diet, physical therapy, and medications or by acupuncture.

  • if a baby has a marked short frenulum on the upper lip, you need to consult with the following doctors: neonatologist, orthodontist, speech therapist and a doctor and a periodontist. The dentist or surgeon will not be able to give a completely objective indications for the operation;
  • neonatologist may prescribe the procedure, when the defect frenum will interfere with the natural breastfeeding of a baby. Most often we are talking about the pathology of the structure of the lips, as she is most actively involved in the sucking. Sometimes the neonatologist will be able to excise a membrane or write a referral to a special surgeon;
  • the speech therapist is able to identify short frenulum of the baby when she is upset the function of speech, there is underdevelopment of the conversational function. Most often, this diagnosis is made when children speak, it is unclear vowel sounds by type «o» other, the pronunciation of which involved the baby’s lips. Therapist, unfortunately, often detects a violation at the later stages (students). In this situation, an ordinary trimming will not help, will need a real operation;
  • often the need for undercutting of the frenulum in babies is determined by the podiatrists or dentists-periodontists;
  • pathology of attachment of the lips leads to malocclusion in humans and the change of location of the teeth in a row, the mobility of the teeth. If you do not perform the surgery the very youngest children, the subsequent treatment can be very long, unpleasant and expensive. Adults are much harder to tolerate the operation.
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There is a whole list of contraindications, in order to carry out this kind of plastic:

  • chronic relapse, and acute diseases in mouth, inflammation, viral disease, and fungal organism and frequent infections;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • very weak blood clotting;
  • caries the upper front teeth;
  • the presence of cancer and chemotherapy;
  • dysmorphic disorder;
  • severe psychological disorders and significant mental health problems;
  • diseases of the nervous system, disturbances in the cerebral system;
  • blood disorders (haemophilia or leukaemia);
  • systemic diseases of the body;
  • collagen, a strong predisposition to scarring.

The description of the operation

Undercutting of the frenulum is always in the hospital. With the aim of anesthesia use of local anesthesia, during which the doctor can easily speak with the baby. The duration is usually up to half an hour.

There are three different types of plastics mucosal folds:

  1. Transection — used when the bridle is overly narrow and does not connect with the edge of the alveoli. A doctor with competent manipulation can cut it crosswise, making almost invisible longitudinal seams.
  2. Excision — there is on the contrary a very wide bridle. The surgeon should be cut, which will slightly affect the top of the stretched mucous membrane, and then resect papilla between the teeth, and with it the fabric that is located between the roots of the incisors.
  3. Ordinary frenuloplastika — the so-called method, during which the change of place of attachment of the mucosal folds.

Such operations are often carried out when fully turned four slotted cutter. After the implementation of the correction carefully sutured. They are made of special material which later on will resolve itself. The main feature of the surgery is that the recovery process will require only a couple of hours.

If the operation was conducted by a small infant, the result will be noticeable immediately – the baby will become more clear to babble and COO, will become the correct to breastfeed.

In recent years, is becoming less relevant for the operations with the stitching, because an ordinary scalpel greatly displaces the laser. This decreases the recovery period, because originally this technique shows the little babies who need breast milk.

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The use of innovative methods will help to avoid even minor complications, for example, severe swelling. The child only will have to comply with correct rehabilitation.

Undercutting of the frenulum of the upper lip with a laser

Laser trimming can help avoid hemorrhage during the operation, as the hot rays quite simply «sealed» vessels that are excised. Anaesthesia in this situation understand the application of a special gel with strong cooling effect, which is felt instantly.

After this method there is no swelling, pain or scar, and the procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes. In addition, the laser beams under the action of high temperatures to completely decontaminate the wound, and this helps her recover quickly and heal. No scar means no need for stitches.

The application of laser will help to break up the trip to the doctor for a couple of sessions, which significantly lowers the degree of stress for the baby and makes the procedure much more convenient and quick.


The recovery period after the procedure may take a couple of days. The first couple of hours the baby may experience disorientation, due to the fact that the anesthesia goes away, and then arise quite unpleasant feelings.

The task for adults is to help the wound heal as soon as possible, and with this purpose it is necessary to implement the following:

  • carefully observe constant and high-quality oral hygiene of the child;
  • a couple of days to prepare for baby special dishes (liquid, even slimy, in the form of porridge or a soufflé, beef), and even feeding the child only the foods and beverages of moderate temperature;
  • after a couple of days to see a doctor;
  • to comply with the child basic muscle exercises, which will help to develop good chewing functions and facial expressions.

Initially, the baby will still feel a strong disorientation due to the emergence of a completely different amplitude and strength of motor activity of the language itself. Can change and diction of a child, because you need to train with the correct pronunciation of sounds.

Most often, rehabilitation can take up to 7 days. 5 days usually wounds and passes all sorts of discomfort during chewing movements.

Video: plastic frenulum of the upper lip (personal experience).

The consequences

What will happen if you don’t cut the bridle?

  • young children have a very short frenulum may considerably disturb the sucking function, interfering with the right to take mom’s nipple. In this situation, after visiting the doctor, the frenulum may be cut back in the hospital. But if the child is gaining weight while nursing, no correction is performed;
  • at an early age and low position of the bridle on the motor activity of the lips and the skeleton of the face is affected very insignificantly. But after slotting cutters bridle can greatly get in the papilla of gum between them; this can cause cracks real trouble, which over time will only get worse;
  • the extension of the cutters in the top center, and then a bad occlusion and strong deformation of the whole number of teeth;
  • change the General appearance of the upper lip, its strengths snub, which interferes with normal cover teeth upper;
  • too much tension on the mucosa of the gums, and then her strong recession and a complete exposure of the tooth root. After a possible frequent inflammation in the area of incisors front: gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • irregularities in the pronunciation of many sounds.
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My baby had an operation in the past year. Before my baby suffered very much from the wrong diction. Took Tolya to a speech therapist. Very pleased with the fact that this person was so reliable: just found the reason for such diction and advised us of the usual correction surgery. Just ten minutes in the chair – and all is well: excellent diction, no pain and scars.


I plastic folds of the mucous recommended by the dentist, which I took treatment of periodontitis. He noted that the real cause of my disease – a short bridle. Carried out laser correction. Only a few minutes and you are done. Only a few days could not eat your favorite chips.


I decided to do the surgery my daughter, because the doctor said that because of the defect in the bridle and Sashenka may not develop teeth. I was worried about it (later it turned out that in vain). Daughter didn’t even realize that her cut.

Further questions

► the cost of the procedure

Now in hospitals of Moscow, the average cost for a surgery of the frenulum of the upper lip is approximately three to five thousand rubles. Of course, that price category will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the situation and the number of steps, which can be performed the operation.