Wax for braces: how to use, how much, why?

A great adjunct to wearing orthodontic appliances is wax for braces. How to use it and how much it costs, and why these material will be described below in the article. After all, few people know about the existence of such a wonderful composition.

To align the bite is desirable not only for external beauty but also the health of the internal organs. But since the treatment is about two years, and throughout this period it should be possible to ease the wearing of special designs and reduce the risk of injury of mucous membranes.


We start to deal with what apply dental wax for braces. Whatever the alignment system of the bite you may use, of whatever material it may be made, most often in the period of adaptation of design or its individual parts RUB with soft cloth.

In order to avoid the appearance of sores and sores on the inside of the cheeks or lips and doctors has created a special protective agent, can minimize the traumatic effect of solid structure on the mucosa and to preserve the integrity and functionality of the product.

Some patients are so sensitive that they experience discomfort from the foreign object in your mouth not only in the first few days of wearing it, but the entire period of treatment. Such wax can be used at any time, especially that its cost is low.

In addition to getting used to the inconveniently located zamochkom on the outside of the tooth, the patient may suffer from fallen arches. There are times when its edge out of the groove and injure the mucosa.

Of course, leave the braces in this position, you should not need to go to the doctor for correction. But while you are waiting for the reception, you can also use the wax to ensure the safety of sharp surface.

The composition and General characteristics of the tools

Looks this material as a transparent solid mass, similar to clay. Usually it is Packed in convenient boxes and comes in the form of thin tubes fastened together in a shared plate of 3 or 7, But some firms prefer the tubes are easy to remove tool in the right quantity.

Orthodontic wax for braces consists of:

  1. Silicone foundations are very flexible and elastic to perform a protective function, easy to stick on and removed from the product. It is a completely safe, natural, does not emit toxins and other harmful substances.
  2. Additional aromatic ingredients that add freshness to breath and give the opportunity to choose the favorite flavor for a pleasant maintenance treatments. They are the most different variants – strawberry, orange, mint, bubblegum, vanilla, etc.
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For faster healing of existing sores, you can buy a special wax with anti-bacterial treatment to help to decontaminate the surface of the mucosa, prevent infection and speed up healing.

If it is correct to apply such a tool and use it from the first days of system installation, discomfort from wearing braces does not occur at all. In cases where ulcers have appeared, the use of wax will help to quickly restore the mucous membranes, relieve irritation and relieve soreness.

It should be noted that due to such a harmless composition it is registered as a food additive. So no need to worry if you accidentally swallow a piece. Due to the plasticity can be easily simulated bead the desired shape and size just flexing in the fingers. The tool is used quite sparingly.

To apply such a wax is optional, but it greatly accelerates the process of adaptation to the structure and reduces irritation and provides a comfortable feeling to the patient. In the case where the relief does not occur within weeks, you need to see a doctor, perhaps some elements are fixed incorrectly.

Advantages and disadvantages

Highlight these advantages of modern orthodontic wax for braces, for which it is used:

  • Protects the inside of the cheeks and lips from mechanical damage.
  • Prevents the appearance of sores and ulcers, irritation and inflammation of the soft tissues.
  • Helps to get used to wearing design and eliminates discomfort.
  • If you choose a wax with your favorite fragrance, it gives a pleasant smell to the breath and uplifting.
  • Improve external aesthetic features of braces, as the metal locks will be less noticeable.
  • Harmless and hypoallergenic composition, security if swallowed.
  • Convenient packaging small size will fit even in a handbag, it is possible to carry.
  • Vacuum storage means prevents the ingress of dust, overheating and change the basic properties of the material.
  • Low cost, availability of wax for everyone.
  • Ease of use, its long stick on the desired area and also simple to remove manually.

As with any products, secrete and some disadvantages:

  • you can sometimes find a defective tool, it is easily removed from the plates, and even softened from the saliva;
  • doctors recommend every time to remove the wax with a design before a meal;
  • in cases of tendency to allergic reactions, it is desirable to choose the composition without aromatic additives.

How to use the wax for braces?

If you purchased this remedy at the pharmacy or online store, then it must necessarily be accompanied by instructions for use. Sometimes orthodontic wax is supplied with the braces initially. In order to use it properly, you need to follow these rules:

  1. First, you should carefully brush your teeth, and design, as well as to wash my hands.
  2. Please specify what castles and areas of the system damage the mucosa and cause discomfort.
  3. Apply with cotton swab or a disk of the structure, completely air-drying it.
  4. Tear off, and you should carefully cut a small piece of money, to spend it wisely.
  5. Don’t forget keep the container closed to prevent drying out, overheating or contamination of the wax.
  6. Some time hold the material between the fingers to become soft and pliable from body temperature. Roll into a round ball.
  7. It is enough just to attach the tool to the problem area and a little pressure. Remember that you do not need to push all the wax inside the structure, for protective effect, it should be slightly above metal elements.
  8. Before you sit down to eat, this bead must be removed. Make it easy with a brush or a special brush for cleaning braces or manually. Additionally, clean all parts.
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You cannot use the tool again. That is, if you removed it before eating, then you need to take a new piece of wax, because the previous will not be good to hold and will not be able to fully protect the mucosa.

A review of the popular manufacturers

As to achieve the desired effect it is advisable to choose quality products that will provide a short list of the best and most popular wax for braces in the form of a table.

Name Key features Price
Vitis The products of the Spanish company Dentaid. Small plates in separate containers. Specifically delete design not required as it can be used to natural dispersal. 170 rubles
3M Unitek The composition of the wax is fully natural, environmentally friendly. Containers made of plastic material and well protect from bacteria. One package is enough for an adaptation period of 7 days. 350 p
DynaFlex A joint production of the Netherlands and the United States. The package contains five thin plate means, bonded into one. Absolutely harmless composition without adding impurities and additives. 150 p
GUM Is produced by the American company Sunstar. In addition to the silicone base, it has vitamin E and aloe Vera extract. Due to this, no wound mucosa heal quickly, and the surface of the teeth is additionally disinfected. 200 p

How can I replace?

Unfortunately, not all cities and localities such wax is readily available in the pharmacy. Meanwhile, the ordered vehicle to come in the mail, you can try to replace it with various improvised substances:

  • Use an ordinary paraffin or beeswax. With the exception of taste-aromatic additives, their composition is almost identical, and most importantly, safe and natural.
  • Also acts beeswax, which is sometimes sold not only in pharmacies, but also regular stores.
  • A simple piece of cotton can reduce the trauma system, but it can be difficult to completely remove.
  • To reduce the pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, you can use folk remedies based on herbal decoctions or infusions – chamomile, mint, marigold, etc. you need to do a rinse or to make application to the affected area.
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In any case, do not use for relief of sensations of chewing gum, as it is fully slapped all the elements, it will be impossible to clean the design and the system unusable.

Video: alternative to wax if rubbed with braces.


Availability of funds is one of the obvious advantages. If you could afford to install even the cheapest metal braces, then the wax will be easy for them to allocate the required amount.

How much is this tool? This is usually from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the pharmacy or store where you get it and the manufacturer. Also the price per pack may vary from its size. So, for 3 grams means you will pay much less than for a box of 7 grams.

To find this kind of orthodontic wax in a variety of places. They are sold in pharmacies, specialized stores like «Medical equipment», and also on the Internet. But sometimes, doctors give patients such a tool already in the final set along with set design, or sell separately directly in the office or dental clinic.

You should pay attention that buying it is necessary only in specialized outlets, to be sure product quality and safety tools for health. Usually one or two packages, enough for the whole adaptation period.