Vinilin with stomatitis in children: instructions for use, reviews

Shows dental practice, most often children suffer from stomatitis. Moreover, the disease can develop in newborns who do not yet have teeth. And this gives the adults the following requirement on the selection of the drug – it should be not only effective but also absolutely safe for health small.

Such drugs are available, and one of them is Vinilin. Take a closer look at its usage instructions, as well as reviews.

What is Vinilin?

Vinilin balm or shestakovskoe belongs to the category of therapeutic agents with a broad spectrum of action. In the first place is an antimicrobial agent with antiseptic and regenerating effects. Used to treat inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, in particular, with stomatitis in infants.

Outwardly it is a gel — like mass of yellowish tint, which is tasteless and slightly characteristic odor. Not soluble in water. Contact with the air environment does not thicken.

In addition to balm is available also in the form of gelatin capsules. They are assigned only to adults and only on the recommendation of a physician.

Indications for use

The drug active substance is polivinoks, which has a therapeutic effect on the mucous membranes to:

  • decontamination of affected areas of the tongue, the mucous membranes in the mouth;
  • prevention of inflammatory and erosive sites from getting new viruses, bacteria;
  • epithelialization of the mucosa.

The drug is able to act not only in the mouth but in the stomach. This prevents the development of allergic varieties of the disease. As for how to use the product, according to instructions it is positioned as an external drug.

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Doctors recommend to carry out a comprehensive treatment of stomatitis – that is, the combination treatment of the mouth Vinilin and rinse the mouth with a decoction of medicinal herbs. It improves the General condition of the patient, and the rate of wound healing increases significantly.

Vinilin a treat:

  1. Erosive-ulcerative diseases of the oral cavity, stomach and duodenum.
  2. Chronic gastritis with increased acidity during an exacerbation.
  3. Crohn’s Disease.
  4. All types of stomatitis of the oral mucosa.
  5. Periodontal disease.
  6. Angina.
  7. Dysentery.
  8. Hemorrhoids, anal fissure.
  9. Frostbite.
  10. Boils.
  11. Scabies.
  12. Trophic ulcers.
  13. The effects of radiation sickness, etc.

Instruction manual for kids

In the treatment of stomatitis scheme is the same for adults and children.

  1. The mouth is treated immediately after a meal.
  2. If the processing is done before eating, before it should go at least 40-45 minutes.
  3. The minimum set of contraindications and safety of the balm allows its use in the treatment of infants, but subject to outdoor use. For kids with testimony allowed ingestion.


If applied topically there are no limitations, when they are internal.

  • For example, it is not recommended to use it, thus, for the treatment of children of preschool age.
  • Also common to all groups of patients is a contraindication hypersensitivity to the drug, or intolerance to one of the components of the ointment composition.
  • Not recommended the drug for use those patients diagnosed with kidney or gall bladder.
  • During pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers are allowed to use the medicine only externally.

Officially there are no data on the overdose. But all the same it can cause a small allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of itching of the skin. It can also be rashes and redness of the type of urticaria.

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Video: treating different types of stomatitis.

Side effects

The practical application of the tool showed that it has the only side effects in the form of an Allergy to it or its constituent components. And there is the only way – is to appeal to the treating physician that he had prescribed another drug with a similar spectrum of action.

Although Vinylinum high therapeutic effect, sometimes improvement is not seen even after 3-5 days of receipt. In this case, it is necessary to consult to the attending physician that he adjusted the course of treatment or replaced the drug on its counterparts.

They are Polivinoks and Polyvinylene-Rusfar. They have in common the active substance – polyvinyl ether. But the difference is in the manufacturers and in price.