Veneers and Lumineers: unlike difference, which is better?

Let’s consider two restorations – veneers and Lumineers, their difference and the difference, which is better? You know, the more choice available the harder it is to do. Therefore, you need to understand the basic characteristics and installation considerations of each design.

Modern dentistry has reached such heights, when to get the perfect smooth white and shining tooth row can be in one or two visits to the doctor. However, to pay you will need a lot, but sometimes people are willing to give any money for a «Hollywood» smile.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

How veneers and Lumineers are made from low allergenic durable materials – ceramics, porcelain, Zirconia. Using thin plates, you can change the most minor defects in a single session. And, if corrected does the orthodontist, then the treatment lasts for months or even years.

As a rule, such products are recommended in the following cases:

  • uneven tone enamel stains;
  • their dark color, is not amenable to bleaching;
  • the presence of fluorosis;
  • so called «tetracycline» teeth, when the hue is changed as a result of taking medications;
  • the tendency to abrasion of the enamel;
  • chipped or cracked on the surface;
  • the presence of cracks or small gaps between teeth;
  • their density or uneven distribution;
  • underdeveloped units.

Of course, not all defects of the dentition can be hidden using veneers or Lumineers, but most of them amenable to restoration.

But contraindications are considered only the presence of extensive cavities, has been treated of the disease. Separately for veneers there is a contraindication in the form of enamel is too thin, because it need to handle.

The pros and cons

Denote the main advantages of this method of restoring the beauty of the dentition:

  1. The ability to quickly hide a variety of defects, without damaging the unit.
  2. The material used to create the plates does not change over time, its properties and color can act as a protection for the enamel.
  3. A shade is chosen for the desired tone, looks natural on the teeth.
  4. The installation process is painless, and if it causes discomfort at some stages, they are quite tolerant.
  5. Their operation can last 10-20 years with careful use.
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However, there are drawbacks:

  • these plates, though made of durable materials, but remain fragile for rough mechanical impact;
  • the cost of such a restoration is quite high and will be not available to all;
  • in some cases after the installation of veneers or Lumineers creates the impression of massiveness of the teeth;
  • working with them must only be an experienced professional, since inaccurate location of the plates near the gums can cause inflammation;
  • in the case of Lumineers hard to find a quality product because on the market there are many fakes.

Veneers and Lumineers – what’s the difference?

Here are the main characteristics that distinguish these two types of plates:

  1. The thickness of the product – Lumineers are much thinner than their predecessors, they have only 0.3 mm, which is often compared with contact lenses. Other analogs for this reach 0,5-0,8 mm, that is, are twice as thick.
  2. The result is the main indicator leads to the following for veneers need to grind the surface of the enamel to the final result didn’t look too massive. Therefore, such a restoration is considered to be irreversible. «Hollywood» plate can be removed at any time and the tooth will not be injured.
  3. Lumineers due to the special adhesive firmly against the surface, thereby reducing the risk of secondary caries. Coarser counterparts have no such advantage, because the food residues are often clogged under the plate and cause various diseases.
  4. Durability – veneers ten years unable to fly due to destruction of the hard tissues or the material breaks down from extended use. Lumineers serve twice as long.
  5. For veneers have to visit a doctor once to make the necessary preparations. For fixing higher-quality and thin plates only need two sessions – when removing molds and fixing products.
  6. The cost is also significantly different – «Hollywood» design will be more expensive.
  7. Shade synthetic enamel in each case the selected natural, but in the second version it is more bright, brilliant.
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Features Veneers Lumineers
Thickness 0.5-0.8 mm 0.3 mm
Preparing to install Need turning enamel Does not need turning
The number of sessions Several visits 2 times
The appearance of the smile Natural shade Brilliant, Hollywood
The duration of operation 10 years More than 20 years
The cost for 1 tooth 10-20 thousand rubles 60-70 thousand rubles

What is better veneers or Lumineers?

To make the final decision, what is the difference between veneers from Lumineers, and which one is better in your case, it should be understood that it is more important to you.

For example, for actors it is desirable to obtain an amazing smile and the issue price does not matter.

But the common man can restrict smooth dental arch and a natural hue, but at the same time have the financial ability to make the restoration.

The difference in service life

Separately: the duration of use. Veneers are considered to be less reliable in this respect, as under them often clogged food debris and resulting in the development of secondary caries. This is the first reason why the plates can be removed ahead of time.

While strong still has value and the material from which they are made. Because veneers are made from ceramic, Zirconia, composite, etc. it is Obvious that their strength will depend heavily on this factor.

Veneers are carried out using special dental cement, which eventually collapses and is behind tooth. Lumineers are fixed to the special adhesive that is not susceptible to influence of saliva and liquids, so it lasts much longer.

It is not surprising that doctors place warranty periods on veneers not more than ten years, but the Lumineers promise to serve twenty or even longer. There is a lot still depends on careful handling the plates during the life, and also from competent actions of a physician during the installation. When mistakes can be not only unpleasant side effects but the life of the expensive products is significantly reduced.

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Video: veneers, Lumineers or crowns?



Dreamed of a «Hollywood smile» and wanted to place Lumineers, but they were too expensive. These just can afford only the «stars» of Hollywood, ordinary people can not afford them, and there is no need to overpay.


Set yourself veneers for the visible part of the dentition. On the one hand, I regret that I had to grind the enamel, and on the other they look quite natural and pretty, so can’t complain. If you have to remove them or separate records broken, I just put another are the same.


In favor of the Lumineers says their method of installation and durability. You shouldn’t mess with healthy teeth, so I chose them to preserve the integrity of the enamel. I see no reason to grind it, to endanger diseases just for the sake of external effect of a beautiful smile.


Since the first and second procedure was costly, and it is possible to fork out. I wanted to fix separate defects of teeth that nature has awarded, so I did not hesitate, chose the Lumineers – they are beautiful, high quality and long serve. And if someone can’t afford, and veneers will be too expensive.