Walnut shell plaque: recipe reviews

Will talk about how to helps walnut shell plaque, about recipes cooking and reviews. After all, to deal with a similar problem have a lot. Plaque deposits can cause the loss of even a healthy tooth, but often lead to caries and other lesions of tissue.

Not all people trust doctors and don’t want to go to the dentist with such questions, trying home remedies can solve a lot of problems with the oral cavity. Fortunately, nature has enough natural products that can help us in the fight for health.

Useful properties

By itself, the walnut has many important components which have a beneficial impact on human health overall. You can list the main properties:

  • Tonic – improves immunity and nourishes with vitamins and minerals.
  • Anti-inflammatory – soothes soft tissue rinse or overlay in the form of compresses.
  • Antibacterial – destroys most pathogens, thereby obezzarajivatei surface.
  • Astringent – especially when applied to the mucosa give the effect of a protective film, optionally removes harmful bacteria and stops the pain.
  • Antihelminthic is able to cleanse the body of all harmful parasites, especially used in Pediatrics.
  • Hypoglycemic – helps to establish blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

The additional presence of alkaloids in the composition is walnut makes it possible to protect the body from viruses and also has an antitumor effect. Essential oils and quinones can heal wounds, and a huge number of vitamins have a positive effect on all organs of the human body with regular ingestion.

Walnut prescribed to children, athletes and pregnant women because it helps to cope with other health issues:

  • Growth hormone accelerates the development of children, giving the opportunity to rejuvenate weakened body.
  • Enriches with calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals in the amount of the daily dose.
  • The composition is useful amino acids and fatty acids can replace in the diet meat, fish and milk.
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Among the most popular applications of walnut in any form for the treatment of diseases are the following:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases- normalizes the heart, dilates blood vessels and promotes blood purification.
  2. Gastrointestinal tract – reduces the risk of inflammation of the mucous membrane, and also helps to improve metabolism.
  3. Increased immunity – nourishes with vitamins, especially C, stimulates the body to fight pathogenic bacteria.
  4. Meals for athletes – renews strength during a workout, but it also enhances useful acids.
  5. Recovery after surgeries and prolonged courses of antibiotics.
  6. When rejuvenation of the body, as in the walnut, there is a considerable amount of antioxidants.
  7. Obesity in the diet helps normalize metabolism.
  8. Anticancer therapy due to the high doses of some amino acids.
  9. Diseases of the nervous system, which affect the b vitamins and various minerals in its composition.

And this list goes on and on. Use walnut, all decoctions and infusions of it seen by humanity has long been widely used in folk medicine. Not surprisingly, in its composition and found substances able to fight against Tartar.


Though walnut is a storehouse of nutrients, yet each such product has contraindications, which in some cases you need to consider:

  • It is not recommended to exceed a reasonable dose of its use, as the same alkaloids in the composition in a large number of become a dangerous poison that will lead to intoxication and poisoning.
  • In diseases of the pancreas they also cannot be treated.
  • Colitis, proctitis and paraproctitis are contraindications to the use of nuts, the same applies to other diseases of the stomach in the acute stage.
  • In case of any allergic reactions it is better to refuse at the time of their admission.
  • Should not be treated with infusions of walnut skin diseases such as psoriasis, diathesis, etc.
  • With sores not to rinse your mouth with this infusion, as it will only aggravate the situation.
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How to use walnut shells from Tartar?

Listing is the number of useful components of walnut, it is logical to assume that against Tartar it can help you also to fight. For this purpose, not the nut, but only the shell and prepared her concoctions.

Tell me more about the two most popular methods of cooking, use walnut plaque.

Recipe No. 1

  1. It is enough to take 40 grams of the eggshell and pour it in one glass of boiled water.
  2. All this set on a slow fire and allow to boil for about 20 minutes. The broth will darken and acquire a specific smell.
  3. When it cools down, you need to put your toothbrush and give to stand for 15 minutes.
  4. Then use it to brush their teeth, especially focusing on the massage the gums and problem areas. As soon as I feel that the brush left of broth, you can also dip it into a glass.

A special substance, which stood out in the cooking process, can improve the blood circulation of the gums, but more importantly for dissolving hard plaque and eventually completely remove it. In parallel with this remove all harmful bacteria, which managed to accumulate in the oral cavity.

The more long-standing and solid Tartar, the longer time it will take for his removal. Usually enough two weeks of these procedures. It is very important after such cleaning and to rinse your mouth with water or to treat the surface of tooth paste to the broth began to destroy the enamel.

Recipe No. 2

To enhance the therapeutic action of the nut shell, you can add and dry the leaves of this plant.

  1. For one application take 10 shells and 100 grams of dried leaves. Pour them a glass of water and boil on low heat for about half an hour. The solution is filtered and allowed to cool.
  2. To clean dipped in a decoction of the brush and then treat it the tooth surface. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with this tool. The procedure is performed three times a day.
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In addition to broth and cook another infusion. For its preparation take 10-15 shells, crush them and pour vodka. Allow to infuse for two weeks in some dark place in a container with a lid.

Once the infusion is prepared it is filtered and used for rinsing the surface, where the most visible Tartar. After the procedure definitely need to brush my teeth the usual way.

Video: how to make a tincture of walnut shell?



To go to the doctor to me once, and I don’t like going to the dentist. So I searched online recipes from the calculus on the basis of simple products. And found a walnut. It turned out to be a wonderful tool. Along with removing Tartar, and even gum bleeding stopped.


I never use pharmacy drugs. Prefer folk medicine. And with a touch too able to fight this way. Have long been once a year having the removal of Tartar with walnut.


To pass ultrasonic cleaning in the dentist’s office I did not want. And it’s expensive too. Friends advised a decoction of the nut, and I tried. Of course, the result does not appear after one application, but it is.