Veneers on teeth, what it is: the best veneers lifespan

Dentistry in the esthetic area is developing rapidly. After all, for many people the condition of the teeth, especially those that are visible when talking plays a large role. So the doctors try their best to achieve the desired result, while not particularly sacrificing their teeth. Some just want to change the color, make whiter. Others do not like the shape. Someone has any defects. In all these cases perfect smile, and what it is let’s deal. What are veneers — they are the plates that are superimposed on a front tooth, in order to hide any defect. Thus, there is an alternative to whitening and crowns in order to achieve a gorgeous smile.

Of what do these vinilovye records

Depending on the material from which they are made, they differ not only in external signs, but also the quality of the design. The most famous variety is composite. They are made of light-curing composite. Use them for a very long time, but eventually begin to be less popular. There are also ceramic. This type of veneers are in great demand. Their made only from ceramic mass. They are more durable and color matched better. There are also dental veneers with a zirconium frame. From all these they are the best, and veneers and the most expensive.
Composite lining can be direct or indirect. First called therapeutic because they establish a dental therapist immediately in the office, without laboratory stages. In the second case, After dental treatment, the obtained models are made of composite plates on a plaster reconstruction. Then on the second visit, the doctor attaches them.
Ceramic plates are made in two ways:

  • Pressed – when the whole mass is compressed and susceptible to a strong firing at high temperature;
  • Unpressed – in this case, the material is placed in layers, annealing each layer.

It is believed that stronger, when they are produced by the first method. So they often used. As for the composite veneers, the manufacturing process is much more complicated. It is necessary to remove more tissue than other options due to the zirconium frame. First, it is made on special equipment, and then placing the ceramic layer. In the absence of this equipment exactly to the millimeter performs most of the work, dental technicians have to do it all by eye.

In what cases can and cannot be used vinilovye lining

Indications for the installation:

  • Yellow;
  • Of enamel erosion;
  • Fluorosis;
  • Wedge-shaped defect;
  • The presence of three or diastemata;
  • Incorrect positioning of the tooth in the tooth row;
  • Minor injuries;
  • Change the color of the enamel after removal of the tooth nerve.

As you can see, most of the testimony related to aesthetic factors. Considering the fact that their installation does not require a large loss of their own tissues, this is a great way to change your teeth.

They are installed only on the front upper teeth in the smile zone. But unfortunately, there are conditions under which they are contraindicated. If the following cases does not make sense to put vinilovye teeth:

  • The unnatural attrition of the second and above degree;
  • The presence of harmful habits such as biting seeds, nuts, pen, nails, etc.;
  • Teeth grinding during sleep;
  • Incorrect jaw relation;
  • The location of the defect on the vestibular (front) surfaces;
  • The lack of posterior teeth, when the front to take their function;
  • The remaining amount of your own tissue less than that of the filling material or defect;
  • Hobbies that can lead to injury of the anterior upper teeth.

Highlights of the veneers to the teeth

They are installed differently, depending on the material from which made. Not counting composite straight type, others have the laboratory stage. But in all cases the teeth due to the preparation. In some cases it is performed under local anesthesia. This is a very important point, because it depends on the result of future work. In certain, more prestigious hospitals have special equipment that on the first visit, lets see what will be after the treatment teeth. It is very convenient, because there is a possibility of correction. In other cases, the finished design if it is not direct, you cannot adjust. They can only be replaced by others.

Composite veneers: installation methods

As mentioned above, they pose a direct and indirect method. In the first case, all procedures conducted by the practitioner. First prepariruetsya teeth to be vinirovna. Removed only the layer that you can fill a plate. Often it is 0.5-0.7 mm. Then dried tooth surface is etched to create pores. They promote better adhesion. Then begin to apply layers of composite material and gleaming. After the finish polishing is carried out glare for better attachment. This is the only way where you can adjust the final result.

In the second case, after the preparation, the technician removes the impression and transmits it to the dental laboratory. There technician makes a plaster model. And it deals the same composite and shiny. The finished product is passed back to the doctor and after fitting it proceeds to fixation. As in the previous embodiment, it is necessary to etch the enamel. The same procedure is done with the inner side of vinilovoj lining. Then apply a special light-curing adhesive is fixed and gleaming.

Ceramic dental plates

All activities that are carried out in the dental office are similar to those in the installation of composite veneers. The difference is how made the cover: under pressure or not. The average manufacturing process in the laboratory takes 7-10 days. During this time, the patient did not feel discomfort due to milled teeth and that they were not subjected to external influences and cover temporary binarnymi plates. Often, they are made of plastic. Then replace them already to permanent.

