What are fillings for baby teeth it is better to put children?

Unfortunately, baby teeth are also susceptible to destruction and decay. Though it is a temporary one, but to heal and to seal them must. What are fillings for baby teeth it is better to put the difference between them will describe further.

At this age it is important that the parents taught the child how to observe hygiene of an oral cavity and adhered to a healthy diet. Only upon receipt of all the necessary vitamins, essential trace elements and the retention of the gums and teeth are clean, you can ensure that the child should not have to visit the dentist.

Do fillings on baby teeth and need to do it?

The appearance of caries and the open cavity doctor must prescribe the treatment. What it will be, depends on the child’s age and the condition of the teeth, but leave without attention to such a problem is not worth it.

Today pediatric dentistry applies several different medical procedures. This coating of silver or other compounds, but often traditional sealing. To treat caries in a child and engage in the filling of milk teeth is only entitled to a children’s dentist. This is for several reasons:

  • The temporal structure of the dairy units differs from adults, thinner enamel, less dentine, etc.
  • There are features in the use of materials and tools.
  • In the presence of chalky spots they should be covered with a solution of silver, and not drilling as adults.
  • With the child it is necessary to establish emotional contact that he did not resist the procedure.
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Leave the tooth as is the doctor can only be the case if it’s already falling out on their own, immediately before the change permanent. In a situation where natural deposition is still far away, the treatment should not be neglected.


One of the most difficult decisions in pediatric dentistry – choice of sealing material. Which one is better – will choose an experienced doctor. Much will depend on the child’s age, state of health of the dentition and other factors. And yet their limitations for the treatment of deciduous teeth.

  1. Different types of cement materials used until recently, but they had many disadvantages. Such seals have long been established, aged and easily split off.
  2. Composite materials were imperfect, and often they were abandoned.
  3. Light and photopolymer fillings generally try not to use in pediatric dentistry, because incorrect installation possible negative consequences.
  4. Today, doctors prefer the special material which combines properties from some of the above – glass ionomer cement.
  5. Another kind of kids ‘ teeth – colored compomer. It is soft, plastic, comfortable to use and has different variations.

Advantages colored fillings for children

The last described variant of the sealing material is becoming more popular due to the following obvious advantages:

  • Its plasticity makes available filling even without additional drilling.
  • This material is able to absorb the fluoride and give it to the tooth, thereby helping to preserve his health.
  • Good adhesion of compomer reduces the risk of loss of the seal or breaking off its particles.
  • Safe chemical composition will not harm children’s health.
  • Bright colors allow time to notice the Erasure or loss of the seal.
  • The child becomes more interested in the process of treatment, and he feels responsible for him, since the baby is given the opportunity to choose a favorite color.
  • Using the «fun» fillings dentist it is easier to establish contact with the child.
  • Look for these colorful teeth want better, which stimulates more frequent and high quality hygienic process.
  • Affordable price will hit the family budget and not be a shame to spend that kind of money only for temporary teeth.
  • Visit to the dentist becomes less frightening, lengthy and painful.
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Thus, colored fillings simultaneously meet a number of requirements as to treatment efficacy, the simplicity of the process, the needs of parents and the interests of the baby.

Why is it important to treat baby teeth?

Some adults believe that since baby teeth are temporary, and worry about its treatment is optional. But the secret is this:

  • The destruction in this case is very rapid, the child may not even have time to feel pain in the process.
  • The presence of caries will kill the pulp.
  • As a consequence of infection of the soft tissues surrounding the site of the lesion.
  • The disease spreads quickly and goes deep into the root, which affects the state of future permanent teeth.
  • If there is an open cavity it is impossible to conduct any operations.
  • Caries helps to change the bite.
  • If the tooth to break completely and fall out prematurely, it will be difficult eruption of permanent units, as well as their possible displacement, curvature and problems with diction.

Therefore, the question of why put the temporary filling, should not occur. This is a mandatory process to maintain and preserve the health of the entire mouth and even the future permanent teeth. And though it lasts no longer than three years enough to wait for the natural change of the dentition.

Video: children’s dental treatment.

Further questions

► Fallen off a piece of the seal to a milk tooth – what to do?

If the baby broke off a piece of material, it is best to consult a pediatric dentist. At least a cavity and remained closed, the edge seal may injure the soft tissue (tongue, gums) and even wash the opposed tooth. The doctor will be able to either replace the entire seal if needed, or sand the surface.

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