As for zirconium, in this situation you have to remove a little more tissue. But other types are inferior in strength and in appearance. Thanks to the frame made of Zirconia, they are very long they will stand. By itself, the Zirconia is not transparent, unlike ceramic. After applying to a ceramic pad looks like a natural tooth. The color scheme, you can choose any, which creates more similarity with their own teeth. But because of the difficulty of manufacturing them is very rarely done in Russia. Without a special apparatus, it is very risky to re-create the required design. And the equipment costs a lot of money, so it does not get.

Or Lumineers Hollywood smile – what is it

This is another innovation that allow you to purchase white smile. The biggest advantage is that there is no need of dissection of the tooth enamel. In their structure they are so fine, they just need to put. But at the same time, they are not fragile, based on what is made of ceramic. But unfortunately, it is very expensive. Besides, they can not immediately establish you as the patient come to the clinic. Because they are produced only in the United States and have to wait a while until they are delivered.

They visually align a slight curvature. Due to the fact that the teeth do not grind them you can just remove, while not imposing anything in return. The procedure of their installation takes less time. In other words, it’s like makeup for your teeth. But they have a negative side. First, is the price. Second, because of their subtlety, they can’t hide too dark teeth. The same applies to extensive defects and anomalies.

What is the use of vinirovna

There are many aspects that suggests that it is the most gentle way to improve their smile. Advantages over other methods of correcting minor defects in the front teeth in the upper jaw:

  • Minor dissection;
  • Not always, requires anesthesia;
  • No need to remove the pulp of the teeth (to remove nerves);
  • High aesthetic figure;
  • The possible closure of interdental spaces.


But, like any structure, they have disadvantages. This:

  • High cost;
  • The need to replace;
  • It is impossible to close large defects;
  • Completely forget about the bad habits that can lead to peeling or chipping.

Anyway, it is better than to subject the enamel to the bleaching chemicals, after which there is a strong sensitivity to temperature stimuli. Yes, in this situation, the teeth grind, removed a small, but a layer of enamel. But they will be protected by linings. As for artificial crowns, there is a need for removal of tooth pulp of the teeth. Because tooth need to be turned on all sides under construction thickness. As you know, when the tooth is not alive, he is worth less than it should. Hard tissues gradually collapse, not getting the necessary nutrition.

Comparative characteristics between species binarnych teeth

That dental records in some cases better than other methods already described. But what are veneers better? How to choose and regret later? To understand this, you must know the advantages and disadvantages between them.

  1. Composites are good because they are easy to install. Therapeutic can be corrected. Color and shape can be selected individually. And this is the cheapest option of vinirovna. But they are more susceptible to mechanical stress. Absorb dyes, which leads to rapid darkening when you eat staining foods. So they have to be changed frequently.
  2. Ceramics are much stronger. More it can reproduce the natural tooth. Colors more dilated. Not be scratched and not colored. Thanks to its light transparent structure is similar to tooth enamel. Under ceramics dental tissues are more protected, because it very rarely can develop the carious process. The only drawback is the high cost.
  3. Of course, the most durable and aesthetic – is the veneers on the basis of zirconium dioxide. It is even more durable than ceramic mass. Looks very nice and natural. But require more grinding. And, as mentioned above, they are very expensive, not everyone can afford it. Without the necessary equipment it is difficult to make an exact design.

You need to understand another question. Harmful if veneers? To say that they are completely harmless is impossible. Because not need to replace any defect. Sometimes patients are asked to change the look completely healthy teeth. In such cases, the lost part of the enamel. Later man have to change them if necessary. It will not be possible to simply remove and leave the teeth bare. This does not apply to Lumineers. What are the best veneers, the patient is for himself defines, within its capabilities and recommendations of the doctor.

Veneers and their life is

The lifespan of veneers is different for everyone. Again, depends on the material used in the manufacture. As is clear, the most durable is zirconium. They can last up to 20 years. Ceramic binarnye lining will stand more than seven years. They are subject to replacement due to the fact that the album comes unstuck, however, it can remain intact. In such cases, if the patient will immediately bring it to a specialist, he will install without problems. But composite is less durable. They serve up to five years. Most often they have to change because of the staining. They are prone to scratches, which aggravates the appearance. Quickly lose luster. So you should take this into account when the choice will be for them. They mainly choose due to the lowest prices. But given the fact that they often have to replace it is worth considering which option is still cheaper.

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